How to Kill Off Overwhelm for Good

How to Kill Off Overwhelm for Good
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

overwhelmed2Being overwhelmed is the same as doing nothing, and far more unpleasant. I remove myself from this mental disease as soon as possible. It is something that exists not on the outside but on the inside. So it can only harm me if I allow it. I am creating new pathways and patterns in my mind and as they become more established then it becomes harder for the older patterns to return.

First I become selective and start doing less. This is the path of the productive. I focus purely on the productive, important few tasks and ignore the rest. Things won’t get done, the unimportant will get missed and some unimportant people will get upset. This is all part of the process of killing off overwhelm. My ego attracts these unimportant things and people in an attempt to keep me in the old patterns and prevent change.

However, while many unimportant things did not get done, the important few got my full attention and got completed in a timely fashion and with a good result. These are the tasks which help me create the life I desire and stop my old ways from affecting me. When considering important tasks, I pause and refuse to rush. I ask questions of myself slowly and observe my ego’s reaction to them. I observe how it all makes me feel and then I reach a decision. I always remember…I can’t lie to myself…my ego will attempt to, but I always know it. This makes sure I don’t allow my ego to prevent me moving towards the life I desire. I re-tune and re-read frequently to ensure I have established a new thought pattern.

When I do something I slow down to ensure I am not rushing, I still go as fast as I can but without that feeling of being in a hurry. The Law of Least Effort is all about the ease of allowing. When I know that I have allowed myself to become busy I stop and smell the roses. I relax and enjoy the moment of control I now have over rushing. I know that a minimum of 80% of my results comes from 20% of my efforts. If I apply the Law of Least Effort I will only ever need to be doing the 20% which leaves the other 80% free for me to create the life I desire. This is very similar to the 4-hour work week. I know I don’t need to work hard to create a huge success, I don’t need to work 40 hours on it. Anyway, when I am doing what I love doing, it is not work. I regularly ask myself; am I being productive or am I just being active?

I have a short must-do list. I just drop stuff, if it’s important it will keep coming back and then I’ll know it and do it. I take the time to practise this as it is an essential skill. I just keep asking myself – is this in the 20% that gets me results? If I only accomplish this today will I be happy with my day? I am no longer afraid to let things go. I no longer care what others think about this. I always ensure I accomplish at least one must-do task every day as this eliminates any feelings of overwhelm. It replaces it with a feeling of satisfaction. These cannot exist side-by-side at the same time.

Here is how I see financial success:

1. I see myself as a financial success but don’t figure out how I got there.
2. I let go of getting there and how I will get there.
3. I find something which works for others which I love doing and I have decided to do that.
4. I expect this to be successful and I am an expert in this technique for making money.
5. If others can do it so can I.
6. I know this to be true – my ego tries to undermine this knowledge but I am aware of this and do not allow it.
7. I continue to delve into it and keep going, keep learning and growing my expertise.
8. When my emotional guidance system compels me to act, I don’t hesitate and I jump in.
9. Mistakes are inevitable and a path to becoming an expert.

I constantly read and re-read my subject because life tends to get in the way otherwise. I know financial success comes as a by-product of me doing what I love doing. I am content now and eagerly anticipating more and better to come. I know everything works out at the right time and in the right way. I am not in a rush for any specific goal. Nothing will be missed as anything I don’t notice at first will come back to me until I do. I accept how everything plays out without stress or anxiety. So in a nutshell once I have designed what I desire to happen, nothing will be missed, nothing can be lost and nothing can be forgotten, so I can just relax, have fun and enjoy my hobby now. I know this with certainty!

I do not put deadlines on my Internet Marketing work or my blog. To me this is all a pleasure to do and I can spend as much time as I want doing it. It will finish at exactly the right time when it’s good and ready. Why would I interrupt it? That would turn pleasure into pain.

I don’t have emergencies in my life as I decided I didn’t like them. What used to be an emergency is now a slightly larger obstacle than usual. These obstacles happen less and less and become less of a problem as they do. As a rule, my problems solve themselves or disappear, so I actually don’t have any problems.

When a problem presents itself, I take 17 seconds to remember what a wonderful life I have and then I go on with my day. The problem is no longer a problem and goes away or becomes an easy task.

Like all other mental ailments, overwhelm is my creation. The cure is, I stop creating it. I remain present. I systemise my life where possible. I determine my priorities in advance. I don’t fight overwhelm as anything I fight gets bigger, it is an illusion and I drop it.


