Continuing the exercise I have set myself to re-read and blog my results from reading Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

For years now since I started getting interested in personal development/self help stuff I have been hearing about gratitude and appreciation. I suppose the most popular example of that was with the publication of The Secret movie and book. The idea of it made sense to me although it didn’t seem to make much difference in my life in the areas that needed changing. Even more powerful than The Secret (at least I thought so) was the teachings of Abraham-Hicks delivered by Esther Hicks regarding gratitude. She makes a distinction between gratitude and appreciation. In some cases gratitude might make you feel you owe somebody something e.g. if you are grateful for help received, whereas appreciation is more of a feeling of gratitude to yourself with no dependence on anyone else. It is a small but important distinction. But I am not saying that there is something wrong with gratitude, absolutely not. In a lot of ways we are all dependent on others to a greater or lesser degree.

I recently completed another course in personal development/financial freedom, recommended by Andy Shaw. It was with the Catchfire University and it was a great course and there were a number of firsts for me, really taking me out of my comfort zone. Making videos of myself speaking for example and uploading them to facebook! I really never thought I would ever do that. And of course the subject of gratitude made its appearance. The content of this part of the course was good but obvious. However, they had a really good trick up their sleeve which was not at all obvious at the beginning. The assignment was to make a video about gratitude and post it up on the class page on facebook. Simple you might say. They added however that it had to be creative, so another video of me speaking was not on, it had to be something different. I racked my brains for a few days considering how I was going to do this. The others in the class began posting their videos. Voila! Inspiration! I did a quick bit of research on Windows Movie Maker and realized that all I had to do was get a selection of photos of stuff that represented what I was grateful for in my life and drag them onto the timeline of the program, add a soundtrack and hey presto, movie made, video done, assignment complete. Eat your heart out, video virgins who’ve never done this before, the Murph got it together.

The unexpected then happened. As I sifted through the various photos and music, I really had to think this through. I had to really think about what I was grateful for. It started with material things like the usual house, car, job. It quickly started to move in the direction of the things that really do make a difference, the peace and quiet of where I live, the walks along the river, and then of course……the people in my life. This is where it got interesting; it really got the emotions going. By the time I watched the completed video I was bawling like a spoilt child. I’ll tell you one thing though, it really sorted out the 15 seconds of positive thoughts thing. I used to have to really make an effort for that to become something emotional, energy charged. Not anymore. I just look at my 4 minute video about what I am grateful for and I’m there within a few seconds. What’s more, it stays with me. I just have to think about it and I’m back there feeling the gratitude and appreciation especially for all the people in my life. It’s had such an impact on me that I decided to share it here with all you fellow blog readers and abfmr’s out there. You might find something to inspire you – if you’re having any trouble getting or remaining in a positive state of mind I highly recommend doing something similar. Just for yourself.

Click the link to watch the video.

Gerrys Gratitude Movie

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