Doing Less And Creating More

Doing Less And Creating More
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

Woman meditating.“Create Rules and People Will Break Them”

The less I do the more I create. This is the answer to having an abundance of time. This is a new thought pattern that needs to grow until it becomes dominant. Then everything gets easier. I do less and less and create more and more. This is the Law of Least Effort.

In nature, there is no effort; trees just grow, rivers just flow, fish just swim, all without any trying or effort.

The harder I work, then the more hard work I get since the Universe “thinks” I want more hard work. The hard work is all actually done in my mind. It is actually a lot harder to create poverty and disease than it is to create health wealth and happiness because these are the natural order of things the way they should be.

I simply decide what I desire, I know I have the ability to get it, and I let go of how it is going to happen.

I fully expect what I desire to come to me but I let go of how that will happen. I know that whatever I desire, it desires me too. After I decide on my desires, I give them up. Because I know they will come to me, my knowing passes to my sub-conscious and then it also “knows” it is true and takes over bringing them to me in the perfect way and at the perfect time.

At times when I don’t know what to do I do nothing. I wait until my emotions move me in a particular direction, my mind will lie to me, my emotions will not. I give my expectations of how things should be before I experience them.

My ideas can come to me at any time as long as I am present and in touch with my subconscious self. My subconscious know what is best for me and what I am truly capable of, so I do my best to be guided by my instincts. Therefore, I now look forward to whatever happens to me…..whatever slows me down…..since I know it will have been sent to help me. Even obstacles. If I fail to learn the lesson they were sent for, the lesson will be sent again, until it is learned. The more I trust my instincts the quicker the lessons are learned.

I know I can find people and empower them, and they will do a far better job than I would. I only know something if I am applying it. I regularly review my use of the word “know”. When I use it correctly and apply what I know I become a person who creates success in all things. I let go of struggling and believing as all they get me is more struggling and believing.

When I stop thinking something is hard, at first it will be less hard, then it becomes easy.

Lao Tzu
“In the study of The Way, each day something is dropped. Less and less do I have to force things until finally I arrive at the place of non-action. Where nothing is done and nothing remains undone.”

I create through my thoughts, not my actions. Purposeful creation only happens when I am present, in the moment. Action is the means by which I collect what I have created in my mind. I continue to reduce my actions until my emotions push me to act in a specific, logical and obvious way. Practise of this gives me the power to change the parts of me that need to be changed and keep the good parts. It also allows me to recognise procrastination and instinctual waiting and the difference between the two. Either way it is impossible to always have perfect information every time before making a decision, so mistakes are inevitable and part of the learning process.

If I create a thought process that doesn’t support me i.e. depression, then I can create another one to cancel it out by simply deciding to. I remember to accept and surrender to everything and apply what I’ve learned, remain present and enjoy life to the full, always reaching for the thought that feels the best. Just the act of looking for one will always enable me to find one.

I never struggle to get what I desire, I know I have enough time and all the skills necessary to receive it in the right way and at the right time.

I consciously stop being busy. Even if I am under pressure to get stuff done, I stop being busy inside. Busy is a feeling, and I choose not to feel it. I do what needs to be done without resentment and expending little effort. The reason I have work I do not like is because I am not accepting it. So I observe it and don’t judge it, accept it and move on. Now when I have a task that needs doing and I don’t want to do it I use this checklist:

1. I become present.
2. I observe my feelings.
3. I remember only good thoughts get me where I desire to go.
4. I don’t have to feel good or bad about this, I just have to do it.
5. I am not busy; I am not rushed.
6. I am now going to do the job knowing the sense of satisfaction after it is done will be good.
7. I am going to appreciate doing the job now because it is giving me an opportunity while doing it to focus on ways of doing it quicker and easier or ways to not do it at all.
8. I am relaxed and know I create a better outcome for myself because when I change the way I look at things; the things I look at change.

Acceptance means I can have a lot of crap in my day but still have a great day. Acceptance leads to freedom.

When I find myself in a hurry it means I am no longer present and the universe gives me what I am asking for, more of being in a hurry. The universe is neutral and gives me more of what I am asking for. If I want stress, pressure, rushing, I’ve got it. If I want ease, relaxation, happiness, I’ve got it.

So the answer is to interrupt the destructive patterns, do the opposite…..slow down deliberately, ‘I have plenty of time’ , ‘I enjoy doing this’, ‘I accept I have to do this but I choose how I feel about it’, ‘I accomplish more by doing less’, ‘most things make no difference’.

Being busy is a form of laziness and my ego can easily fill my day with ‘stuff’ I can do without thinking.

• The less I do the more I create
• There is no effort in nature
• Whatever I am thinking and doing the universe gives me more of the same
• I decide what I desire, I know it is created and I let go of how it will happen
• Whatever I desire it desires me too
• When I don’t know what to do I do nothing
• I remain present and my subconscious will guide me to the best thoughts and actions for me
• Everything comes to me for a reason. If don’t learn the lesson, it will keep showing up until I do
• I trust my instincts
• I create success in all things
• “In the study of the way, each day something is dropped. Less and less do I have to force things until finally I arrive at a place of non-action, where nothing is done and nothing remains undone” Lao Tzu
• Purposeful creation only happens when I am present
• Any anxiety present is an indication that it is not time to act
• I never have perfect information before making a decision
• I reach for the thought that feels the best and I always find one
• Busy is a feeling and I choose not to feel it
• The universe is neutral and gives me more of what I am asking for
• If I want to have it, I first have to have it!

Gerry and Martine

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