Intention and Certainty

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


“Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life”
Ayn Rand

I let go of the attainment of any goal I have, and I just focus on the steps in the direction of it. After writing it, I never consider the timescale because it’s already a done deal. I provide my mind with hundreds of different ways to attain the goal. There are no ifs buts or when’s and I am totally relaxed about when they show up. I know it will happen and I am open to something greater.

This works because I know exactly what I want. I am prepared to do exactly what it takes to get it, and while eagerly anticipating getting it, I do everything I can to bring it into my reality. I know I will get it, I have total confidence I will and I just keep going and never give up. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, of course its going to work! My goal is out there looking for me also. I know we will find each other. I clearly see the goal, I know what I want, I know I will get it and I take the appropriate steps to get it. I have no attachment to the outcome as it is a done deal, it is certain. I decide this is going to happen and I am going to win. There is no other option, I have to, therefore I will. There is not a doubt in my body, it is just a matter of going through the motions. I had won already in my mind, I had already attained the goal. I understand how this works in a universe where all possibilities are possible.

1. I made a decision – I knew exactly what I desired.
2. I knew it would happen.
3. I was not attached to the outcome as it was certain.
4. I provided multiple ways for it come into my reality.
5. I did all I could to make it happen.
6. I did not give up and stuck with it until I achieved it.

“Ain’t no power in the ‘verse can stop me” (Firefly)

All options are possible in this universe, so it is obvious that we know we can achieve our goals. Knowing is like a passport. If I have it I can get on a flight, if I don’t I can’t.

It is the feelings that I attach to words that really educates and informs my subconscious mind and I need to remain aware of this.

Confidence is like a boarding pass, if I have it I can get on the plane, if I don’t I can’t. confidence is a must-have. I either get it, or I stay in mediocrity. Confidence is not an option. Wheels on my car are not an option, they are a must-have!

Confidence is something I always had but may have forgotten if it’s been smothered with doubts over the years. This is the work of my ego. It says it’s a result of my mistakes, so I observe without judgement – mistakes were simply lessons in how to do it better the next time. My ego labels these as failures and this rattles my confidence if I accept that. I now know that this does not help me and I make a decision – to be confident. It’s there already, so I can experience it again simply by choosing to. I now have total self-confidence and there is nothing more I need. Confidence is a choice. I choose to access my total self-confidence again. I just observe my though without judgement and choose to be confident. I just need to remember it.

girl-571808_1280Perseverance is like accepting the uncomfortable aspects of travelling. I know they are going to be there and I know I can cope with them. This is a state of mind which is required before starting the journey. It is instantly created when I know what I desire. It is an automatic acquisition that I obtain while going through this process. If I am struggling then I am admitting I don’t know what I desire. If I am clear on my desires then perseverance is a given. If I look at times in my past where I struggled it was because my reason was not strong enough, I was not inspired to succeed at those times. Perseverance is only required when I don’t know what I want.

Because my natural ability deserts me from time to time, I need a process to continually re-tune. Otherwise my ego will get me off this info as fast as it can, as it knows that if I don’t continually re-tune my mind, I will go back to my old ways of thinking.

So, I am grateful for the following:

1. I know I succeed. I know everything always works out for me at the right time and in the right way. This makes me indestructible.
2. My confidence – I am so grateful that I am always confident of success, it is my ally and allows me to constantly step forward.
3. My abundant persistence is there when I know what I desire and I am confident I will achieve it.

Knowing, confidence and persistence are my natural states. I have them in abundance in so much I do already. In everything I have achieved so far I have demonstrated these qualities in abundance. Now I am acquiring them in areas where I still have things I desire. As I remove obstacles by following this process I have studied, I will acquire these qualities easily in the correct areas.

Self-knowing, confidence and perseverance don’t require any effort, they just require me to make a decision to just have them.

Proof is only required when I don’t know something. My ego requires proof of success because it doesn’t know. It has had no experience. It also doesn’t like hard work. Work is only hard if I don’t love what I’m doing. There is only a perceived lack of time if I am unsure I am on the right path. I accept that I can have these three qualities in all areas as much as I want. As I re-read these sections I now know I needed to re-read it so that I fully know it.


• I let go of attachment to my goals
• I am relaxed and certain of their achievement
• While eagerly anticipating my goals, I do everything I can to bring them into my reality
• I have seen them already happen in my mind
• The universe contains all possibilities
• I never give up on my goals and dreams
• Knowing is like a passport
• Confidence is like a ticket
• Perseverance is like a boarding pass
• Mistakes are lessons in how to do it better
• Confidence is a choice
• Perseverance is like accepting the uncomfortable aspects of traveling. I know they are there and I just get on with it.
• Perseverance is instantly created when I know precisely what I desire
• I follow this process to continually re-tune
• I already have these qualities in what I already do

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Simply Mind Boggling

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


I am not a quantum physicist but I am fascinated by the subject and what it promises to reveal about the nature of the universe. One thing it has proven is that we have an almost infinite capacity for thought. This means we have an infinite capacity for creation. I can create whatever I desire to create. Yet there is a propensity to not use it. Other things take my mind off it, and routines take over. Also, my ego doesn’t want me thinking too much as it is scared I will discover how to grow and progress and it doesn’t want that.

This is why it is vital that I continue to practise control over my mind and my thoughts. Success has nothing to do with home study courses, education, being in the right place at the right time, and it has nothing to do with luck. It is simply a matter of understanding what I am going to create. It is about knowing that it is within my power and not accepting anything less than what I decide. I can change things just by looking at them. I can change the rules of chance simply by deciding what will happen and then knowing it to be so. I have the power, as does everyone, to engineer my life by design. It is just whether or not I am willing to stop trying to abdicate control of my thoughts to someone else. I create…. end of conversation.

