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Achieving Harmony

Woman meditating.How to fine-tune to attain Perfect Vibrational Harmony.
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I am in perfect harmony. That means I am content and complete with who I am and where I am. This is about me feeling happy and obviously being happy. Even in bad situations there are positive or beneficial thoughts to be found. But only when I am present and observing my reactions. I don’t fight the bad moment, I allow it to be, and look for the benefit in the situation. I practice this and it comes easy to me. I desire to create success and achieve it through intention, not ignorance. My attainment of a harmonious state of being with whatever situation I am in is necessary to create intentionally. My whole goal in life is to feel good. I feel good as often as possible, which means being in harmony. This is the secret to manifesting. I recognize quickly when I don’t feel good and remind myself that this takes me away from the life I desire. No matter what happens, I promise to feel good always. If I don’t I am heading in the wrong direction.Once I realize the logic of this it is impossible not to feel good again. I reach for the thought that feels best in any moment. I may not be in control of what is going on but I am in control of how I feel about it.
I choose to be happy now…..
I choose to feel good now… matter what is going on.

The more I practice this the less I feel stress, anxiety or worry. I am creating new habits and new neural pathways so my mind knows I am no longer allowing myself to be stressed or worried. As a result my mind has become accustomed to my desire to snap out of these states of mind. It recognizes that I no longer want to go there in the first place and so now my reticular activation system recognizes this and filters it out of my attention. I can choose any state to be in so I choose happiness because I know that this state is in harmony with creating my ideal life. Feeling good and being happy is my choice as long as I remain present. When I am in this level of harmony I can search my mind for all the things that used to make me angry or stressed, I can now surrender to them and make peace with myself. I now practice this any time life presents me with a situation that would otherwise take me out of harmony. Negative feelings are now just bonuses that help me navigate my way back to harmony. These are crystal clear way-points and help me remove even the slightest annoyance from becoming an obstacle to harmony. Positive and negative feelings are my guide. The universe responds only when harmony exists, positive or negative. It is not possible to experience worry, stress or fear and at the same time be in harmony with my desires. I can switch out of negative and feelings in an instant. If I find myself not wanting to switch off a negative thought or feeling, then I have come face to face with my ego and need to observe myself being deliberately taken away from the life I desire. Even the slightest improvement cancels out negative emotions. So the better feeling I can attain, the greater barrier I am creating against negativity in the future.

I have now reached the point where I no longer feel uncomfortable about what I don’t have right now or the decisions I have made up till now. I fully accept what is but at the same time I am eagerly reaching for more. I have arrived at the perfect, harmonious vibrational alignment which allows the complete fulfillment of every desire I wish to have in my life. This harmonious state is where the creation process starts. So I make the best of what is while eagerly anticipating my desires. This begins the creation of my desired life. The secret to obtaining harmony is to stop fighting my present reality. I just do today’s work today and tomorrow’s work tomorrow.

I desire freedom. Freedom from hard work I don’t like, long hours, freedom from money worries. I realize that freedom is created from a state of freedom in the first place. This starts when I realize that I am not the person thinking in my head. As soon as I start watching myself, my ego, then a higher level of consciousness becomes activated within me. I then realize that all things that really matter are beauty, love, joy and inner peace, all of which arise from my mind. This is when I awaken and begin my journey toward my freedom.

I have certainty about the outcome of my desires, but uncertainty about the journey, the how or the means. So I continually expand my mind to create new and better outcomes. This way life can never be boring or tedious. To create certainty I accept that I can create it. I avoid negativity as this blocks the creation of the outcomes I desire. Once I have learned to know the outcome, I can then enjoy the uncertainty of the journey. I am now on the right path and detached from the outcome since I know it is certain. I can now relax and be happy. I have increased the value of freedom in my life and reduced the value of comfort. Comfort is a devil in disguise as it makes it difficult to go and create because I am leaving a place of comfort, and going somewhere new. This is why stepping outside of my comfort zone is what leads to freedom, success and growth. My ego thinks its job is to protect me from change and so prizes comfort highly. It is in discomfort that growth happens. This is how my ego imprisons me in the illusion of comfort. It feels uncomfortable when I go to create because that is when I am breaking out of that prison and achieving freedom. So freedom and real comfort lie on the path of uncertainty and discomfort.
This is my path!
Freedom is my choice!
I am where I am because of the choices I have made, consciously or unconsciously. I accept fully and surrender to the fact that my best thinking has got me to where I am today. From this point on I can create the life I desire.

Gerry and Martine

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