The Biggest Problem is “I Don’t Know What I Want”

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen, pulsating desire which transcends everything”
Napoleon Hill

I feel like I’m back on track with the books now. I’ve been listening to the audios most days on the commute to work, then making a point of spending some time – at least half an hour in the evenings reading or re-reading chapters and writing up my summaries and keeping up with the golden book process. Speaking of which, below is my golden book version of chapter 10 of Using A Bug Free Mind.

If I don’t have the life I desire its simply because I don’t know what I want. If I cannot describe it without hesitation, then I don’t know what I want. For this to be worthwhile knowledge I have to admit that I have a problem until I do know exactly what I want and can spell it out completely without hesitation.

My ego works hard to drag me away from the subject as quickly as possible because it knows that if I discover the answer to what I want, that I make a quantum leap forward in getting back my natural success mindset. If I don’t complete this process, or fail to achieve my desires, then this is the single biggest reason why! So, I now resolve that I will discover exactly what I want in life. Once I know it I don’t need to think about it. Judgement is weakness, observation is power. What is, just is and must be accepted.

The one thing I desire above all else is freedom. Freedom to choose my own life, work, travel destinations, level of health and fitness, relationships, car, house, size of bank account, successful business, freedom to help others find a way to escape the job and poverty trap.

I observe my feelings as I think of these things. If I don’t feel totally at peace know these things will happen for me, then I am demonstrating that I don’t know what I want and need to continue the journey of discovery to discover exactly what I want. This is not optional, this is a must-do. Otherwise I am building on sand.

To create my design, I must know its real and then bring it into my reality. “I walk” is something I know is real.

Creating my life by design is not a time management exercise. I cannot force things. The law of least effort is to allow change, but also to do all I can to allow it to happen as quickly as possible. If I desire it strongly enough I will be inspired. Money is not a goal, I don’t “want money” I want what I can do with money. Once inspiration kicks in I will have limitless fuel to carry me through to completion of my designs.


“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen” (Emerson)
“Ain’t no power in the ‘verse can stop me” (Firefly)

Definition of a decision:

• A judgement, conclusion or resolution reached or given; verdict.
• The act of making up one’s mind.
• Firmness of purpose or character; determination.

The word decision does not mean an intention or a wish, it does not have a grey area. It is solid; it is certain, firm, obvious, resolute and fixed. A decision has been made, now all that’s left to do is to make it happen. When there is no doubt and I know instead, this creates great power. A child knows it will walk and so it does. Nothing happens until I make a decision. Once I have decided, the understanding of my world has changed. I have changed my world and created a new one. I do this to create the life I desire but I must first discover and have certainty about my desire. Knowing my primary desire is essential to me, without it I cannot make the correct decisions. I will finish this process and know what I want, what my primary desire is. If I don’t know it I cannot create it. I will clearly define what I want as part of the process. Until I do my ability to create it will remain dormant.

When I harness the power which the Law of Detachment gives me then I am free to create my design with ease and least effort. If I need to have things work out for me in a certain way this causes me discomfort and pain. It is impossible to create when I am in pain. So, I practise detached involvement. Whenever I encounter a problem or recognise pain, I simply stay grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty and observe what is going on inside my head. While allowing the uncertainty to be, I relax and wait for the solution to emerge. I relax and know an answer will come. This is being detached and brings relief as I don’t need an answer now. What’s happening here is my mind is subconsciously calculating billions of options. It does this in fractions of a second because there is no attachment blocking it. Detachment frees my mind to figure it out. My mind then works away at it and gives me the solution when its ready. The answers usually come when I’ve stopped thinking about it and moved on to something else. My mind has access to all knowledge and will come up with solutions that I could never have possibly know. So, I will continue to develop the skill of detachment.

I am now using the very best method available to recover my natural success mindset. So, when I have clearly stated my design I will let it go. I will know it will work. I will never ask why it hasn’t happened yet.

I know I created my stress. Though now I have put in place the process of never unconsciously creating it again. I know that between now and when I stop creating stress, that I will only create what is necessary to ensure this process of change is cemented in place. I do not know if this will take a day, a year, or five years, but I know it’s done and this will work out for me in the best way possible. I am applying no pressure, I am detached from having it happen, but I am crystal clear on my decision. This is the method I use to eliminate any remaining bugs in my mind.