When I state to myself that I have no time, it is real to me. Therefore, it is real to my subconscious, it perpetuates the perception of a lack of time. The act of not ‘wanting’ this state creates it. I kill this off by noticing that I’ve created it, by becoming present. This state cannot exist if I am present, my ego creates it to keep me busy. Feelings of being busy or rushing are things I create every day if I am not present. I accept and surrender to the fact that I’ve created them. Nature again is the teacher here. I observe nature and let it calm and soothe me, I then observe my ego and see what I am creating. When I do this, feelings of rushing or having no time, dissolve. Hard work creates more hard work. Having no time creates more having no time. I stop forcing things and things get better.

When I use the Law of Least Effort I create less to do thereby creating more time. I do less and create more. I have to know this works for this to work. I go out of my way to do time-consuming and enjoyable things to demonstrate that I have an abundance of time. When I think I have enough time, then I have enough time. When I think I have more than enough time then I have more than enough time. What I think I create so I know I have plenty of NOW to do all I desire. I remove all the barriers, one at a time, observe them and remain present. I know I will accomplish all I need and want to do.


• Overwhelm is a mental ailment and I am creating new neural pathways and patterns in my mind to deal with it.
• Overwhelm is the work of my ego to keep me busy.
• I start by dropping unimportant things and allow them to not get done. I allow the consequences.
• I focus only on the small number of important things that get results, the 80:20 rule.
• I watch my feelings carefully regarding these tasks, I take them slowly and deliberately to completion.
• I observe the Law of Least Effort. I do less and create more.
• I get more of what I am doing, what I am giving my dominant attention to.
• If I drop something important, it will come back to me. So I never miss anything important.
• I accomplish one must-do task every day.
• Life gets in the way, so I regularly re-read and re-tune.
• I know everything works out at the right time and in the right way.
• Nothing will be missed, nothing can be lost or forgotten.
• I don’t have emergencies.
• I don’t put deadlines on things I love doing.
• I systemise as much as possible.
• I never rush, I am never busy. I have an abundance of time.
• I know this works.

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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Doing Less And Creating More

Doing Less And Creating More
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

Woman meditating.“Create Rules and People Will Break Them”

The less I do the more I create. This is the answer to having an abundance of time. This is a new thought pattern that needs to grow until it becomes dominant. Then everything gets easier. I do less and less and create more and more. This is the Law of Least Effort.

In nature, there is no effort; trees just grow, rivers just flow, fish just swim, all without any trying or effort.

The harder I work, then the more hard work I get since the Universe “thinks” I want more hard work. The hard work is all actually done in my mind. It is actually a lot harder to create poverty and disease than it is to create health wealth and happiness because these are the natural order of things the way they should be.

I simply decide what I desire, I know I have the ability to get it, and I let go of how it is going to happen.

I fully expect what I desire to come to me but I let go of how that will happen. I know that whatever I desire, it desires me too. After I decide on my desires, I give them up. Because I know they will come to me, my knowing passes to my sub-conscious and then it also “knows” it is true and takes over bringing them to me in the perfect way and at the perfect time.

At times when I don’t know what to do I do nothing. I wait until my emotions move me in a particular direction, my mind will lie to me, my emotions will not. I give my expectations of how things should be before I experience them.

My ideas can come to me at any time as long as I am present and in touch with my subconscious self. My subconscious know what is best for me and what I am truly capable of, so I do my best to be guided by my instincts. Therefore, I now look forward to whatever happens to me…..whatever slows me down…..since I know it will have been sent to help me. Even obstacles. If I fail to learn the lesson they were sent for, the lesson will be sent again, until it is learned. The more I trust my instincts the quicker the lessons are learned.

I know I can find people and empower them, and they will do a far better job than I would. I only know something if I am applying it. I regularly review my use of the word “know”. When I use it correctly and apply what I know I become a person who creates success in all things. I let go of struggling and believing as all they get me is more struggling and believing.

When I stop thinking something is hard, at first it will be less hard, then it becomes easy.

Lao Tzu
“In the study of The Way, each day something is dropped. Less and less do I have to force things until finally I arrive at the place of non-action. Where nothing is done and nothing remains undone.”