My brains’ potential in terms of numbers of connections of one neuron to others is staggering and estimated at 2 x 101,000,000. The zeroes would go on for about another 10 miles in a straight line. This is the power I have at my disposal to create with, I am truly amazing. My thought power is effectively unlimited. When I look at it and consider this sort of thing, I don’t want to waste another moment. I can create with ease, my mind already creates with ease, I am now learning to create on demand to obtain all the benefits.


No amount of thinking can figure out why we have been given so much unlimited potential. I have an over-abundance of resources for what I need.

If the big bang is correct then we all came from the same particles, so on a cosmic level we are all connected. Particles that are forcibly removed and taken distances apart still react to each other, they are still joined. Therefore, if we are all connected, then we all have access to infinite intelligence. I can gain access to infinite intelligence by imagining who is in my mastermind group. The multiverse theory states that every time I decide something the universe splits in two and there are now two of me, then four, then eight and so on. This would mean that as a result of all my decisions there are an almost infinite number of other versions of me out there. If there are, then I can ask them for support. I can navigate the multiverse to the one in which all my dreams come true and my desires are manifested, since every possibility exists anyway. So, to simplify, I now know I can create the life I desire which includes making a lot of money. I now tune my receiver (mind) to the frequency of creative thoughts on demand. This is what some of the great masters did, Einstein, De Vinci, Edison, Hendrix, Lennon, Michelangelo, Tolkien etc. I raise my minds frequency to the level where it can produce the mechanical output to deliver it.

I can now do whatever I choose. I can tap into anything I desire, I can change the rules to suit me, I can change reality to suit me. I change my reality daily just by thinking about it. I am always changing my world now every day with my thoughts, except now I am noticing it.

It all comes down to making a decision. ‘It is in the moments of decision that my destiny is shaped’ – Tony Robbins.

This is how designing my life actually works. It has nothing to do with attracting stuff, this is creation is progress. It is simply, making a decision = making it happen. I have been doing this since birth. I am here today because of all the decisions I have previously made. Each time I decided, the universe changed. I decide my outcome. Creating my life by design is simply deciding what is going to happen and then relaxing and doing all I can to help it show up.

• Quantum physics reveals the nature of the universe and our capacity for thought
• Success is understanding that I am going to create
• I change things by looking at them
• I have the power to engineer my life by design
• I have unlimited thought power
• We are all connected and have access to infinite intelligence
• I navigate the multiverse to the one in which I manifest my desires, since all possibilities exist anyway
• I raise my mind to the frequency level where it can produce the mechanical output to deliver my desires
• Making a decision = making it happen. it all comes down to making a decision
• I decide my life’s design and do everything I can to make it show up

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Having A Sense of Direction

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


So, I have been away from the blog for a few months but not from the study of ABFM. I will do another post soon about the reasons why I haven’t posted in so long. Happily I now feel that that period is over and you can expect to see plenty more posts on a regular basis in future. The short version is – I really struggled with getting the designs done in a way that I felt was real, in the way I think Andy intended. Some family circumstances got in the way, career changes and some other personal issues.

Once I got the designs down on paper, I felt I needed to go back to the beginning of Using A Bug Free Mind and go through it again as I felt I wasn’t fully where I needed to be in order for the design process to do what I needed it to. Need being the operative word, as Andy says, if I need something then there is a bug to be removed. Well, we’ll see how far I got. Anyway, following is my golden book version and summary of chapter 7 of Using A Bug Free Mind.

My subconscious partner has full access to the power to create and is there 24/7 ready to do my bidding. It is like a 3-year old wizard. It is perfect and has a perfect mind. It is magical as it has access to all intellect and is connected to all that is. This can be used to solve any problem or achieve any desire. However, it requires me to give it very precise instructions, it needs to be understood exactly like a 3-year-old child.

If I set a goal such as ‘I want to be a millionaire’ it will not work if that is the only input. My 3-year old wizard doesn’t know what a millionaire is. It doesn’t know what ‘want’ means. So, it gives me more ‘wanting’ to be a millionaire. So, I have to ask the right question. My wizard cannot think for itself, it has no powers of deduction, it can only follow precise instructions, and give me what I ask for. Thinking is conscious activity, I have to decide what I desire, and my wizard will go and get it for me. And the only way for them to do it is for me to be incredibly precise with the instructions.

I create a new habit of asking my wizard daily to let me know if there is something I need to do today to help bring my desires into reality. I now start to hear or recognise the answer, I just need to remain present and on guard against my ego. I trust my feelings.

All that happens to me is filtered through my unique awareness. I act according to my present level of awareness made up of assumptions and fact. So, if my awareness is faulty then my actions will be faulty too. So, it isn’t what I know that causes me problems it’s what I think is a fact or situation but it actually isn’t. So, I can ‘know’ something, but that doesn’t make it real. I write my own laws with my own mind. So, I need to mind my words, they are the law to my mind and are very powerful. My wizard partner accepts everything I say so I have to be careful as it has no powers of interpretation.

Every single moment is a new beginning and I can stop using the past as a template for the future. I can stop being stuck, repeating the same mistakes over and over.
I change my self-talk and use positive affirmations about myself daily. I no longer get sucked into unconsciousness by a friendly but unconscious person.

My subconscious wizard is recording everything to create and improve more routines for me. It doesn’t record what is happening, it records MY OPINION of what is happening which means…. what I imagine to be true is my reality and that’s what gets recorded. This is why people see the same things differently. This is why letting go of always having to be right is very empowering. It is a process of change and changes over time.

