Monthly Archives: June 2015

Another Quiet Sunday

It’s been a good week overall. I am sitting here on a very quiet Sunday morning thinking about how much better it is today than last week. Back then I faced a situation with work that pushed me right out of my equilibrium and made me feel pretty miserable. But once I got back to reading good positive stuff from Andy Shaw and listening to a couple of Abraham Hicks audios, going for a few nature walks, and most importantly, remembering that I am creating my life as I go along, then I found myself back in that wonderful place of feeling the vibration of what it is I am moving towards.

I can summarise it like this, accept everything in your current circumstances, surrender to everything, even the slightest annoyances, feel the aliveness in your body, focus on your breath in the moment and live in the Now, even for a few minutes, and above all decide to feel as happy as you can without being false. Pretty soon you realise that creating your future can be fun.

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