I create through my thoughts, not my actions. Purposeful creation only happens when I am present, in the moment. Action is the means by which I collect what I have created in my mind. I continue to reduce my actions until my emotions push me to act in a specific, logical and obvious way. Practise of this gives me the power to change the parts of me that need to be changed and keep the good parts. It also allows me to recognise procrastination and instinctual waiting and the difference between the two. Either way it is impossible to always have perfect information every time before making a decision, so mistakes are inevitable and part of the learning process.

If I create a thought process that doesn’t support me i.e. depression, then I can create another one to cancel it out by simply deciding to. I remember to accept and surrender to everything and apply what I’ve learned, remain present and enjoy life to the full, always reaching for the thought that feels the best. Just the act of looking for one will always enable me to find one.

I never struggle to get what I desire, I know I have enough time and all the skills necessary to receive it in the right way and at the right time.

I consciously stop being busy. Even if I am under pressure to get stuff done, I stop being busy inside. Busy is a feeling, and I choose not to feel it. I do what needs to be done without resentment and expending little effort. The reason I have work I do not like is because I am not accepting it. So I observe it and don’t judge it, accept it and move on. Now when I have a task that needs doing and I don’t want to do it I use this checklist:

1. I become present.
2. I observe my feelings.
3. I remember only good thoughts get me where I desire to go.
4. I don’t have to feel good or bad about this, I just have to do it.
5. I am not busy; I am not rushed.
6. I am now going to do the job knowing the sense of satisfaction after it is done will be good.
7. I am going to appreciate doing the job now because it is giving me an opportunity while doing it to focus on ways of doing it quicker and easier or ways to not do it at all.
8. I am relaxed and know I create a better outcome for myself because when I change the way I look at things; the things I look at change.

Acceptance means I can have a lot of crap in my day but still have a great day. Acceptance leads to freedom.

When I find myself in a hurry it means I am no longer present and the universe gives me what I am asking for, more of being in a hurry. The universe is neutral and gives me more of what I am asking for. If I want stress, pressure, rushing, I’ve got it. If I want ease, relaxation, happiness, I’ve got it.

So the answer is to interrupt the destructive patterns, do the opposite…..slow down deliberately, ‘I have plenty of time’ , ‘I enjoy doing this’, ‘I accept I have to do this but I choose how I feel about it’, ‘I accomplish more by doing less’, ‘most things make no difference’.

Being busy is a form of laziness and my ego can easily fill my day with ‘stuff’ I can do without thinking.

• The less I do the more I create
• There is no effort in nature
• Whatever I am thinking and doing the universe gives me more of the same
• I decide what I desire, I know it is created and I let go of how it will happen
• Whatever I desire it desires me too
• When I don’t know what to do I do nothing
• I remain present and my subconscious will guide me to the best thoughts and actions for me
• Everything comes to me for a reason. If don’t learn the lesson, it will keep showing up until I do
• I trust my instincts
• I create success in all things
• “In the study of the way, each day something is dropped. Less and less do I have to force things until finally I arrive at a place of non-action, where nothing is done and nothing remains undone” Lao Tzu
• Purposeful creation only happens when I am present
• Any anxiety present is an indication that it is not time to act
• I never have perfect information before making a decision
• I reach for the thought that feels the best and I always find one
• Busy is a feeling and I choose not to feel it
• The universe is neutral and gives me more of what I am asking for
• If I want to have it, I first have to have it!

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation Does!

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation Does!
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation does

Mind PowerIn order for me to properly use the Law of Creation to create, I need to ‘know’ I ‘create’ and do not ‘attract. The Law of Attraction is actually really the Law of Creation and I can use it to create whatever I desire. I do not need faith to ‘know’ that gravity exists even though I cannot see, hear, taste, smell or touch it. Knowing is a choice. Believing is not necessary but knowing is and speeds up the journey.

I leave my comfort zone (ego) and create in my mind (where all creation happens). Then after I have created in my mind, I am grateful for having had it. After that I take whatever steps I can towards making it a reality. I am a creator, I create in my life situations and circumstances which are in harmony with my dominant thought.

This is what I use to apply the Law of Attraction/Creation; I simply decide what I desire and it is now created. It is now and was already there. I then live in the grateful way I would do after having already had my desire come into my life. I spend the majority of my time taking steps to aid bringing this into my physical reality, while all the time doing so without attachment to the end result. KNOWING is key.