I regularly take a task I consider ‘hard’ or don’t want to do…. then I visualise it complete. I see all the steps being done…. I feel grateful now that it’s done….it felt good and was simple to complete and took less time than I thought.

This is very empowering. It creates pathways in my mind, if I burn them in hard enough, they will be there for good and I can use them for anything I desire. This is the correct use of goal-setting, it is designing my life, it is creating my future. I do this every day with my routines, except now I am visualising it all on purpose, it feels easy, it feels good. I use this process to get rid of ‘hard’ things or disliked things off my list. I just need to remember to use the process and practise it.

I am training my subconscious to supply the desired outcome, because I am programming it the right way. I am building my mental muscles in the process. So, I set small goals and achieve them. Then I set slightly bigger ones and achieve them too. This is using my creation mechanism on demand and on purpose instead of by accident or by default. When this re-reading and re-tuning process is complete I will have all the tools I need to be an Olympian at creating whatever I truly desire. With each design I set and achieve, I see my ability grow. So, I set and achieve slightly bigger and bigger ones each time, and increase my strength. I couldn’t drive without learning, or play the guitar without learning, so now I know I learn how to create, I teach myself as I go, as I achieve each goal and design. I practise seeing the visual result of my designs. This works for me and for everyone, I just need to trigger it.

If I go to a travel agent to book a holiday I can only do it if I know what I want, where I want to go, when I want to go, what kind of accommodation I want, then the travel agent (wizard) takes care of making it happen. Without my input (design) he doesn’t know what to do so he does nothing.


Is my goal a destination or a journey? ‘I want to be financially free’ is not a destination and my wizard doesn’t know what it means or how to get me there. There is not enough precision. My wizard is like a travel agent, it doesn’t question my decisions, it can’t offer suggestions. If I give it precise instructions it gets on with it. If not, then nothing happens and mistakes get repeated, and it will feel like I’m stuck. There is no warning that it hasn’t been done right, just nothing happens. This can cause me doubts about the process, but the process is working exactly as it’s supposed to. Presence of mind is key, and it needs to be maintained.

Designing my life is simply making choices, choosing where I want to go. If I am not getting what I desire, then it means I have not clearly defined what it is I want.

My ego is the biggest barrier to getting what I want. It doesn’t want me to realize it hasn’t got a clue what to do. It cannot admit it is wrong as to do so would mean it has no purpose. So, when I change and do something new, my ego is terrified and tries to sabotage me.

I know my goals are the right ones when I look at them and fell 100% committed to them, and 100% clear on the benefits. Right after creating my design, my commitment is the most important step. This means I am clear on the benefits and I am willing to pay the price. Once I know that my design is more important to me than any obstruction life puts in my way, my commitment will carry me easily over any obstacle. When I know what I desire, I can see it in my mind and I am committed to bringing it into my reality, I will achieve it, no doubt about it. The point of no return has been reached and the outcome is certain.

It is for this reason that I first set about removing viruses from my mind, fear, worry, anxiety and stress. My mind must be clear and free to focus with certainty and commitment on my desires. Previous failures occurred because I did not weigh up the benefits, rewards, solutions and costs. The successes happened because I did. I must know what I desire to get the results I desire.

• My subconscious is like a 3-year-old wizard who, with precise instructions, can bring my desires into reality.
• My wizard has no powers of deduction, it cannot ask questions and is fully dependent on the precision with which I state my designs.
• My wizard accepts my word as law, therefore I must mind my words
• Every moment is a new beginning, not dependent on the past
• I let go of always having to be right
• I visualise and complete ‘hard’ tasks. It is empowering.
• I build mental muscles by setting and achieving small goals
• I then set bigger ones and achieve them
• I need to know where I am going to book a holiday. It is the same with creating my designs
• My ego is incapable of admitting it is wrong
• Clarity and certainty about my design and 100% commitment is the formula for successful creation
• It is vital to remove fear, worry, anxiety, overwhelm and stress before embarking on my designs
• I always weigh the benefits, rewards, solutions and costs of all my designs
• The biggest single thing I need to do is to know what I desire, it needs to be a destination, not a journey so that I know where I am headed and there is an endpoint

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You’re Amazing – You Have A Reticular Activating System!

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


The last couple of weeks I have been using Andy’s techniques a lot more than usual. Everything has been going pretty well on most fronts. However I was still struggling with some elements of a new online business opportunity that presented itself. I decided eventually that there was too much time, money and effort required. There was also no certainty of a return. I know there is never absolute certainty of a return but that wasn’t the main thing. It was just too much time and effort. Later I remembered my Reticular Activating System.

That day I was listening in the car to the audio of the chapter below (Chapter 6 – UABFM). I have read this chapter about maybe 6 or 7 times but found that I have forgotten some important points. So I reviewed my book and journal notes of this chapter after I got home. Immediately afterwards I edited my design regarding business opportunities. So, I adjusted the design in such a way that I only come across opportunities which are tested and likely to succeed. They are easy to implement, quick to learn, don’t take forever and will help and/or inspire people.

Needless to say, within a few days I came across something that at this stage appears to meet that criteria. Stay tuned for more on same. In the meantime here is my summary of chapter 6.


I have a Reticular Activating System (RAS) in my brain. It filters out stuff I don’t need to know because they have become routine. This means it helps me operate on autopilot, walking, driving etc. It is also like a spam filter.

The answers filter through when I know what I desire first. So, if I am not rich, it is natural, simply because I have not yet programmed my RAS filter for what I desire.

When I desire a particular type of car, I then start to see them everywhere, this is because my RAS has been programmed that this car now has value to me. The same can be applied to a business opportunity, a partner, a job or whatever.

