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Absolute Power

Mind Power

Surrender is the key. It is the piece that I have kept missing before coming across A Bug Free Mind. I always sensed that I was very close to the important bit, the key, the one thing that makes it all happen. Surrender is it, it gives me maximum power in all areas of my life.

If someone attacks someone they are using the law of attraction against themselves. Whatever you put out always comes back magnified.

A conscious person never does this. I no longer concern myself with anyone who has wronged me. I wish them well and move on. A person who attacks is insecure. I let go of all resentments towards them. I do not resist them or their attack. I surrender and become transparent to it. It holds no value for me. If I resist I am moving away from my goals. Acceptance and surrender to what is, reinforces my abilities and my power. The appearance of weakness is actually my greatest strength.

All my relationships are transformed by surrender. I accept everyone the way they are. My job is to be the change, not try and change others. I feel light, clear and deeply at peace when I surrender. Resistance dissolves. Once I surrender I no longer need to hide my true self or engage in any role-play. I no longer need any ego-defenses.

Surrender is complete inner acceptance of what is, without reservation. If there is anything in my life that makes me unhappy, then I have not fully surrendered to it. When this happens I simply observe my reactions and emotions until any unhappiness dissolves and is replaced with peace, joy and love. If I feel unhappy then it means my ego is in charge and there is a lesson to be learned. If I become and remain present and conscious, unhappiness cannot survive.

No amount of stuff, money, cars etc., will ever make me happy. It’s an inside-out thing – I need to be happy first, with how things are, with what I have already, and surrender fully to my present situation, and allow the future to come without fear, worry or anxiety.

When this happens and I fully surrender, this is when the magic happens. This is when “unseen forces come to my aid”, this is when I achieve mystical powers, the power to create deliberately. The power to choose! I choose my outcome in my mind and the universe goes about its business of making it happen. This is quantum science, real magic, not an illusion. I focus on being happy in the present moment and then use visualizations to “create” my future. It only works when I am happy Now. There is ultimately only one problem in life, not living in the Now, the present moment with acceptance, surrender, happiness, joy and love. Unhappiness cannot survive in the present moment, it can only survive in its absence. I can do anything in the Now. If I find myself in unhappiness or non-peace, then all I have to do is accept my unhappiness or non-peace completely. The moment I accept it, then it is transmuted into happiness or peace. This is the magical power of surrender. All the answers are within. this is because acceptance and surrender takes me into the present moment, Now. Full acceptance of myself and others exactly as they are takes me beyond the reach of my ego. In acceptance and surrender the past ceases to have any power over me.

I observe and surrender to even the smallest irritation as it means that there is some lesson that is incomplete, that I have not fully learned yet. In acceptance, surrender  and forgiveness my future is created filled with harmony. After full acceptance and surrender, I simply decide on my desired outcome and do all I can to make it happen confident that the universe is working with me. I keep looking inside to make sure there is no resistance left. If I find any I surrender to it. I accept the world as it is, difficult though that can be at times. I must also remember to be happy with my self and delight in my being. I think the truth regardless of appearances. Every upsetting situation becomes an opportunity to learn a new lesson and create something new. Every tormentor becomes my teacher. I drop the burdens of resentment and defensiveness. I accept that there is resistance even if I haven’t found it yet.

This process results in absolute power to create my desired outcome. This is the spark, the key to happiness, health, wealth and a life of peace and joy.

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