I look back at previous achievements and I am able to trace them to a specific state of mind I remember having. I am able to identify the feelings and emotions that were present at the time I created it. I now create these emotional states at will and ‘know’ that I have just created my desire! I can therefore now replicate successful creation of anything I desire. What I think about literally becomes real now, in the spiritual, non-physical world. So just by thinking differently, I can make myself well. My attitude must be as if it has already happened, I have already received it, I already feel better, because it has in fact already happened, it has already been delivered in the quantum world. I affect the outcome just by thinking about it. I am now in direct control of my mind. I now create on purpose instead of by accident. Reading this helps me stay in control.

In the quantum world all possibilities happen at once. What I want, the life I desire already exists, I just need to desire it and focus on it in the correct way to bring it into my reality. To do this deliberately I act as if I already have what I desire., because of course I already do have it. If it can happen, if it can be conceived, then it has already happened and it can be a reality for me. I just need to bring it into my physical reality consciously.

I have brought my current reality into reality already – that didn’t just happen! I already know how to do it; I have been doing it by accident up till now, from now on I do it on purpose. I look at my life and see what is good, I reflect on how I created the good, then I copy that into the areas I want to change. I am fully responsible for everything in my life. I know it’s real, that I can and do create my chosen outcome. My brain is an organ of my conscious mind. It receives thoughts, and when it reasons those thoughts to be true, my sub-conscious mind accepts the conclusions of my conscious mind and sets about bringing this truth into my reality.

My sub-conscious mind accepts the conclusions of my conscious mind, without question. That is why I need to keep control of my thoughts, otherwise I create by default and not by design. It is in this way that I create wealth, health and everything else I desire in my life. For this reason, I practise control of my mind daily. If I am not in control then my ego is, and it is committed to distracting me from my purpose and ‘protecting’ me from growth and progress.

The secret is in knowing my desires and the certainty of their attainment. I create my life, and then live it as if it is created whilst doing everything I can in the direction of it in order in order to bring it into physical reality. The Law of Creation is all just about asking the right question, defining the answer, while allowing everything to take its course. I am now content with what is and have fully surrendered and am allowing what is to come.

I ask myself regularly, am I at ease with this moment? What is going on inside me right now? How is my vibration right now?
The ultimate secret is to accept what is now and to be happy now, no matter what. Since I change the way I look at things the things I look at change.
It is important to think about and define exactly what it is I desire. When I do, it is already formed the instant I desire it and it is now my job to allow it to enter my life, or to navigate my way to where it exists in physical reality.

I improve my vibration by improving my environment and my mood. Thing like listening to music help a lot. I use affirmations to improve my mind-set and thoughts regularly. I am grateful for what I already have, and also for what I have but has not yet manifested into reality. I see myself with all I desire. I know I will always get back more than I give out, so I always go to give value.

• I know that I create with my thoughts
• I decide what I desire and it is created
• I am grateful for it having already happened
• I take what steps I can towards its achievement
• I trace back previous achievements and replicate it
• I re-create the emotional states at will that create my outcomes
• It is already delivered in the quantum world by my attention, observation and focus.
• I already know how to do this by accident, now I do it on purpose
• My sub-conscious mind accepts the conclusions of my conscious mind
• I accept what is and I am happy now
• I always go to give more value

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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Have You Been Sold the Wrong Plan?

Have You Been Sold the Wrong Plan?
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

laptop_workerI only need to retire if I don’t like what I’m doing. If I love my work then why would I not continue? The problem is the word ‘work’ is wrong. When I enjoy my work I can lay down this destructive thought pattern. If a thought is not taking me forwards, then it is taking me backwards as nothing stands still. Since I love what I do I would have to search for reasons not to do it.

I make a choice about what type of work I would do; I wanted to work doing something I loved doing. It was a conscious choice. Work is now a hobby. I have decided to make it one and change my current situation into a desirable one thereby achieving the life I desire. This is the process of making a choice.

I am going to live every day of this life and do it my way. I will not be leaving with any regrets for not doing what I loved. I will not sacrifice this life I desire. That is why I am writing this.
So now I work a bit to produce what I need and I do the work I choose to because I like it, while at the same time I am taking mini retirements every so often throughout my life.
So, I have setup a passive income which provides me with all I need in order to live the life I desire.

