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Back with a Bang

I haven’t updated this blog since September 2014. One reason is I went through a strange period the last few months which I might write a bit more about at some point in the future. For now though I would like to say a little about the Bug Free Mind process.

I suppose I have to admit that for the last part of last year I felt that “it wasn’t working”. I got a bit disappointed about having to take up a new job to pay the bills and that my “bug free” efforts had not produced results. Or should I say the desired results.

What I’ve come to realise is that our efforts always produce results, by default, just not always the results we are looking for. I became disillusioned for a while. I’m out of it now and feeling fine, thanks for asking. I know I am not going to feel wonderful every day, I just need to remember to find the best thought PLUS the best feeling I can find at that moment, and stay with it as long as I can.

Sometimes it just is what it just is. And as Andy Shaw says, accept what just is.

Anyway, I am enjoying the new job and feel like I am adding value somewhere, and I am just beginning to see how important that is. I now try as often as I can to focus my head and my gut feeling where I want to be and enjoy the feeling of just being there.

I have now decided to redouble my efforts at making money and this time my wife Martine is helping out big time. Between the two of us we have written 2 reports on how to build a list of subscribers and we are putting the finishing touches to a sales funnel, which we plan on getting live in about 2 weeks time. If you want to know more sign up for updates over in the right.

Gerry and Martine      

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