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Creating Your Designs

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Doing this blog has been one of the most satisfying and fulfilling things I have ever done. The process has basically tracked my progress, and the lack of it, the ups and downs, the abandonment, the coming back, the giving up, the coming back and everything in between. It’s been a bit of a battle at times. However, when I look down through all the postings, I can see progress, slow progress. I have a very strong ego which insists on keeping me safe from the demon Andy Shaw and his Bug Free Mind process 🙂 Through it all though, this particular post represents something of a culmination of all that has gone before. It is my interpretation of the design process, extracted from chapter 12 of UABFM, written in the first person as all the rest are – somehow I seem to “believe” something easier if it feels like I’m telling myself the story. Here is my summary of probably the main chapter and core of the Bug Free Mind process.

I embark now on a process to completely remove the last remaining invisible barriers in my mind which may be present when it comes to creating my design. It is the single most powerful thing I can do right now. It gives me answers and provides me with the way I have been looking and asking for. It is the solution to me becoming successful. I am enjoying this process and I fully deserve to. I have access here and now to this process which enable me to create my perfect life.

If I listen to my ego I will view this as work because it knows I am accessing the system to creating my life on purpose…. And in doing so I take away its ability to keep me trapped in the past. I just observe my feelings and continue the process of changing the association of this from pain to pleasure. It is my choice what to feel and think about creating my design so I choose to feel good about what my life will look like.

This is a process of discovery and I give it as long as it takes. If I was going on a 6-month trip top America, I would spend evenings and weekends planning and preparing for that trip and I would not feel like I was wasting time. I am now planning the rest of my life, so I will take as long as it takes as it’s all fun anyway.

My intention is to be aware of how my ego will attempt to defeat me and prevent me from completing this, so that I am prepared to beat it. My life is worth devoting much more time than planning a trip.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”
Marcus Aurelius

I spend time in the mornings, evenings and weekends looking at my designs, tweaking them, turning them, moving them forward where possible. This is the work of creating without doing. It doesn’t matter how long this process takes. My ego knows I fear the loss of time so I deliberately slow down. I imagine knowing exactly what I want and therefore have solved the biggest problem in life. Every step I take is now in the right direction. Once my mind is bug free, nothing I do will have any greater effect on my life than this. I now answer the following questions and I fully intend for this to work.

Part 1: Brainstorm

I list my designs. I just get them out of my head on to paper. It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, I can cross them out, re-write them any way I like, any amount of times. I push myself and get as many as possible, I have fun doing this and re-discover myself in the process.

• What would I love to do if I didn’t have to consider money?
• What do I think I really desire?

I use the following questions to provide more desires on my list.

• What makes me very happy?
• What makes me really laugh?
• What qualities would I like to have?
• What makes me feel good and emotional?
• What strengths would I like to have?
• What would I like to do for my family?
• What would I like my family to do for me?
• What would I like to do for others?
• What would I like others to do for me?
• What have I not done in a while that I would like to do again?

All the while I am doing this I remember I desire to be happy now. I also desire some excitement and new experiences. I dig deep.

Part 2: Reasons why:

For each of my design I ask myself the question why do I desire this? I write it down. Whatever the reason or reasons I have written, I try to find the nutshell. The nugget, the ultimate reason behind every desire. I already know the absolute reason which is my happiness. So, I am looking for something else just before I get to that. It may possibly be a hidden emotional benefit. It should be a single sentence or a reference to a picture in my mind which takes me to that emotional state. I am looking for the prime high emotional benefit. The more emotion the better. I do not rush this. By not rushing it, I am demonstrating to my ego that I am in control and this erodes its ability to distract me in the future.

Part 3: Rating

I now rate each of my desires on a scale of 1 – 100%. I ask myself “just how badly do I desire this?” I feel for the answer and score it accordingly. I remain present when doing this and become aware of how I feel about each of these desires. I take my time with this and do not rush it. I focus and think carefully about it. I identify the emotional power of each desire and when I am in touch with how I feel it will be when I achieve it. I then score it between 1% – 100%.

The ones I score 100% are my absolute desires and there is no hesitation in scoring them. When I think of how I will feel when they happen, I feel amazingly happy, content and completely serene. This then is the answer to “what do I want?”. I must be 100% honest with myself during this process.