As soon as I know what I am looking for, then the information and opportunities become apparent because I have identified to my RAS what is important to me. If I don’t know or have not yet decided, then my RAS won’t find it for me. Even if it’s very close I will not see it. I get this once I have control over my ego to fully create my designs and I feel the answers.

For example, when I planned taking a trip abroad, all the minor visualisations I had all aided me in accomplishing my goal, yet these were mostly done on autopilot without thinking about them. They took very little time or effort, yet were essential to attaining the goal, choosing an airline, booking time off work, checking my passport, printing off boarding passes, packing my bag, setting my alarm etc. This is all natural goal setting. It is what I do when I desire something and I know without doubt I will make it happen.

Why Goals Work

That is why these goals work and goals like ‘I want to be rich’ fail. I can feel the difference between them. I have created stepping stones and knew it would happen, therefore I created it. ‘Belief’ was not involved. I look inside myself and I feel my state – this is the state, the feeling I use to bring my designs into my reality. Whatever my mind can conceive and know, it can create! This is critical for me to know.

So, the main thing is, I need to know the destination and supply some visualisation of the steps I need to take to get there. The problem here can sometimes be the term ‘goal setting’. This has been misused to the point that when we hear it, most people shun away from it, yet it is what we do on autopilot all the time. It is in our nature and we use it to succeed at everything big and small, all the time. I succeeded in getting to New York, I succeeded in getting to work, to the shops, getting home again, never forgetting where I lived. I was detached from the outcome because the outcome was certain and fully expected.

So, it needs to be the same with goals like, getting rich, starting a business, recovering my health, losing weight, successful relationships. Exactness gives power.

We automatically do what is necessary to get to New York as it has been programmed and is mostly done on autopilot. But when it’s new we have to learn it. So, I need to do the same with planning my business success, when planning to become rich.


Because I desire success I must program my mind for it. It is not hard, it just requires me to slow down, use less effort, consider what my desired outcome is and then visualise attaining that outcome. It is not rocket science, I can do this stuff, I can change my thinking, and become a successful person – I know I can.

I always find the right piece of information at the right time and I get inspired as I continue to re-read and re-tune. The main thing is I must know what I desire and then become fully aware of how to get it. I cannot know all the facts so I let that go.

My ego has no experience outside of the past. Often, I cannot see the thing I am looking for until I move away from my ego. When I change my perspective, I can see more clearly.

There is an advantage to having a general knowledge of a lot of subjects rather than a lot of knowledge of one subject. My experiences are unique to me, no-one else has had the same experiences, therefore I will see things others will not. My vision is to start seeing goal setting as pleasure rather than work.

I now stop using the term goal setting and start using the term ‘my designs’. So now when I talk about my life design it is about how I design my life using this technique.

I attract nothing, I create my designs, my desires, my things, my world out of thin air… I engineer my future and I will soon prove it to myself.

Good Routines

A program can be good or bad. When it becomes a routine, I can do it on autopilot. I can imprint into my mind the routine for me to achieve the life I desire. My vision is to attain my design routinely and without effort. I like the sound of that.

The reason I take things for granted is that things have become part of my routines, and of course the object of a routine is that I don’t have to think about it. My mind takes care of billions of internal routines every day. They are properly installed programs.

However, there can be problems with routines. The program is kept out of my RAS when I have programmed a routine. I don’t need to know about it or pay too much attention to it anymore. My brain then thinks I don’t need to notice so my RAS switches the present moment off. Therefore, I need to slow down, smell the roses, use no-mind and be present as much of the time as possible.

Everything ever created, from the wheel to the internet, started out as a thought, a daydream. Without it, nothing happens. Once I have switched these natural skills back on, I may find I don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting again. When I apply these techniques, I see my designs go from powerful to extraordinary and I can protect myself from harm. And because I am unique I can use any combination to make this work.


  • I have a Reticular Activating System (RAS)
  • It creates routines and helps me operate on autopilot
  • When I program my RAS for what I desire, it allows it through its filter and it now knows it’s important to me
  • It is important to remember that I must decide and know what I desire, otherwise RAS won’t allow it
  • My feelings never lie
  • Consider planning a trip – this is natural goal setting
  • I have created stepping stones – I knew it would happen
  • Whatever I can conceive and know I can create
  • I succeeded because I was detached from the outcome because the outcome was certain and expected
  • Exactness gives power
  • I desire success; therefore, I program my mind for it
  • I don’t need to know everything
  • I see goal setting as pleasure, this now becomes my designs for my life
  • My RAS will switch off the present moment so I need to remember to remain present
  • Everything ever created began as a thought

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The Process of Success

The Process of Success
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


For the last month or so, I have struggled with a decision regarding a contract I am working on. An offer of a more secure position came in at a time when it looks like the obvious choice. However I had to go back to ABFM basics when considering this one and while there is more risk in taking a different path I feel it in my gut that it is the right one. My review and summary below of Chapter 5 of Using a Bug Free Mind really stood out and helped me in this regard. Once again thank you Andy Shaw for these inspiring books.

Success includes energy, enthusiasm for life, creative freedom, a sense of wellbeing, fulfilling relationships, good health, and of course material abundance. Success is the ability to fulfil all our desires with effortless ease.

I can’t out give the universe so if I desire anything then I change from going to get to going to give and I find then that abundance finds me. So, if I desire love I give love; if I desire attention I give attention; if I desire material riches I help others become materially rich. If I desire to be blessed with all the good things in life, then I silently bless everyone else with all the good things.

The more I give the more I will receive. In my willingness to give that which I seek I will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in my life. I am demonstrating that I know I have an abundance of it by giving it away.

