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Who I am

Hi there, I am Gerry Murphy, I live in Trim, County Meath, Ireland, I am married to Martine for the last 32 years and am the father of five wonderful grown up children and grandfather to 6 more. My current main career (day job) is in I.T., I have been working in the I.T. support area for close on 20 years now. I have recently moved into what is known as pre-sales business development for businesses in the SME sector in Ireland. Basically that involves advising small business owners and managers in the areas of I.T. support contracts, outsourcing, cloud computing etc.

My others areas of interest include personal development/self help which inspired me to do this blog in the first place. I am also interested in the things that make most people’s ears prick up – i.e. money (making some!), health and well being and relationships. I am also interested in music, photography, science and technology including sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV.

I started this blog as a result of reading Andy Shaw’s 2-book set, Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using a Bug Free Mind. It is part of a process of self liberation and I am doing it primarily for myself as a sort of therapy. If, by any chance it helps anyone else in the meantime then that will be a bonus.

How I came to be where I am now

For 16 years now, I have been on a journey that has helped my family and I escape from violence, intimidation and poverty to awareness, prosperity, abundance and appreciation. I have discovered, through many books, workshops, DVD’s and audio downloads by some of the most enlightened teachers of our time, truths about our nature and the potential we have to create the life of our dreams. These have resonated at a very deep level and have manifested in the most incredible ways. This process brought me to the work of Dr. Robert Anthony and his audio course on “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” and more recently Andy Shaw’s Creating A Bug Free Mind.

In 1996, I couldn’t foresee a way out of the situation my family was in and from the depths of my soul, asked for guidance from God, Source, The Universe, whatever name you wish to use, and it came. Discovering The Law of Attraction empowered me to begin imagining a better life for me and my family and by 2003 I was in a new home in a new town, I had richer relationships, I was healthier and financially secure. However, I have never stopped reaching for deeper understanding, never stopped asking questions and this blog marks another step in an ever evolving journey. I will be writing primarily on these topics but also on other areas of interest, music, photography etc.

If you find yourself of a similar mind on any of these topics I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch by sending me a message through the “Contact Me” page.

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