I have removed the barriers from my mind in order to understand the true nature of work, retirement and harmonious balance.
I now live my life where I am, I cannot find it elsewhere. From HERE and NOW I create the life I desire on an on-going basis. There is only NOW, I can only enjoy my life NOW, not in the future. I feel wonderful NOW and don’t ever want to fully retire from this wonderful life.

I do not compete with anyone. I am a creator not a competitor. I utilise my higher brain power and access reason, will, perception, memory, imagination and intuition. When I get what I desire, it happens in such a way that everyone else involved gets more also. No-one loses because I win. I have no fear of losing out if someone else gets there first. If I think this, then I create it. Nothing happens without me creating it. I am causing what I want to be created from the formless substance and the supply is limitless.

I always give more in use value than I take in monetary value. Great value is given for small compensation, so for me to have, everyone else must have more. I am increasing value, not taking value. I have risen from the competitive to the creative plane and in doing so I add value. In following this practise I am adding to the life of the world with every transaction. This only happens because I know I create my life.

For me to have no-one need miss out. As I get rich, I open the way for others to follow and be inspired to do the same. Moral and spiritual greatness is only possible for those who have risen and are above the competitive battle for existence. I simply go to create value and as I do the market is created for me. If I go to create value to the tune of €3M a year, the market is automatically created and people will find the value and I will also benefit. When I say I see a gap in the market, it means I can see somewhere I can add value. This is an abundant mind-set which enables me to continue to create.

• I redefine ‘retirement’ and ‘work’
• I make a choice about the work I do because I love doing it
• I have no regrets and will not sacrifice the life I desire
• I have a passive income which provides for all my needs
• I can only enjoy my life in the here and now
• I create, I do not compete
• I create more value than I use, thereby adding to the world
• My abundant mind-set enables me to create

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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The Unconscious Lazy Mans Way to Enlightenment

Enlightenment – The Easy Way.
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

Anything bad that happens in my life I use for enlightenment. I transmute all suffering into enlightenment. My natural state is a state of oneness with being. It is a state of connectedness with something that cannot be measured and cannot be destroyed. There is something of a paradox here, it is essentially me, and yet much greater than me. It is not a state which I have to find but one I have already lost and need to return to, if I desire to, which I do.

When I accept what is, then every moment is the best. When I surrender fully, I have certainty and know that everything I am presented with is in my best interest. Then I have everything, I am everything. That’s when enlightenment shows up. I don’t go looking for it, I create it from where I am now. When there is nothing left and I am absolutely serene and content with my entire world, then I am there. Enlightenment is something very simple that is easily missed but all can achieve it easily.

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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Achieving Harmony

Woman meditating.How to fine-tune to attain Perfect Vibrational Harmony.
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I am in perfect harmony. That means I am content and complete with who I am and where I am. This is about me feeling happy and obviously being happy. Even in bad situations there are positive or beneficial thoughts to be found. But only when I am present and observing my reactions. I don’t fight the bad moment, I allow it to be, and look for the benefit in the situation. I practice this and it comes easy to me. I desire to create success and achieve it through intention, not ignorance. My attainment of a harmonious state of being with whatever situation I am in is necessary to create intentionally. My whole goal in life is to feel good. I feel good as often as possible, which means being in harmony. This is the secret to manifesting. I recognize quickly when I don’t feel good and remind myself that this takes me away from the life I desire. No matter what happens, I promise to feel good always. If I don’t I am heading in the wrong direction.Once I realize the logic of this it is impossible not to feel good again. I reach for the thought that feels best in any moment. I may not be in control of what is going on but I am in control of how I feel about it.
I choose to be happy now…..
I choose to feel good now… matter what is going on.

The more I practice this the less I feel stress, anxiety or worry. I am creating new habits and new neural pathways so my mind knows I am no longer allowing myself to be stressed or worried. As a result my mind has become accustomed to my desire to snap out of these states of mind. It recognizes that I no longer want to go there in the first place and so now my reticular activation system recognizes this and filters it out of my attention. I can choose any state to be in so I choose happiness because I know that this state is in harmony with creating my ideal life. Feeling good and being happy is my choice as long as I remain present. When I am in this level of harmony I can search my mind for all the things that used to make me angry or stressed, I can now surrender to them and make peace with myself. I now practice this any time life presents me with a situation that would otherwise take me out of harmony. Negative feelings are now just bonuses that help me navigate my way back to harmony. These are crystal clear way-points and help me remove even the slightest annoyance from becoming an obstacle to harmony. Positive and negative feelings are my guide. The universe responds only when harmony exists, positive or negative. It is not possible to experience worry, stress or fear and at the same time be in harmony with my desires. I can switch out of negative and feelings in an instant. If I find myself not wanting to switch off a negative thought or feeling, then I have come face to face with my ego and need to observe myself being deliberately taken away from the life I desire. Even the slightest improvement cancels out negative emotions. So the better feeling I can attain, the greater barrier I am creating against negativity in the future.