Life is a force flowing through me; where I direct my attention, the energy flows. I avoid protecting what I have, otherwise I am asking to need protection more. I create my design for each of my desires. I am expecting and therefore creating it. By expecting it I am ‘believing it’, so the universe serves up what I am asking for.

I now expect and know I have success with the same certain mindset that used to expect failure. This makes a huge difference. Inside I feel I am successful and in turn making others successful. I confer benefits on all in my act of succeeding. I silently desire for them to find what they are looking for. This kind of silent giving is very powerful. I practise silently wishing everyone I encounter joy, happiness and laughter. This is how I use the law of giving and receiving. I see my life always over-brimming with joy, happiness and laughter. In doing this I am circulating the gifts of caring, appreciation, affection and love and will therefore keep wealth also circulating in my life.

I feel the success growing within me with every action. I allow every act I take; my tone and look express the quiet assurance that I am successful. Words are not necessary to communicate this feeling to others. I go to give; I do not go to get. I get automatically by giving more, so I don’t need to focus on that more than provide a way to automatically receive.

I remain aware of my egos desire to keep me safe when I see the results of mistakes or bad decisions. One good decision makes up for hundreds of bad ones, so I remain constantly on the look-out for my egos wish for me not to progress. Success is overcoming all my mental barriers, anything that is holding me back is not helping me get to where I desire to go, so I drop it and let it go. If it’s not helping me its hurting me and I don’t need it. Being able to quit things that don’t work is essential to my success.

I am continually busy doing countless things which I don’t know how to do for sure. This is my journey, the fun and excitement, I don’t know what my future holds. All I know is that I am committed to a path and I will do whatever it takes to take the next step. This gets me to the next step and the next…. this is just a process of acting boldly. This is a formula for success. I am worthy of success. My results of my efforts and decisions is transformed by the fact that I no longer self-sabotage myself. My mindset is now resolved to be successful. I don’t have to be smart enough not to fail, this is the opposite of how life evolves. The more success full I am the more mistakes I make, period.

If I sit still I am playing it safe, it might look like I am moving forward because I am not moving backwards but nothing stands still. If I am not moving forwards I am moving backwards even if it doesn’t appear so.

Nothing stands still! The whole universe (everything) is made up of energy. Energy cannot stand still, it must move. To not act is to move backwards. I desire success more than I desire acceptance. I do not play this game not to lose, I play this game to win. By me winning doesn’t mean anyone else loses. I know that one of the many decisions I make will result in success and that others will result in failure. But the failures will increase my chances of winning if I fully accept and absorb the lessons which my failures have paid for. So simply, I always play to win.
One of the ultimate truths of success is the more money I spend on financial knowledge, the more money I will make. I do not look for free advice as successful people expect to pay for it. Free advice can often end up being the most expensive advice of all. People with success driven mindsets focus on personal growth. To have more I must become more. By reading a book or this material I am planting a seed or watering a seed already planted. However, the action of acquiring more knowledge on its own will not make me successful, it requires that I act, make decisions and continually take steps in the direction of my desires, accepting and surrendering to everything along the way, removing all the viruses from my mind. Once there mentally through conscious intention I create success in anything I desire to do.

As a person with a success driven mindset I focus on what I enjoy doing, on my bliss. Without a success driven mindset, I would do what I must to stay comfortable and not lose out. When I recognised this in myself I accepted it fully and surrendered to it, and went back to basics and continued removing the viruses.

I love life and the abundance that money brings. True success gives me more peace and contentment and the money allows me to fully live my life and treat those around me. Money is also a seed for greater adventure.

As a person with a success driven mindset I do not put myself purposely into environments where I can be sublimely affected by garbage. As a successful person, I break out from the job and poverty trap, with my mind focussed on only good things. By doing this, success is guaranteed as thoughts must find their vibrational match. I get more of whatever I focus upon.

I sever my connections to all things negative, and give all my dominant attention to achieving success. I give up the pressure of having to achieve it by a certain time or in a certain way. I have the freedom to create without any negativity and with no time or financial pressure.

This is when I need to watch my mind carefully as my ego is on the lookout. I allow any negativity to come to the surface and observe it. I shine the light of my consciousness on it and allow the real obstacles to emerge. That way I can deal with them. I write them down and I will deal with them in a later process.

I eradicate every unsuccessful thought pattern as this is essential to creating my success. It is not hard work and just involves thinking. For me to be successful I need to know with certainty that I am successful and will be successful in the future. But my ego knows that it can allow me this feeling of certainty because its greatest power over me is that of an erosive force. Every second that passes from my point of knowing it, my resolve to it happening weakens. And on my journey to success, I have found myself thinking on some occasions ‘I thought I was nearly there’, when a plan or a dream hasn’t delivered the results I thought it would, or knew it would at one point. On these occasions, it was because my ego had eroded my resolve to the point where I could not attain the success I once knew I could. But because it happened slowly and I was not present and conscious, it was easy for my ego to have its way and ‘protect’ me. This is the principal thing I need to guard against, and the reason most do not become successful despite their efforts.

Because of this I continuously work on my mind and maintaining a state of knowing and living a state of knowing through having completed the process of ‘Creating a Bug Free Mind’. It is a core bug which is only found and dealt with through honest observation and practise of this material. I snap myself into the present so that I can defeat this subtle but powerful bug. I use thought provokers to help me.

If I find it, I accept and surrender to it. By acceptance of where I am now, and not fighting it I can move forward and do what is necessary to achieve my designs. If I leave the blinkers on I am creating an invisible barrier to my success which I cannot get over with that mindset, so its critical that I not delude myself into believing my ego. Where I am is where I am and is the foundation from which I plan a course to get where I desire to go.

