Am I Worth the Effort?

Do I Think I am Worth the Effort?
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


I started this blog in January 2013 in an attempt to bring some success, career and financial security mainly, into my life. I have had many false starts and stalls along the way. I got distracted, bought into other things, typical shiny object syndrome type of thing. But something kept drawing me back here to Andy Shaw’s books. Of course, once I got back into reading the books, I was then obliged to come back to the blog. The blog doesn’t get that much traffic, but that doesn’t bother me as it is an exercise I set for myself to be transparent about my progress. I am about a quarter way through the 2nd book for the 4th time, going very slowly this time. But as far as the blog is concerned, this is my summary of the last chapter in Book 1 and so is a milestone for me, as it is something that I have now completed. There are few things in my life I can say that about – completed! But I am proud that this is one of them. This represents for me something a bit like a coming of age, a maturing. More than anything it is a realization of the truth of the philosophy in these books, as I have seen first hand in my own life the effects of when I follow the advice / instructions, and the results when I don’t. Here follows my interpretation and summary of chapter 28 of Creating A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I have a choice about everything in my life with 2 exceptions;
1. That one day I will die and ….
2. I have to live every day until I die.

Everything else is a choice. I am worth the effort. I will stay here and not move on until my mind is fixed. When it is, when I master this I will be able to help others, my family, my friends, perhaps lots of others through my writings and my businesses. I am already on my way to holding a light for others to follow. I have asked, I have stayed with it, I have manifested this resource which has the power to change lives, starting with my own. There is no longer any pain associated with creating the life I desire. It is now fun, because I love it.

I am aware that my ego will attempt to trip me up. I will overcome this through re-tuning and re-reading my summaries on an on-going basis and the whole book plus the audios periodically. This is my turning point, my point of choice. To stay with this, and not allow life to get in the way, not allow study of another system – yet. I know that there are obstacles I will find along the way. This material is my detailed plan for how to clear my mind of all bugs. It has changed my life and given me awesome power. Anything that takes me off track is not worth it.

Through the Law of Least Effort, all I need to do is re-read my golden book regularly and keep my summaries with me at all times. I will not leave this until my success is certain. When this happens I feel a huge shift in my mental state. It doesn’t matter how long this takes. The result is I now have total self-confidence and an ability to handle any situation, with ease. I know for certain I will attain my goals. I am free of all fear, worry, stress and overwhelm. If they appear again I know exactly what to do to get rid of them. I now know what I want and I have a detailed plan of how to get there. I am not concerned with what happens along the way. I can transform the words of this material into pure magic using the power of my mind.

My ego relies on my ability to see what’s good for me as work. It relies on my ability to be easily distracted from doing the little things which make a massive difference. I now have the choice to either become a master or go back to settling for less, working for an authority figure and regretting past failures and lack of success. I choose to become a master manifester. My life is and will be the sum of my choices.


• I have a choice about everything
• I am worth the effort
• I am a light for others to follow the path
• I am aware of my ego’s subterfuge
• I will stay with this system until I mater it
• This is my turning point
• My life has now changed as a result of this
• I use the Law of Least Effort to maintain my bug-free mind by consistent re-tuning
• My success is now certain
• I am free of all fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelm
• I am the master of my life

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