I have now reached the point where I no longer feel uncomfortable about what I don’t have right now or the decisions I have made up till now. I fully accept what is but at the same time I am eagerly reaching for more. I have arrived at the perfect, harmonious vibrational alignment which allows the complete fulfillment of every desire I wish to have in my life. This harmonious state is where the creation process starts. So I make the best of what is while eagerly anticipating my desires. This begins the creation of my desired life. The secret to obtaining harmony is to stop fighting my present reality. I just do today’s work today and tomorrow’s work tomorrow.

I desire freedom. Freedom from hard work I don’t like, long hours, freedom from money worries. I realize that freedom is created from a state of freedom in the first place. This starts when I realize that I am not the person thinking in my head. As soon as I start watching myself, my ego, then a higher level of consciousness becomes activated within me. I then realize that all things that really matter are beauty, love, joy and inner peace, all of which arise from my mind. This is when I awaken and begin my journey toward my freedom.

I have certainty about the outcome of my desires, but uncertainty about the journey, the how or the means. So I continually expand my mind to create new and better outcomes. This way life can never be boring or tedious. To create certainty I accept that I can create it. I avoid negativity as this blocks the creation of the outcomes I desire. Once I have learned to know the outcome, I can then enjoy the uncertainty of the journey. I am now on the right path and detached from the outcome since I know it is certain. I can now relax and be happy. I have increased the value of freedom in my life and reduced the value of comfort. Comfort is a devil in disguise as it makes it difficult to go and create because I am leaving a place of comfort, and going somewhere new. This is why stepping outside of my comfort zone is what leads to freedom, success and growth. My ego thinks its job is to protect me from change and so prizes comfort highly. It is in discomfort that growth happens. This is how my ego imprisons me in the illusion of comfort. It feels uncomfortable when I go to create because that is when I am breaking out of that prison and achieving freedom. So freedom and real comfort lie on the path of uncertainty and discomfort.
This is my path!
Freedom is my choice!
I am where I am because of the choices I have made, consciously or unconsciously. I accept fully and surrender to the fact that my best thinking has got me to where I am today. From this point on I can create the life I desire.

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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The Secret to Success

“Knowing is power, Belief is Weakness”
Andy Shaw


There is No Time Like the Present

Almost all of the authors I have read on the subject of success or personal development of any kind all talk about ‘believing’ being of utmost importance. I’m sure you heard or read if you ‘believe’ it, it will happen. Well, sorry but they are all wrong. I have been reading Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ books for almost 2 and a half years now and he is the first, to my knowledge, to say ‘believing’ is wrong. It is the equivalent of self-sabotage, it contains doubt within it – you wouldn’t say I ‘believe’ the sun will come up tomorrow – that’s because you know it will, there is no doubt. Belief has doubt built into it. there is a world of difference between believing and knowing. Knowing contains certainty, it does not exist in believing.

This is seemingly backwards to the way we are taught to think. I struggled with this concept when I came across it at first but the more I practice it the more I know it to be true. You might think this is a minor insignificant distinction but it is critical. I have found that when I succeed at something I have moved from a state of believing to a state of knowing. By the way, all those authors are not doing this mis-teaching on purpose – they know it, they just don’t know how to explain it properly. In some cases when you are reading you can substitute the word know for believe and then you will get the correct message. They need to look at the words they are using to express what they are trying to say. When you think about it, there is a lot less effort involved when you know something than when you believe it. I know I can pick up this cup of coffee, I don’t believe I can. I have been transitioning my way of thinking about this over the years to achieving things that are considered success by others such as making money, career advancement, business, getting the home I want, my health etc.