This is a continuous process which doesn’t’ ever finish. So, re-reading and re-tuning is something that I work into my routine. Most importantly, applying the techniques and practises erodes my egos control. I am using the same weapon it uses against me to defeat it. It is preventative medicine. If I don’t take the medicine, then the virus will re-appear and re-take control and convince me otherwise. This is the way it is. My mind requires continuous exercise to prevent the viruses from screwing up a successful life.

If I don’t do this I am 100% certain to fail. My ego wants me to forget about this and carry on as it will convince me that I am successful even if I don’t regularly re-read and re-tune, accept, surrender, study the failures, keep to the path and know that I will get there. Most coaches and success teachers don’t know this. I am committed to this myself and to helping others find this truth about how success works.


• Success means success in all areas of life, not just money, so I need to be a successful person.
• I can’t out-give the universe and going to give I automatically get.
• I keep the abundance of the universe circulating in my life.
• Life is a force that flows through me.
• I know I am successful. I expect it.
• I confer benefits on all in my act of getting rich.
• I practise silently wishing everyone I encounter joy, happiness and laughter.
• I feel the success growing within me.
• I remain aware of my egos desire to keep me ‘safe’ and ‘protect’ me from growth.
• If it’s not helping me it’s hurting me.
• I will do whatever it takes to take the next step.
• My mindset is resolved to be successful.
• If I am sitting still, I am playing it safe. If I am not moving forwards, then I am moving backwards.
• I accept the lessons my failures have paid for.
• To have more I must become more.
• I continually take steps in the direction of my desires.
• If I get to feeling comfortable and a fear of losing out, I recognize this is a core bug that has re-appeared. I accept it, surrender to it and get back to basics until it is removed.
• I love life and abundance.
• I break out from the job and poverty trap.
• If I focus only on good things, success is guaranteed as all thoughts must find their matching vibration.
• I give my dominant attention to achieving success.
• This brings me a passive income which gives me time to focus on bringing about my desires.
• I remain aware of my ego and I write down any negative thoughts that appear during the process.
• I know with certainty that I am successful and will be more successful in the future.
• I guard against the erosive force my ego brings to bear on my success.
• When my ego comes through I accept it and do not fight it, I re-tune and move forward.
• I use the same weapon against my ego as it uses against me and I erode its control.
• I am committed to this path and to helping others recognise it in themselves.
• This is how success works.
• I let go of previous failures and bad decisions.
• I choose to do the scary things – video etc.
• I am playing to win.
• I root out all negative feelings.
• I create the feelings of joy, relief and happiness with complete freedom from negativity and create my desires in my mind and capture the feelings of them, the vibration of them. This is having it before I have it.
• Feelings are the language of my sub-conscious so I pay careful attention to them, they are my guide.
• I am committed to the design process and I stay with it until it delivers.
• My mind is now resolved to be fully committed to this process. Decision = made!
• As my resolve takes hold I feel false beliefs dissolving and I know I am a success and I now go to create it!

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Gerry and Martine
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All Things Considered


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Why Do I Believe in Luck?

Why Do I Believe in Luck?
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


I mentioned last week that I had some uncertainty about upcoming events in my life. Well one of those was the contract I am currently working under which is coming to an end at the end of November. I was made an offer which was permanent but less money at the bottom line. I decided to take my time and check things out before making any decisions. I plan on becoming a full-time online marketer sometime during 2017. Those who know me know that previous attempts have not worked out quite as planned, so this time I am focused on getting my mind straight first. With that in mind I explored other options and lo and behold, there are a myriad of opportunities out there. So, I know things are always working out for me therefore this time I am taking my time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive which I know it will very soon. In the meantime, as usual, my study of Andy Shaw’s material is very pertinent to the current situation. Below is my summary of Chapter 4 of Using a Bug Free Mind.

Luck is chance. Fortunate people merely use chance by stacking the deck in their favor. Believing in luck is making a lack statement to the universe. It displays a lack of control and a reliance on an external force. I know chance exists and I bank on it which is why I prepare for chance to fall my way. I simply change the rules so that I can win. But this win isn’t against another person. I ensure nothing I do in life creates a loser. This is a win for myself with no loss to anyone else. To have a winner, there doesn’t always have to be a loser.
I have a luck manufacturing plant in my head which works for me 24/7. Lucky people make it happen, unlucky people ask what happened!

‘Good luck is simply preparedness meeting opportunity’ (Oprah Winfrey).

This is the perfect recipe for success. I accept uncertainty as an essential part of my experience and create ‘good luck’. In my willingness to accept uncertainty, solutions spontaneously appear. It was not luck in the way most people think, it was just preparedness meeting opportunity and in the process good luck is created.

• Luck is chance
• I prepare for chance to fall my way
• Nothing I do in life creates a loser
• I have a luck manufacturing plant in my head
• Good luck is simply preparedness meeting opportunity
• In my willingness to accept uncertainty solutions spontaneously appear
• Life is about winning

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Gerry and Martine
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All Things Considered


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Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life

Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Lately I have been absorbed by many things in relation to big forthcoming changes in my life. Some on the health front, some on the career front, and also a recent decision to move house early next year. With all of this in mind my study of Law of Attraction / Creation has become even more important in my life. So this, chapter 3 of Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw came just as I need to hear exactly this. That I am in control of my destiny once I am in control of my mind.

I read something on facebook this morning “The thing that makes a man a man is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse”. Our mind and more particulrly our intuition is the part of us that is connected to a higher power which, when we decide something, is right there with us, creating ideas, co-incidences, unexpected phone calls or meetings, all part of a grand orchestration of our future. With this is mind, this is my review and summary of chapter 3, Creating Your Design for Your Ideal Life.

