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The Secret to Success

“Knowing is power, Belief is Weakness”
Andy Shaw


There is No Time Like the Present

Almost all of the authors I have read on the subject of success or personal development of any kind all talk about ‘believing’ being of utmost importance. I’m sure you heard or read if you ‘believe’ it, it will happen. Well, sorry but they are all wrong. I have been reading Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ books for almost 2 and a half years now and he is the first, to my knowledge, to say ‘believing’ is wrong. It is the equivalent of self-sabotage, it contains doubt within it – you wouldn’t say I ‘believe’ the sun will come up tomorrow – that’s because you know it will, there is no doubt. Belief has doubt built into it. there is a world of difference between believing and knowing. Knowing contains certainty, it does not exist in believing.

This is seemingly backwards to the way we are taught to think. I struggled with this concept when I came across it at first but the more I practice it the more I know it to be true. You might think this is a minor insignificant distinction but it is critical. I have found that when I succeed at something I have moved from a state of believing to a state of knowing. By the way, all those authors are not doing this mis-teaching on purpose – they know it, they just don’t know how to explain it properly. In some cases when you are reading you can substitute the word know for believe and then you will get the correct message. They need to look at the words they are using to express what they are trying to say. When you think about it, there is a lot less effort involved when you know something than when you believe it. I know I can pick up this cup of coffee, I don’t believe I can. I have been transitioning my way of thinking about this over the years to achieving things that are considered success by others such as making money, career advancement, business, getting the home I want, my health etc.

Belief is stating to the universe that I do not know this is a certainty. If I move from ‘I believe I can do that’ to ‘of course I can do that’ or ‘I know I can do that, for sure’ there is a world of difference in the vibration, the feeling. When I say ‘I know I can’ there is power, strength and certainty is that statement. If I say ‘I believe I can’ there is weakness, doubt, anxiety, worry and even fear. Belief is not only a word but a state of mind which literally creates your future. Until you know you can, you won’t.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the distinction between the 1% and the 99% of people regarding success and achievements. Well it seems the 1% know and the 99% believe. That’s a bit over simplistic I know but that is essentially the truth. The 1% may use the word believe but in practice they know. According to Andy Shaw, ‘knowing’ is one of the most powerful tools we can use to improve our lives. However we need to be careful that we are not just using the word ‘know’ or ‘knowing’ without actually knowing and instead ‘believing’ it. This is a dangerous are to go if you don’t tread carefully. Say it and see how it feels. It’s better to say, actually I don’t know…yet. That may be the truth and it won’t have any negative consequences, it puts you on the correct path. Whereas if you revert to saying I believe, along with all the doubt and anxiety, you are not likely to see success. So, it’s not what we don’t know that is the problem but it is what we think we know that is actually wrong which is causing us repeat the same mistakes.

Gerry and Martine

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Are You Allowed To Do That?

laptop_workerIt’s been a while so I’ll just get straight to it – fell off the wagon again and ignored the blog, not only the blog but the reasons I was doing it in the first place. A quick recap for anyone just here for the first time – I committed to blogging about my results from studying Andy Shaw’s two book set, A Bug Free Mind. I have read these books about 4 times now and I recently decided to finish my 5th re-read – I had started this some months ago but stopped at chapter 17. So the peculiar thing is that despite this, the law of attraction / creation has been proven to work once again. I took “early retirement” (ha ha) in March 2014. The plan was to take a break and then focus fully on my online business efforts, absolutely sure that with all the time on my hand I would be able to focus properly on it and before long be raking it in! Long story short it wasn’t delivering the results I wanted and needed – so I decided I had to go back to the day job. It never once occurred to me that I might have difficulty getting a job, it was only when I stopped to think about it – here I was at 58 years old, looking for a job in a sector which is highly competitive (I.T.). Sure I had a lot of experience, but still in retrospect I was being a bit presumptuous.

Nevertheless the first job I went for I got. It was a 6 month contract which suited me as I had a lot to think about regarding the online business and didn’t want to be in a long term commitment to a company and give the final few years of my creativity and productivity to help fulfil someone else’s dream. What was I doing wrong? The 6 month contract came to an end and another one turned up immediately, with better pay. Now a lot of you will say – “what do you mean what were you doing wrong? You just manifested two six month contracts in a row – without interruption”. Did I? Does that mean I was doing something right? So then, what now? I needed to really think hard about this – I was able to manifest a job effortlessly but I was having difficulty growing the online business, despite the fact that I know almost everything there is to know about my chosen subject. I realised I was using the law of attraction/ creation by default, even though I had read about this in Andy’s books, and heard about it from Abraham-Hicks and others. So I now knew that it worked and all I had to do was get my mind working properly. If I take the same approach to getting the business growing as I did to getting a job then things should go much smoother, yes? Well the problem is that when you ignore something long enough you forget it. So, here I am back at my fifth re-read and blogging reviews and summaries of the chapters. I am back listening to the audios daily in the car and reading portions of the book every day. I have completed chapter 18, so below is my review and summary. And I promise I’ll be back!

Chapter 18

If I try and fix things I will be given more of “trying to fix things”. Sometime things shouldn’t be fixed, they show me the direction I should be going in. When I realise that then I just allow things to be. I feel good and allow my circumstances to change. Everything happens for the best possible reason. When I feel good I am allowing what’s best for me into my life. My success is guaranteed because good-feeling thoughts must find their vibrational match. The better I feel the more certain my success is. Helping others is not possible without if I don’t feel good and know some level of success first.

When I find myself judging people I allow myself to recognise that. I allow myself to stop and change the thought patterns. I offer no resistance and just allow things to be. I remain present as much as possible.

I allow myself to get it wrong but I am able to observe myself when I do. Allowing me to feel good gives me direct access to my goals. I am the best I can be in every moment and I allow others to be themselves, and accept them as they are. I give up condemnation and judgement. True power is within and available to me right now.

I allow the good and change the bad, I accept the bad as it is but resolve to change it to suit my desires. Choosing thoughts and things that feel good is allowing and accepting. By feeling good I allow my circumstances to change. When something I want to change persists I enter no-mind and ask “what do I need to know about this so that I don’t keep experiencing it again?” The answers ALWAYS come from within.

As I speak I connect with my feelings. As I speak with someone I trust, my desires are fine-tuned. I discover answers to my questions. As I listen to others properly i.e. always having some of my attention remaining present, focussed inward, I will always learn new things, even when those I am listening to are unconscious. I may be able to offer help or guidance without judgement. I see a positive outcome for all when this happens.

In deciding I am going to give (instead of get) I give someone listening to me a precious gift. As I do this I attract into my life the people I want to attract. I always see a positive outcome for them and this is returned to me a hundred fold. If I don’t do this I fall into judging them and my ego ends up pigeonholing them. This happens because my ego is threatened with looking bad in their presence. When this happens it is important I don’t get annoyed with myself, I become the observer and accept and surrender to it thereby allowing my presence, my present self, to step forward.

In my imagination I look at myself on my deathbed, and when I do, everything I would regret not having done is shown to me. I therefore now know what I need to do with the life I have left. This is the secret to life. I see what I need to do in order to fulfil my life and as a consequence, death holds no fear for me.

In summary:

  • Don’t try and fix things
  • Everything happens for the best possible treason
  • The better you feel the more successful you are
  • Don’t judge people
  • Remain present when offering help to others
  • Feeling good allows your circumstances to change
  • The answers always come from within
  • When you listen, go to give
  • Take a look at your death, before you die and learn what you need to do now.

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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