Belief is stating to the universe that I do not know this is a certainty. If I move from ‘I believe I can do that’ to ‘of course I can do that’ or ‘I know I can do that, for sure’ there is a world of difference in the vibration, the feeling. When I say ‘I know I can’ there is power, strength and certainty is that statement. If I say ‘I believe I can’ there is weakness, doubt, anxiety, worry and even fear. Belief is not only a word but a state of mind which literally creates your future. Until you know you can, you won’t.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the distinction between the 1% and the 99% of people regarding success and achievements. Well it seems the 1% know and the 99% believe. That’s a bit over simplistic I know but that is essentially the truth. The 1% may use the word believe but in practice they know. According to Andy Shaw, ‘knowing’ is one of the most powerful tools we can use to improve our lives. However we need to be careful that we are not just using the word ‘know’ or ‘knowing’ without actually knowing and instead ‘believing’ it. This is a dangerous are to go if you don’t tread carefully. Say it and see how it feels. It’s better to say, actually I don’t know…yet. That may be the truth and it won’t have any negative consequences, it puts you on the correct path. Whereas if you revert to saying I believe, along with all the doubt and anxiety, you are not likely to see success. So, it’s not what we don’t know that is the problem but it is what we think we know that is actually wrong which is causing us repeat the same mistakes.

Gerry and Martine

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Are You Allowed To Do That?

laptop_workerIt’s been a while so I’ll just get straight to it – fell off the wagon again and ignored the blog, not only the blog but the reasons I was doing it in the first place. A quick recap for anyone just here for the first time – I committed to blogging about my results from studying Andy Shaw’s two book set, A Bug Free Mind. I have read these books about 4 times now and I recently decided to finish my 5th re-read – I had started this some months ago but stopped at chapter 17. So the peculiar thing is that despite this, the law of attraction / creation has been proven to work once again. I took “early retirement” (ha ha) in March 2014. The plan was to take a break and then focus fully on my online business efforts, absolutely sure that with all the time on my hand I would be able to focus properly on it and before long be raking it in! Long story short it wasn’t delivering the results I wanted and needed – so I decided I had to go back to the day job. It never once occurred to me that I might have difficulty getting a job, it was only when I stopped to think about it – here I was at 58 years old, looking for a job in a sector which is highly competitive (I.T.). Sure I had a lot of experience, but still in retrospect I was being a bit presumptuous.

Nevertheless the first job I went for I got. It was a 6 month contract which suited me as I had a lot to think about regarding the online business and didn’t want to be in a long term commitment to a company and give the final few years of my creativity and productivity to help fulfil someone else’s dream. What was I doing wrong? The 6 month contract came to an end and another one turned up immediately, with better pay. Now a lot of you will say – “what do you mean what were you doing wrong? You just manifested two six month contracts in a row – without interruption”. Did I? Does that mean I was doing something right? So then, what now? I needed to really think hard about this – I was able to manifest a job effortlessly but I was having difficulty growing the online business, despite the fact that I know almost everything there is to know about my chosen subject. I realised I was using the law of attraction/ creation by default, even though I had read about this in Andy’s books, and heard about it from Abraham-Hicks and others. So I now knew that it worked and all I had to do was get my mind working properly. If I take the same approach to getting the business growing as I did to getting a job then things should go much smoother, yes? Well the problem is that when you ignore something long enough you forget it. So, here I am back at my fifth re-read and blogging reviews and summaries of the chapters. I am back listening to the audios daily in the car and reading portions of the book every day. I have completed chapter 18, so below is my review and summary. And I promise I’ll be back!

Chapter 18

If I try and fix things I will be given more of “trying to fix things”. Sometime things shouldn’t be fixed, they show me the direction I should be going in. When I realise that then I just allow things to be. I feel good and allow my circumstances to change. Everything happens for the best possible reason. When I feel good I am allowing what’s best for me into my life. My success is guaranteed because good-feeling thoughts must find their vibrational match. The better I feel the more certain my success is. Helping others is not possible without if I don’t feel good and know some level of success first.

When I find myself judging people I allow myself to recognise that. I allow myself to stop and change the thought patterns. I offer no resistance and just allow things to be. I remain present as much as possible.

I allow myself to get it wrong but I am able to observe myself when I do. Allowing me to feel good gives me direct access to my goals. I am the best I can be in every moment and I allow others to be themselves, and accept them as they are. I give up condemnation and judgement. True power is within and available to me right now.