I go from creating by accident to creating by design. And instead of finding it hard, I find it easy. It does however involve a big shift in perspective, and I have access to the most powerful tool on earth, my mind.

This is not something I just read, it is something I do, think about, re-read, apply, adjust and always remain totally detached from the attainment of my desires. Each bit is one small single step. I don’t look at the whole thing, I just ask myself can I do this next little bit. I remember to kill off any overwhelm immediately I feel it starting. I remember that I have all the time in the world. This is all about thinking.

The past is the past, the present is now and only I can decide to wake up from my sleep so that I can consciously decide for myself what to do, so I can hear my own voice over my ego’s. Am I worth the effort?

I have the ability to create on purpose at will. I have regained control over my natural ability to do all on purpose which every human has. I create the mindset of success for myself. It is simply a process and once I conceive it I know I can do it. I can create without effort. It is natural to me. I just need to start using it in other areas of my life. I stick with this information until I finally absorb it and it becomes my default thinking and I can achieve my goals easily. Every single thing I achieve in life, and have achieved in life, has been through goal-setting. That is the easy part. The harder part is deciding exactly what I desire and I am doing that now. I recognise that I set and achieve goals every day.

Whatever my mind can conceive and know it can create. The first step is to know. Then life gets easier. There is power in the word conceive!! It is the birth of creation. However, this effort requires a mental commitment most are not willing to make, but I have made that commitment and will see it through to the attainment of my desires. It takes zero effort to do most things I do in a day because they are programmed responses. I now set about programming my mind for success, to create the life I desire. And it will come without effort.

• I go from creating by accident to creating by design
• I just focus on the next step
• I am worth the effort
• I hear my own voice over my ego’s
• Creating a success mindset is simply a process
• I absorb this information until it becomes my default thinking and I can achieve my goals easily
• Whatever my mind can conceive and know it can create
• I have made the mental commitment to see this through to the attainment of my desires
• I now program my mind for success

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Gerry and Martine
Until Next Time
All Things Considered


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Seeing is Believing Right?…….Wrong!

Seeing is Believing Right?……Wrong!
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Belief is pure unnatural weakness beefed up. Believing is weak, ‘knowing’ is strong. The word ‘know’ or the state of ‘knowing’ does not need any beefing up as it is all powerful.

When I observe my use of the word belief, I uncover a false belief, or a truth if it is a truth, and then I arrive at ‘knowing’. I now notice my use of the word belief and take advantage of the power my observation gives me. I remain present as I now deliberately start using the word ‘know’ instead of the word believe. I remain truthful to myself about what I discover in my use of the word ‘know’. I am looking for the feeling of certainty!

When I ‘know’ something, I ‘know’ it, there is certainty built in. it has happened and therefore, of course it will continue to happen. This is the essence of creating the life I desire; I have to ‘know’ it. ‘knowing’ it, is about having it have already happened and therefore ‘knowing’ it to be true. There is no boundary or limit to the word ‘know’. Even in its negative form it has certainty – I don’t ‘know’. It is worlds apart from believing. Nature does not need to believe anything and neither do I.
The fact that I am using this material puts me in the minority with an advantage over the majority. I change the world with the only thing I can control, my thoughts.

Science has proved that every possibility has already happened and therefore 99% of what I need to do is already done automatically. I just need to do the last bit to bring it into my reality. Whatever I desire is already out there looking for me, that’s the way it works. If I were to say “I’ll believe it when I see it” then I am putting up a barrier to it coming into my reality. Whatever I desire, I need to see it first in my mind and ‘know’ it’s real.

I ‘know’ there are an abundance of opportunities, I ‘know’ there will always be plenty for me to pick up anytime I’m ready. I don’t need to see them to ‘know’ they are there.

I experience in life what I am deeply convinced is so. Whatever I am conscious of I will experience. I will experience in life whatever I ‘know’ is so., and if I don’t ‘know’ it before I see it, then I will never see it. When I genuinely expect it, I’ll see it.

I keep going with this material until I have a bug free mind. Only then will things work out the way I desire them to. Nothing else will work. I don’t allow my ego to distract me from this truth., otherwise I am postponing the life I desire. This is my life. I am now awake to the significance of the part of the journey of my life that I am on right now.


• Believing is weak, ‘knowing’ is strong
• I am looking for the feeling of certainty
• ‘Knowing’ is about have had it already happen
• What I desire is also looking for me
• I see it first ion my mind and ‘know’ it is real
• I will never run out of opportunities
• When I ‘know’ it is so then I will experience it.
• I am aware of the significance of this stage of my life and growth

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Gerry and Martine
Until Next Time
All Things Considered


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Am I Worth the Effort?

Do I Think I am Worth the Effort?
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


I started this blog in January 2013 in an attempt to bring some success, career and financial security mainly, into my life. I have had many false starts and stalls along the way. I got distracted, bought into other things, typical shiny object syndrome type of thing. But something kept drawing me back here to Andy Shaw’s books. Of course, once I got back into reading the books, I was then obliged to come back to the blog. The blog doesn’t get that much traffic, but that doesn’t bother me as it is an exercise I set for myself to be transparent about my progress. I am about a quarter way through the 2nd book for the 4th time, going very slowly this time. But as far as the blog is concerned, this is my summary of the last chapter in Book 1 and so is a milestone for me, as it is something that I have now completed. There are few things in my life I can say that about – completed! But I am proud that this is one of them. This represents for me something a bit like a coming of age, a maturing. More than anything it is a realization of the truth of the philosophy in these books, as I have seen first hand in my own life the effects of when I follow the advice / instructions, and the results when I don’t. Here follows my interpretation and summary of chapter 28 of Creating A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I have a choice about everything in my life with 2 exceptions;
1. That one day I will die and ….
2. I have to live every day until I die.

