Have You Been Sold the Wrong Plan?

Have You Been Sold the Wrong Plan?
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

laptop_workerI only need to retire if I don’t like what I’m doing. If I love my work then why would I not continue? The problem is the word ‘work’ is wrong. When I enjoy my work I can lay down this destructive thought pattern. If a thought is not taking me forwards, then it is taking me backwards as nothing stands still. Since I love what I do I would have to search for reasons not to do it.

I make a choice about what type of work I would do; I wanted to work doing something I loved doing. It was a conscious choice. Work is now a hobby. I have decided to make it one and change my current situation into a desirable one thereby achieving the life I desire. This is the process of making a choice.

I am going to live every day of this life and do it my way. I will not be leaving with any regrets for not doing what I loved. I will not sacrifice this life I desire. That is why I am writing this.
So now I work a bit to produce what I need and I do the work I choose to because I like it, while at the same time I am taking mini retirements every so often throughout my life.
So, I have setup a passive income which provides me with all I need in order to live the life I desire.

I have removed the barriers from my mind in order to understand the true nature of work, retirement and harmonious balance.
I now live my life where I am, I cannot find it elsewhere. From HERE and NOW I create the life I desire on an on-going basis. There is only NOW, I can only enjoy my life NOW, not in the future. I feel wonderful NOW and don’t ever want to fully retire from this wonderful life.

I do not compete with anyone. I am a creator not a competitor. I utilise my higher brain power and access reason, will, perception, memory, imagination and intuition. When I get what I desire, it happens in such a way that everyone else involved gets more also. No-one loses because I win. I have no fear of losing out if someone else gets there first. If I think this, then I create it. Nothing happens without me creating it. I am causing what I want to be created from the formless substance and the supply is limitless.

I always give more in use value than I take in monetary value. Great value is given for small compensation, so for me to have, everyone else must have more. I am increasing value, not taking value. I have risen from the competitive to the creative plane and in doing so I add value. In following this practise I am adding to the life of the world with every transaction. This only happens because I know I create my life.

For me to have no-one need miss out. As I get rich, I open the way for others to follow and be inspired to do the same. Moral and spiritual greatness is only possible for those who have risen and are above the competitive battle for existence. I simply go to create value and as I do the market is created for me. If I go to create value to the tune of €3M a year, the market is automatically created and people will find the value and I will also benefit. When I say I see a gap in the market, it means I can see somewhere I can add value. This is an abundant mind-set which enables me to continue to create.

• I redefine ‘retirement’ and ‘work’
• I make a choice about the work I do because I love doing it
• I have no regrets and will not sacrifice the life I desire
• I have a passive income which provides for all my needs
• I can only enjoy my life in the here and now
• I create, I do not compete
• I create more value than I use, thereby adding to the world
• My abundant mind-set enables me to create

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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