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When Is Now the Right Time?

In my study of Andy Shaw’s books ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’, it never ceases to amaze me how much I get from a re-read. I have found that the best way for me to do this is to re-read a specific chapter, then re-read it again, then again, making notes etc., up to 5 times at least. I then summarize it myself from my highlights and notes, what Andy calls the golden book method. I’m so glad Andy prepared me for this, as I would never normally read a self  help book more than once. It has made me realise the absolute wealth of information that I have glossed over in the past and not absorbed. But then, that is the way I am I suppose.  It is also the way the other self help teachers are, in their neglect of this fact, and their use of a few wrong words – try, want, believe, hope,  for example. I suspect I am in the majority of people who do this, read once and put away. I can honestly say that these are the only books I have ever read (and audios, listened to) that have made a real difference in my life. And it is mainly because of the instruction to re-read them.

As a direct result of reading these books, myself and my wife have taken “early retirement” from our jobs and are now doing what we love to do. I am running a number of internet businesses, some in partnership with Martine, and she is beginning a new era of writing and painting among other things. Some other things have happened in my family life which I also put down to my changed mindset as a direct result of reading these books. A long standing family issue is resolved with my brother, a situation has seen vast improvement in my sisters life in the last year. I have seen huge differences in my reactions to things that are happening in the world, my driving habits, my lightened mood and level of happiness in general. If you are reading this I highly recommend reading these books, click the link over on the right and get the first 5 chapters for free and get a flavour of what it’s all about.

I made a commitment to blog the results of my study and to publish my summaries as I complete a 5th re-read of each chapter. Below is my summary of chapter 17.


There is No Time Like the Present

My most valuable resource is now and how I choose to use now. Now is all there is. By allowing life to just be, including planning the future,  is having a life. I am not living in the past or the future (being here and wanting to be there) I am living in the now.

My ego tries to keep me in the past or the future because it doesn’t know what to do in the now. The past and the future are illusions and if I allow myself to focus on them, I miss the present, the now. This is where I access ‘being’, this is where life happens, where creation happens. This is where I need to be to create the life I desire. This is a spiritual process and a most rewarding experience.

I have learned this at exactly the right time for myself and I now act on it and refuse to miss any more of now. It is all I have, I cannot improve a future moment. Now is the only place where I can experience joy and satisfaction, I cannot create that in the future by planning future circumstances. The only way for me to create the life I desire is to experience the feelings of it now, to think about it as if it has already happened, to be grateful for it and for the feelings of joy, ease and lightness. What I am doing, being, feeling right now is, at this moment, is creating my future and my happiness.

My job is to remain present and to shine a light on my ego, and be aware as much of the time as possible, to live consciously in the now. The past and the future have borrowed their realities from the now.

I remain aware that I am not trying to get anywhere other than where I am right now. If I feel unhappy it is because I have denied the present, it has nothing to do with my life situation or circumstances. Ultimately there is actually only one problem in life, which is not living in the now. When I am present and aware and my attention is in the now, it is impossible to have a problem, I am happy, in the present moment. In the present moment I can access my higher intelligence, my higher self, and my creativity.

I now understand that in every moment I am sending out vibrational energy through my thoughts. My ego constantly tries to cover up the present moment with the past or worry about the future. To combat this I constantly practice no-mind, in any environment. I am always looking for the ‘off’ switch. I do this daily and learn to control my mind.

My life situation and circumstances exist in time, my life exists outside of time. To turn on my creativity all I have to do is slow my mind down to a standstill, bring in no-mind, feel gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, relax, and I now have access to my creativity, to my higher self, the universe, this is where I create on purpose, express my desires and my designs for my life, and feel the joy in the manifestation of them. In this state I step out of time and leave the past and the future behind. In this state I know my life situation is not my life. In this state, all worries, fears and anxieties disappear. I now create a new habit of drifting towards the present moment instead of away from it, as when I do I remain present more of the time, this means less stress, worry, fear and all such problems because no problems exist in the present moment.

There is no time pressure, my ego creates this to escape the now. I cherish the silence, when I experience the silence I know I am in the presence of source, the present moment. When this happens I speak my desires and my designs in present tense language in order to create the life I desire. I see the pictures and feel the emotions – as if it has already happened. I keep doing this until I feel happy and joyful. That is when I know my future is being created according to my designs. My circumstances don’t create my happiness, my happiness creates my circumstances. In time’s absence no pain remains. I am like the grass and the trees, I flex and be, I don’t force anything. The way it is, is the way it is. I honour the moment.

If I am unhappy I then I am unconscious. As soon as I notice and realize it I am conscious again and my unhappiness has dissolved.

I am currently finding myself and realizing that there are no problems in my life, only situations to be dealt with. I am no longer looking to some future gain for satisfaction, I have found it where I am right now. This is the point of creation, where I can speak in the present moment to my subconscious, my source, and create the life of my dreams, and have fun and ease and joy doing so, and am grateful for the feelings. At this moment, my future is determined.

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