Part 4: Benefit

I now go back over each of my desires and write out what the benefits of each one will be. I write a list of benefits I will receive by achieving it. I need to recognize the exact benefit to me because only then will I buy into it. It can be 1 benefit or 10, doesn’t matter.

Part 5: Themes

I now group the desires into themes e.g. work, travels, cars, homes, relationships etc.

Part 6: Conceive

I look at where I am now and where I am going. I identify the gap in between. I now provide some stepping stones as to possible ways to get there. For some desires, it will be obvious and easy, for others it will be hard and I may have no idea at all. These will very likely be very big dreams where I have no idea how I will get there. It is not important at this stage to know how to get there, but I must give my sub-conscious something to work with. I must be able to conceive it happening. Once I provide steps that are possible, my mind can now see this as a conceivable plan. It doesn’t matter how many steps there are, it just needs to be steps I could take. This is me educating my mind so that my subconscious can conceive it. This is the essence of creating my desires, this is how it actually happens. My subconscious mind doesn’t understand what I want, so when I give it ways to conceive it, then it will provide me with a remarkable number of co-incidences which end up getting me where I want to go – or somewhere even better!

Once it becomes conceivable it then moves to a stage where I know it will happen. “Each day something is dropped…”. When I know it will happen I become detached from the outcome because it is certain. I am now passing through the phase of “…less and less do I have to force things…” and finally into “…where nothing is done and nothing remains undone”. This is where I create without effort.

So, by demonstrating steps of how it can happen, while enjoying the process, I am providing my conscious and subconscious minds with the material to create my desire. I continue to re-write, tweak and re-tune also. All of this is the magic my ego is trying to stop me from learning.

Part 7: Power write

I now re-write each of my designs out as described previously i.e. in the present tense, must start with “I” and must not be a money goal. I continue to cross-out, start again, re-write until I get this just right. I take a child-like approach. If it feels like a desire requires will-power, then it is doomed to failure. Only when it is something I absolutely desire will this work. That is why honesty with myself is so important. I will not settle for anything less than what I really, absolutely, desire without doubt or hesitation. I am very aware at this point that my ego will be working very hard, telling me this can’t be done, I don’t have it in me, this is very difficult. I just observe it and watch my feelings, remain present and continue. This works. I keep thinking of how I will feel when I receive my desire, when it happens. How fantastic that is going to be. It is the most satisfying feeling ever. I always remember that I have been doing this all along by default anyway. I have created my life as it is, good and bad, up till this point. Now I am just doing it on purpose for things I really want in my life. I already have the skills, all I am doing now is activating them deliberately in the direction of my choosing.

Part 8: Gratitude

I now write down how grateful I am that my desire has already happened. I state exactly what I am grateful for, who I want to thank. I enjoy the wonderful feeling, it is very emotional. I feel the feeling. I engage with it now. This is a magical element. When I wish to have something I first have it in my mind and then by feeling grateful for it, it gives a crystal-clear way-point to my subconscious mind.

Part 9: Tying it all together

I now write out my finished work deciding on which is the most important. I write my design (Part 1), what the reasons are (Part 2), the score I give it (Part 3), the benefits to me (Part 4), themes (Part 5), the steps I may take (Part 6), how grateful I feel (Part 8). I write this all out really like a child doing a picture for its parents. I write my designs on special paper and place them in a special box which I then look at every day. I also write them into a small notebook that I carry with me at all times.

• It feels wonderful to actually design what I am going to do with my life rather than have it happen by accident.
• I enjoy altering my design as it improves in my mind.
• I enjoy spending time doing this process.

There is no downside to doing this. I am creating my design in my own image to suit me.

Part 10: My design board

I am reading and writing words, but I think in pictures. It is essential for me to associate my designs with images of what I see the end results for me being. I collect photos and cuttings of images that represent my designs to me and generate an internal feeling of gratitude. The more I see this board and those images the less chance of another reality taking its place. I get to a place in my mind where this is all that’s possible, this must happen. I am not attached to the outcome and therefore I create it. But I do not “need” it – it just is.

