Having A Sense of Direction

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


So, I have been away from the blog for a few months but not from the study of ABFM. I will do another post soon about the reasons why I haven’t posted in so long. Happily I now feel that that period is over and you can expect to see plenty more posts on a regular basis in future. The short version is – I really struggled with getting the designs done in a way that I felt was real, in the way I think Andy intended. Some family circumstances got in the way, career changes and some other personal issues.

Once I got the designs down on paper, I felt I needed to go back to the beginning of Using A Bug Free Mind and go through it again as I felt I wasn’t fully where I needed to be in order for the design process to do what I needed it to. Need being the operative word, as Andy says, if I need something then there is a bug to be removed. Well, we’ll see how far I got. Anyway, following is my golden book version and summary of chapter 7 of Using A Bug Free Mind.

My subconscious partner has full access to the power to create and is there 24/7 ready to do my bidding. It is like a 3-year old wizard. It is perfect and has a perfect mind. It is magical as it has access to all intellect and is connected to all that is. This can be used to solve any problem or achieve any desire. However, it requires me to give it very precise instructions, it needs to be understood exactly like a 3-year-old child.

If I set a goal such as ‘I want to be a millionaire’ it will not work if that is the only input. My 3-year old wizard doesn’t know what a millionaire is. It doesn’t know what ‘want’ means. So, it gives me more ‘wanting’ to be a millionaire. So, I have to ask the right question. My wizard cannot think for itself, it has no powers of deduction, it can only follow precise instructions, and give me what I ask for. Thinking is conscious activity, I have to decide what I desire, and my wizard will go and get it for me. And the only way for them to do it is for me to be incredibly precise with the instructions.

I create a new habit of asking my wizard daily to let me know if there is something I need to do today to help bring my desires into reality. I now start to hear or recognise the answer, I just need to remain present and on guard against my ego. I trust my feelings.

All that happens to me is filtered through my unique awareness. I act according to my present level of awareness made up of assumptions and fact. So, if my awareness is faulty then my actions will be faulty too. So, it isn’t what I know that causes me problems it’s what I think is a fact or situation but it actually isn’t. So, I can ‘know’ something, but that doesn’t make it real. I write my own laws with my own mind. So, I need to mind my words, they are the law to my mind and are very powerful. My wizard partner accepts everything I say so I have to be careful as it has no powers of interpretation.

Every single moment is a new beginning and I can stop using the past as a template for the future. I can stop being stuck, repeating the same mistakes over and over.
I change my self-talk and use positive affirmations about myself daily. I no longer get sucked into unconsciousness by a friendly but unconscious person.

My subconscious wizard is recording everything to create and improve more routines for me. It doesn’t record what is happening, it records MY OPINION of what is happening which means…. what I imagine to be true is my reality and that’s what gets recorded. This is why people see the same things differently. This is why letting go of always having to be right is very empowering. It is a process of change and changes over time.

I regularly take a task I consider ‘hard’ or don’t want to do…. then I visualise it complete. I see all the steps being done…. I feel grateful now that it’s done….it felt good and was simple to complete and took less time than I thought.

This is very empowering. It creates pathways in my mind, if I burn them in hard enough, they will be there for good and I can use them for anything I desire. This is the correct use of goal-setting, it is designing my life, it is creating my future. I do this every day with my routines, except now I am visualising it all on purpose, it feels easy, it feels good. I use this process to get rid of ‘hard’ things or disliked things off my list. I just need to remember to use the process and practise it.

I am training my subconscious to supply the desired outcome, because I am programming it the right way. I am building my mental muscles in the process. So, I set small goals and achieve them. Then I set slightly bigger ones and achieve them too. This is using my creation mechanism on demand and on purpose instead of by accident or by default. When this re-reading and re-tuning process is complete I will have all the tools I need to be an Olympian at creating whatever I truly desire. With each design I set and achieve, I see my ability grow. So, I set and achieve slightly bigger and bigger ones each time, and increase my strength. I couldn’t drive without learning, or play the guitar without learning, so now I know I learn how to create, I teach myself as I go, as I achieve each goal and design. I practise seeing the visual result of my designs. This works for me and for everyone, I just need to trigger it.

If I go to a travel agent to book a holiday I can only do it if I know what I want, where I want to go, when I want to go, what kind of accommodation I want, then the travel agent (wizard) takes care of making it happen. Without my input (design) he doesn’t know what to do so he does nothing.


Is my goal a destination or a journey? ‘I want to be financially free’ is not a destination and my wizard doesn’t know what it means or how to get me there. There is not enough precision. My wizard is like a travel agent, it doesn’t question my decisions, it can’t offer suggestions. If I give it precise instructions it gets on with it. If not, then nothing happens and mistakes get repeated, and it will feel like I’m stuck. There is no warning that it hasn’t been done right, just nothing happens. This can cause me doubts about the process, but the process is working exactly as it’s supposed to. Presence of mind is key, and it needs to be maintained.

Designing my life is simply making choices, choosing where I want to go. If I am not getting what I desire, then it means I have not clearly defined what it is I want.

My ego is the biggest barrier to getting what I want. It doesn’t want me to realize it hasn’t got a clue what to do. It cannot admit it is wrong as to do so would mean it has no purpose. So, when I change and do something new, my ego is terrified and tries to sabotage me.

I know my goals are the right ones when I look at them and fell 100% committed to them, and 100% clear on the benefits. Right after creating my design, my commitment is the most important step. This means I am clear on the benefits and I am willing to pay the price. Once I know that my design is more important to me than any obstruction life puts in my way, my commitment will carry me easily over any obstacle. When I know what I desire, I can see it in my mind and I am committed to bringing it into my reality, I will achieve it, no doubt about it. The point of no return has been reached and the outcome is certain.

It is for this reason that I first set about removing viruses from my mind, fear, worry, anxiety and stress. My mind must be clear and free to focus with certainty and commitment on my desires. Previous failures occurred because I did not weigh up the benefits, rewards, solutions and costs. The successes happened because I did. I must know what I desire to get the results I desire.

• My subconscious is like a 3-year-old wizard who, with precise instructions, can bring my desires into reality.
• My wizard has no powers of deduction, it cannot ask questions and is fully dependent on the precision with which I state my designs.
• My wizard accepts my word as law, therefore I must mind my words
• Every moment is a new beginning, not dependent on the past
• I let go of always having to be right
• I visualise and complete ‘hard’ tasks. It is empowering.
• I build mental muscles by setting and achieving small goals
• I then set bigger ones and achieve them
• I need to know where I am going to book a holiday. It is the same with creating my designs
• My ego is incapable of admitting it is wrong
• Clarity and certainty about my design and 100% commitment is the formula for successful creation
• It is vital to remove fear, worry, anxiety, overwhelm and stress before embarking on my designs
• I always weigh the benefits, rewards, solutions and costs of all my designs
• The biggest single thing I need to do is to know what I desire, it needs to be a destination, not a journey so that I know where I am headed and there is an endpoint

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