I allow the good and change the bad, I accept the bad as it is but resolve to change it to suit my desires. Choosing thoughts and things that feel good is allowing and accepting. By feeling good I allow my circumstances to change. When something I want to change persists I enter no-mind and ask “what do I need to know about this so that I don’t keep experiencing it again?” The answers ALWAYS come from within.

As I speak I connect with my feelings. As I speak with someone I trust, my desires are fine-tuned. I discover answers to my questions. As I listen to others properly i.e. always having some of my attention remaining present, focussed inward, I will always learn new things, even when those I am listening to are unconscious. I may be able to offer help or guidance without judgement. I see a positive outcome for all when this happens.

In deciding I am going to give (instead of get) I give someone listening to me a precious gift. As I do this I attract into my life the people I want to attract. I always see a positive outcome for them and this is returned to me a hundred fold. If I don’t do this I fall into judging them and my ego ends up pigeonholing them. This happens because my ego is threatened with looking bad in their presence. When this happens it is important I don’t get annoyed with myself, I become the observer and accept and surrender to it thereby allowing my presence, my present self, to step forward.

In my imagination I look at myself on my deathbed, and when I do, everything I would regret not having done is shown to me. I therefore now know what I need to do with the life I have left. This is the secret to life. I see what I need to do in order to fulfil my life and as a consequence, death holds no fear for me.

In summary:

  • Don’t try and fix things
  • Everything happens for the best possible treason
  • The better you feel the more successful you are
  • Don’t judge people
  • Remain present when offering help to others
  • Feeling good allows your circumstances to change
  • The answers always come from within
  • When you listen, go to give
  • Take a look at your death, before you die and learn what you need to do now.

Gerry and Martine

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Another Quiet Sunday

It’s been a good week overall. I am sitting here on a very quiet Sunday morning thinking about how much better it is today than last week. Back then I faced a situation with work that pushed me right out of my equilibrium and made me feel pretty miserable. But once I got back to reading good positive stuff from Andy Shaw and listening to a couple of Abraham Hicks audios, going for a few nature walks, and most importantly, remembering that I am creating my life as I go along, then I found myself back in that wonderful place of feeling the vibration of what it is I am moving towards.

I can summarise it like this, accept everything in your current circumstances, surrender to everything, even the slightest annoyances, feel the aliveness in your body, focus on your breath in the moment and live in the Now, even for a few minutes, and above all decide to feel as happy as you can without being false. Pretty soon you realise that creating your future can be fun.

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It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day…….

………It’s a new life, For me, And I’m feeling good………love that song! And Nina Simone.

It means something more to me now that it has done in the past. Since I discovered that “feeling good” is the basis of creativity and living the life of your dreams. Let’s face it, it’s all pointless if it doesn’t make you feel better. Feeling better is the basis of everything we do. And it can all be attributed to the vibration we are giving out. When we activate a vibration of something that pleases us we automatically feel better and attract more of the same. The trick is learning how to be self-aware enough in the moment to do it deliberately and veer away from feeling something we don’t want, which, by its very nature is attracting what we don’t want…..more feeling of the same way for starters.

It’s amazing the things that make people feel better. I heard a friend say today that picking up litter off the street and putting it in the bin made him feel better. One thing that does it every time for me and a lot of others is walking in nature. I went walking today in Dalgan Park near Navan, a few miles up the road from where I live. It’s a large retreat house and headquarters of the Columban Missionaries order. There is also a large farm on the complex. It never ceases to amaze me, the variety of trees, shrubs, wild flowers and indeed wildlife that exists there. I always get a sense of peace, tranquility and love when I walk the forest and nature walks there. I suppose I feel closer to the spiritual nature of everything.  I’ve come through a rough couple of weeks and really needed it today. It helped me with some major decisions I need to make very soon. Decisions centering around career and money. You know that feeling when something is wrong but you have to do it anyway? Or at least you think you have to. Well, walking in nature for me is a creative process that always and every time helps me come to terms with acceptance of the things I can’t change, and helps me find courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference… quote a phrase.

I am now facing into a new week with just a little trepidation, instead of the abject fear and desperation I felt not long ago. It is time to start putting all I’ve learned from Andy Shaw, Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, my wife, my kids and grand-kids and my good friends. I would like to re-state my gratitude to the universe for this wonderful life. I made this video below some time back as an exercise in gratitude. When I look at it today I feel even more grateful. Onwards and upwards.

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