I take each image and I add emotion to it and feel what it feels like to have it now. I implant the possible ways of how I achieved it. I feel how I knew all along how I was going to get it. It was always going to happen at the right time and in the right way. This is all I need to do, dream about it, see it done, experience what it feels like. I feel how relaxed I am, knowing that my success is certain. As my mind continues to figure out how it is possible then my “belief” is transmuted into knowing… this is when it becomes irreversible, it is now going to happen. I remind myself of the steps I outlined earlier as to how this could happen. I have now overcome the “belief” issue and I know from here on in, it happens as per my design. After I have done this and emotionally connected with my picture of my desire, I go back and write up how I felt now that it has happened. I go through what I desired, what happened, whether it came about exactly as I wrote, a bit better, slightly less than expected or whatever. I create that reality fully in my mind so that it can only be that way. Small details matter, the smell of the car leather, changing gear, the sound of the engine, the breeze off the sea coming in over the decks, the taste of the wine, the laughter of friends and family. This is like when the architect designs a bridge, it then passes to a draughtsman to fill in the details.

I now create a list of all my designs that I set and achieved. This goes back to when I created by default also. In reviewing this I can now see that whatever happens, does so for a reason, and happens for the very best and I now know I am indestructible. I am able to observe how I created things and bad things in my life. I now know how to replicate the good things and minimize the bad things. I look at this list and feel grateful for all the good in my life. While in this state I now look at my designs and I am grateful for them too. This releases the full power of my subconscious mind to create my design.

Everything that I got, I only got after seeing myself getting it – i.e. creating it in advance. It all came from thought processes, this is where it all started. I continue to visualize the whole process, this is programming my mind and it gets easier with practice and delivers bigger and bigger results.

I now have my designs completed. Every time I look at them I ask myself:

• Am I at ease with this design?
• What’s going on inside me right now?
• Am I open to an even greater manifestation?
• Am I grateful for the gifts I have now?
• Am I grateful for the ones which are coming?

I imagine my desire and I enjoy the feeling. I know it’s coming so I don’t “need” it anymore. I am relaxed and confident, a little excited, exactly how I would feel when I achieved my design. This is the most valuable use of my time. It takes some time to do but in the end, it is the shortcut to my dreams. It also ensures my ego does not erode my focus and attention. It is my choice to do this and my egos choice not to.

I now make an irrevocable decision to give my life designs a minimum of 20 hours to complete and then 2 – 3 hours per week until I become successful. I now have everything I need to make my designs happen. I know I now have the equipment, the material, this process, in my hands to make this happen, to control my destiny. I am worth the effort.

“At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want”
Lao Tzu

I now set about pursuing the designs with the highest score. If any of them scored less than 90% I leave them aside for now and focus on the top priorities. This is the single most important thing I can do right now to improve my life. My very best thinking has got me this far, and if this far is not what I designed, then it would be insanity to not change now where there is such a clear path. If that happens I will have allowed my ego to erode my control once more.

I observe my feelings. I get this. I am going to create my designs and continue to adjust them as my desires change and evolve. This is my life, I now enjoy it as I designed.

• The single most important thing for me to do after this process is to resolve to do the designs. This create the biggest value in my life.
• I now associate goal-setting with pleasure. I do the designs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These are my most productive and creative times. I spend half an hour each evening looking them over.
• If I am not living to my designs then I am living to someone else’s and helping them live their dream. This makes me realize my life is not a dress rehearsal, I only get one shot at it and I’m going to make it count. From now on, I must have more.
• I am worth the effort.
• Having this step by step process creates power.
• It identifies and prioritizes exactly what I desire.
• I brainstorm and list my desires. I write down my reasons.
• I rate each of them out of 100%.
• I list the benefits of each of them.
• I group them into themes: work, travel, cars, homes, relationships, business etc.
• I conceive how they might be possible by creating stepping stones in my mind for each of them.
• I power-write them, they must start with “I” and must not be a money goal.
• I write how grateful I am for each of them having already happened
• I then write each of them together with their reasons, ratings, benefits, themes, steps and level of gratitude.
• I do this on special paper, place them in a special box, summarize them in a notebook to carry with me always.
• I create a design board and fill it with pictures and cuttings that represent my desires.
• I create a list of all designs that have already happened in my mind.
• I read through my designs every day and observe my feelings.
• I make an irrevocable decision to spend at least 20 hours creating my designs and 3 hours per week reading them until they are achieved.
• I now start practical work on my designs beginning with the ones with the highest score and begin taking the steps.

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