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laptop_workerIt’s been a while so I’ll just get straight to it – fell off the wagon again and ignored the blog, not only the blog but the reasons I was doing it in the first place. A quick recap for anyone just here for the first time – I committed to blogging about my results from studying Andy Shaw’s two book set, A Bug Free Mind. I have read these books about 4 times now and I recently decided to finish my 5th re-read – I had started this some months ago but stopped at chapter 17. So the peculiar thing is that despite this, the law of attraction / creation has been proven to work once again. I took “early retirement” (ha ha) in March 2014. The plan was to take a break and then focus fully on my online business efforts, absolutely sure that with all the time on my hand I would be able to focus properly on it and before long be raking it in! Long story short it wasn’t delivering the results I wanted and needed – so I decided I had to go back to the day job. It never once occurred to me that I might have difficulty getting a job, it was only when I stopped to think about it – here I was at 58 years old, looking for a job in a sector which is highly competitive (I.T.). Sure I had a lot of experience, but still in retrospect I was being a bit presumptuous.

Nevertheless the first job I went for I got. It was a 6 month contract which suited me as I had a lot to think about regarding the online business and didn’t want to be in a long term commitment to a company and give the final few years of my creativity and productivity to help fulfil someone else’s dream. What was I doing wrong? The 6 month contract came to an end and another one turned up immediately, with better pay. Now a lot of you will say – “what do you mean what were you doing wrong? You just manifested two six month contracts in a row – without interruption”. Did I? Does that mean I was doing something right? So then, what now? I needed to really think hard about this – I was able to manifest a job effortlessly but I was having difficulty growing the online business, despite the fact that I know almost everything there is to know about my chosen subject. I realised I was using the law of attraction/ creation by default, even though I had read about this in Andy’s books, and heard about it from Abraham-Hicks and others. So I now knew that it worked and all I had to do was get my mind working properly. If I take the same approach to getting the business growing as I did to getting a job then things should go much smoother, yes? Well the problem is that when you ignore something long enough you forget it. So, here I am back at my fifth re-read and blogging reviews and summaries of the chapters. I am back listening to the audios daily in the car and reading portions of the book every day. I have completed chapter 18, so below is my review and summary. And I promise I’ll be back!

Chapter 18

If I try and fix things I will be given more of “trying to fix things”. Sometime things shouldn’t be fixed, they show me the direction I should be going in. When I realise that then I just allow things to be. I feel good and allow my circumstances to change. Everything happens for the best possible reason. When I feel good I am allowing what’s best for me into my life. My success is guaranteed because good-feeling thoughts must find their vibrational match. The better I feel the more certain my success is. Helping others is not possible without if I don’t feel good and know some level of success first.

When I find myself judging people I allow myself to recognise that. I allow myself to stop and change the thought patterns. I offer no resistance and just allow things to be. I remain present as much as possible.

I allow myself to get it wrong but I am able to observe myself when I do. Allowing me to feel good gives me direct access to my goals. I am the best I can be in every moment and I allow others to be themselves, and accept them as they are. I give up condemnation and judgement. True power is within and available to me right now.

I allow the good and change the bad, I accept the bad as it is but resolve to change it to suit my desires. Choosing thoughts and things that feel good is allowing and accepting. By feeling good I allow my circumstances to change. When something I want to change persists I enter no-mind and ask “what do I need to know about this so that I don’t keep experiencing it again?” The answers ALWAYS come from within.

As I speak I connect with my feelings. As I speak with someone I trust, my desires are fine-tuned. I discover answers to my questions. As I listen to others properly i.e. always having some of my attention remaining present, focussed inward, I will always learn new things, even when those I am listening to are unconscious. I may be able to offer help or guidance without judgement. I see a positive outcome for all when this happens.

In deciding I am going to give (instead of get) I give someone listening to me a precious gift. As I do this I attract into my life the people I want to attract. I always see a positive outcome for them and this is returned to me a hundred fold. If I don’t do this I fall into judging them and my ego ends up pigeonholing them. This happens because my ego is threatened with looking bad in their presence. When this happens it is important I don’t get annoyed with myself, I become the observer and accept and surrender to it thereby allowing my presence, my present self, to step forward.

In my imagination I look at myself on my deathbed, and when I do, everything I would regret not having done is shown to me. I therefore now know what I need to do with the life I have left. This is the secret to life. I see what I need to do in order to fulfil my life and as a consequence, death holds no fear for me.

In summary:

  • Don’t try and fix things
  • Everything happens for the best possible treason
  • The better you feel the more successful you are
  • Don’t judge people
  • Remain present when offering help to others
  • Feeling good allows your circumstances to change
  • The answers always come from within
  • When you listen, go to give
  • Take a look at your death, before you die and learn what you need to do now.

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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