When I “ask” the universe for something I am putting in a request which claims what I desire in a confident way with crystal clear expectation. If I expect something, I have let go of the outcome, I am detached and have certainty and gratitude. I’ve done all I can, if I discover more I will do that too, but for now I am letting go of this and trusting that this will happen at the right time and in the right way. This gives me freedom which is my highest goal anyway. My ego will try and demonstrate ways of how it can’t be done, I just observe it. As long as I remain present it is revealing more ways I can kill it. My reticular activating system kills my ego by me recognising that it has no value for me. I choose to work on providing the universe with multiple ways that it can be done. This provides my mind with solutions – whatever my mind can conceive and know, it can create. If it cannot conceive of me having freedom to travel the world, then it cannot create it. So, I give it plenty of material to work with.

My ego only knows the past, so it thinks that is all I can have. It thinks the way to solve my problems is to focus on them. I know different and therefore need to remain present when this happens and observe it until it dissolves. I always focus on what I desire and not on what I don’t want.

Once I have stated my intentions and handed them over to my subconscious mind then almost all of the creative process is complete before I see any physical evidence of it. I don’t keep digging up the seed to see why it’s not growing yet. The same applies to my mind – I don’t keep asking “where’s my stuff?”. My mind is working on creating them into my reality by creating new neural pathways and working out exactly what it needs to do to produce the result I have asked for. Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not here happening. Letting go and expecting means knowing, so I remain focussed on knowing. I cannot force change, I must be change. I take life easy, I am at ease with the moment. I always reach for the best possible thought in the moment, this works to achieve my designs. Feeling good creates everything I desire. I shift my time investment from stress, worry and pain to ease and feeling as good as possible. This is the ultimate secret to creating my life’s designs. I don’t force anything, I wait until my emotions force me to act and when that happens, ain’t no power in the ‘verse can stop me!

My designs already exist as possibilities. My minds work is to bring them into reality. I accept what is happening now and focus on just being happy. When I am relaxed and happy I am in a state of allowing my designs to come into reality. When this happens, I sense my design is close. I know it is close and I expect it to happen, yet I am detached from it. I don’t need it to happen, though I still expect it to. When I am in this state I am in the perfect position.

In every moment, I am either allowing or resisting. I find the thoughts that hold me back and I observe them. This dissolves them without effort. Happiness is a choice and I choose it. Isn’t it great to be happy and have whatever I desire? I don’t know how my desires will come to me but I know they will. The answers always come from within. Every day I ask, “is there anything I must do now to help me bring this desire into reality?”. I look out for my feelings as they are the language of my subconscious and my intuition. I learn and trust my instincts and my intuition, by starting with small things. Small steps can become major turning points. I am grateful for the small things, they are the training ground for bigger and better things. Of every design, I say “I accept this or something better as I am open to an even greater manifestation. I am grateful for all the gifts I have now and for all the ones I will receive. I expect to create my desire and I know that it will find its way to me in the right way and at the right time.”

I am now in the process of loving what I do and know I can create, but have no attachment to it. I will create a large amount of money as it is a by-product of me being awake, and I am completely free to create it.

• I must know exactly what I want in order to have the life I desire
• My ego does everything it can to prevent me from finding out the answer to what I want
• The one thing I desire above all else is freedom
• My feelings are my guide – if I am totally at peace with my designs then I know what I want. If I’m not then I don’t
• I practise the Law of Least Effort to allow change to happen as quickly as possible
• If my desire is strong enough I will be inspired
• A decision is a complete absence of doubt.
• Once I have made a decision I have changed my world
• Knowing my primary desire is essential
• I clearly define what I want
• I do it with ease and least effort
• I practise detached involvement
• I continue to develop the skill of detachment
• After I state my design I let it go, I know it will work
• I am detached but crystal clear on my decision
• I work on providing the universe multiple ways it can be done
• I remain focussed on knowing, I do not force change
• I wait until my emotions force me to act
• I accept this or something better
• I create a shed-load of money as a by-product of doing what I love

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