Everything else is a choice. I am worth the effort. I will stay here and not move on until my mind is fixed. When it is, when I master this I will be able to help others, my family, my friends, perhaps lots of others through my writings and my businesses. I am already on my way to holding a light for others to follow. I have asked, I have stayed with it, I have manifested this resource which has the power to change lives, starting with my own. There is no longer any pain associated with creating the life I desire. It is now fun, because I love it.

I am aware that my ego will attempt to trip me up. I will overcome this through re-tuning and re-reading my summaries on an on-going basis and the whole book plus the audios periodically. This is my turning point, my point of choice. To stay with this, and not allow life to get in the way, not allow study of another system – yet. I know that there are obstacles I will find along the way. This material is my detailed plan for how to clear my mind of all bugs. It has changed my life and given me awesome power. Anything that takes me off track is not worth it.

Through the Law of Least Effort, all I need to do is re-read my golden book regularly and keep my summaries with me at all times. I will not leave this until my success is certain. When this happens I feel a huge shift in my mental state. It doesn’t matter how long this takes. The result is I now have total self-confidence and an ability to handle any situation, with ease. I know for certain I will attain my goals. I am free of all fear, worry, stress and overwhelm. If they appear again I know exactly what to do to get rid of them. I now know what I want and I have a detailed plan of how to get there. I am not concerned with what happens along the way. I can transform the words of this material into pure magic using the power of my mind.

My ego relies on my ability to see what’s good for me as work. It relies on my ability to be easily distracted from doing the little things which make a massive difference. I now have the choice to either become a master or go back to settling for less, working for an authority figure and regretting past failures and lack of success. I choose to become a master manifester. My life is and will be the sum of my choices.


• I have a choice about everything
• I am worth the effort
• I am a light for others to follow the path
• I am aware of my ego’s subterfuge
• I will stay with this system until I mater it
• This is my turning point
• My life has now changed as a result of this
• I use the Law of Least Effort to maintain my bug-free mind by consistent re-tuning
• My success is now certain
• I am free of all fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelm
• I am the master of my life

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Gerry and Martine
Until Next Time
All Things Considered


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The New Skills and Magical Powers I Now Have

The New Skills and Magical Powers I Now Have
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Success is nospiritual-patht the things that I make happen, it is the person I become. It only happens when I quieten the voice in my head and listen to my intuition.

The life I desire is already real. If it’s a possibility then it is real (proven by scientists), I just need to take the steps to bring it into my reality. My very best thinking has got me to where I am today. For where I am now to change, my thinking must change. I commit to changing my thinking in order to change my life. I continue to re-tune and re-read this material to keep my mind running smoothly. These are the pages that contain the truth for me, I don’t need nor will I go searching for another answer. I have the answer here.

When I succeed the reason is that I have unconsciously changed my default thinking to the correct way to create, and when that happens everything I do works out for me without effort. When I get the signs of that, I just make sure I continue to re-tune and re-read, stay present and focused on my desires. I am directly responsible for everything in my life and I have found the resource which gives me the answers I was looking for and which I will continue to go to for the answers to all my questions and desires.

My desire to succeed is great and the odds are stacked in my favor as a result of this material. I KNOW it works. I KNOW success in all things is the result of what I have learned here. I accept what is, I surrender to what is, I focus on positive thoughts and I meditate and arrive at no-mind regularly. To turn away from this now would be a huge waste, as I am so close. I am not in a race or a competition with anyone but myself. I remain present and live in the Now. I re-read and absorb all the knowledge here so that it becomes my dominant mind-set. This material helps to break the usual rules about success and makes it available to anyone, including me.

No bones about it, my goal is to get rich. This will inspire others to ask how, and then I can share this information with others to help them get rich also. This is good work and helps the world and pays dividends way into the future. I remain on my guard against my ego who doesn’t want any of this to happen as it’s afraid for its survival.

Judgement strengthens my ego’s position. This is why few people breakthrough – it is at this point right now where critical decisions are made. This stuff works. I KNOW it does, and I choose to move forward into my success. I can’t change the past but I can and now do change my future.

This is not work, this is my passion and it is giving me ultimate power. I have in this resource the answers to my questions, the anti-virus for the human mind. I found this and manifested it, read it, re-read it and have experienced the changes. I KNOW this to be true. I am cautious of my ego, distracting me with unnecessary stuff. But when I read I am tuned in to the ‘correct radio station’ where my answers lie.

Change or the same?

My choice is change. I submerge myself into this information continuously until change becomes automatic. I don’t move on to anything else until this happens. I need a Bug Free Mind in order to create the life I desire. Repetition is a master skill. It ensures I actually do know the stuff I think I know.

Change or the same? I choose change.

• When making decisions I do it from my intuition.
• I win or I learn, mistakes are ok.
• When I am unsure about a move, I wait until I see pain, discomfort and risk in remaining.
• My mind will sell me out, my intuition will not.
• My ego believes it will lose out, and perhaps not even survive.
• The past is over. I live in the NOW, this is all that matters.
• Life will not progress until the lesson has been learned.
• Success is about who I become as a person.
• The answer to success is in these pages. I re-read and re-tune regularly to keep my mindset correct.
• The odds are stacked in my favour because of this material.
• This becomes my dominant mindset.
• My goal is to get rich and inspire others to do the same.
• I guard against my ego, and judgement.
• I know this works and I choose to use it to move forward towards my desires.
• Change or the same? I choose change.


Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

All Things Considered