How to Kill Off Overwhelm for Good

How to Kill Off Overwhelm for Good
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

overwhelmed2Being overwhelmed is the same as doing nothing, and far more unpleasant. I remove myself from this mental disease as soon as possible. It is something that exists not on the outside but on the inside. So it can only harm me if I allow it. I am creating new pathways and patterns in my mind and as they become more established then it becomes harder for the older patterns to return.

First I become selective and start doing less. This is the path of the productive. I focus purely on the productive, important few tasks and ignore the rest. Things won’t get done, the unimportant will get missed and some unimportant people will get upset. This is all part of the process of killing off overwhelm. My ego attracts these unimportant things and people in an attempt to keep me in the old patterns and prevent change.

However, while many unimportant things did not get done, the important few got my full attention and got completed in a timely fashion and with a good result. These are the tasks which help me create the life I desire and stop my old ways from affecting me. When considering important tasks, I pause and refuse to rush. I ask questions of myself slowly and observe my ego’s reaction to them. I observe how it all makes me feel and then I reach a decision. I always remember…I can’t lie to myself…my ego will attempt to, but I always know it. This makes sure I don’t allow my ego to prevent me moving towards the life I desire. I re-tune and re-read frequently to ensure I have established a new thought pattern.

When I do something I slow down to ensure I am not rushing, I still go as fast as I can but without that feeling of being in a hurry. The Law of Least Effort is all about the ease of allowing. When I know that I have allowed myself to become busy I stop and smell the roses. I relax and enjoy the moment of control I now have over rushing. I know that a minimum of 80% of my results comes from 20% of my efforts. If I apply the Law of Least Effort I will only ever need to be doing the 20% which leaves the other 80% free for me to create the life I desire. This is very similar to the 4-hour work week. I know I don’t need to work hard to create a huge success, I don’t need to work 40 hours on it. Anyway, when I am doing what I love doing, it is not work. I regularly ask myself; am I being productive or am I just being active?

I have a short must-do list. I just drop stuff, if it’s important it will keep coming back and then I’ll know it and do it. I take the time to practise this as it is an essential skill. I just keep asking myself – is this in the 20% that gets me results? If I only accomplish this today will I be happy with my day? I am no longer afraid to let things go. I no longer care what others think about this. I always ensure I accomplish at least one must-do task every day as this eliminates any feelings of overwhelm. It replaces it with a feeling of satisfaction. These cannot exist side-by-side at the same time.

Here is how I see financial success:

1. I see myself as a financial success but don’t figure out how I got there.
2. I let go of getting there and how I will get there.
3. I find something which works for others which I love doing and I have decided to do that.
4. I expect this to be successful and I am an expert in this technique for making money.
5. If others can do it so can I.
6. I know this to be true – my ego tries to undermine this knowledge but I am aware of this and do not allow it.
7. I continue to delve into it and keep going, keep learning and growing my expertise.
8. When my emotional guidance system compels me to act, I don’t hesitate and I jump in.
9. Mistakes are inevitable and a path to becoming an expert.

I constantly read and re-read my subject because life tends to get in the way otherwise. I know financial success comes as a by-product of me doing what I love doing. I am content now and eagerly anticipating more and better to come. I know everything works out at the right time and in the right way. I am not in a rush for any specific goal. Nothing will be missed as anything I don’t notice at first will come back to me until I do. I accept how everything plays out without stress or anxiety. So in a nutshell once I have designed what I desire to happen, nothing will be missed, nothing can be lost and nothing can be forgotten, so I can just relax, have fun and enjoy my hobby now. I know this with certainty!

I do not put deadlines on my Internet Marketing work or my blog. To me this is all a pleasure to do and I can spend as much time as I want doing it. It will finish at exactly the right time when it’s good and ready. Why would I interrupt it? That would turn pleasure into pain.

I don’t have emergencies in my life as I decided I didn’t like them. What used to be an emergency is now a slightly larger obstacle than usual. These obstacles happen less and less and become less of a problem as they do. As a rule, my problems solve themselves or disappear, so I actually don’t have any problems.

When a problem presents itself, I take 17 seconds to remember what a wonderful life I have and then I go on with my day. The problem is no longer a problem and goes away or becomes an easy task.

Like all other mental ailments, overwhelm is my creation. The cure is, I stop creating it. I remain present. I systemise my life where possible. I determine my priorities in advance. I don’t fight overwhelm as anything I fight gets bigger, it is an illusion and I drop it.


When I state to myself that I have no time, it is real to me. Therefore, it is real to my subconscious, it perpetuates the perception of a lack of time. The act of not ‘wanting’ this state creates it. I kill this off by noticing that I’ve created it, by becoming present. This state cannot exist if I am present, my ego creates it to keep me busy. Feelings of being busy or rushing are things I create every day if I am not present. I accept and surrender to the fact that I’ve created them. Nature again is the teacher here. I observe nature and let it calm and soothe me, I then observe my ego and see what I am creating. When I do this, feelings of rushing or having no time, dissolve. Hard work creates more hard work. Having no time creates more having no time. I stop forcing things and things get better.

When I use the Law of Least Effort I create less to do thereby creating more time. I do less and create more. I have to know this works for this to work. I go out of my way to do time-consuming and enjoyable things to demonstrate that I have an abundance of time. When I think I have enough time, then I have enough time. When I think I have more than enough time then I have more than enough time. What I think I create so I know I have plenty of NOW to do all I desire. I remove all the barriers, one at a time, observe them and remain present. I know I will accomplish all I need and want to do.


• Overwhelm is a mental ailment and I am creating new neural pathways and patterns in my mind to deal with it.
• Overwhelm is the work of my ego to keep me busy.
• I start by dropping unimportant things and allow them to not get done. I allow the consequences.
• I focus only on the small number of important things that get results, the 80:20 rule.
• I watch my feelings carefully regarding these tasks, I take them slowly and deliberately to completion.
• I observe the Law of Least Effort. I do less and create more.
• I get more of what I am doing, what I am giving my dominant attention to.
• If I drop something important, it will come back to me. So I never miss anything important.
• I accomplish one must-do task every day.
• Life gets in the way, so I regularly re-read and re-tune.
• I know everything works out at the right time and in the right way.
• Nothing will be missed, nothing can be lost or forgotten.
• I don’t have emergencies.
• I don’t put deadlines on things I love doing.
• I systemise as much as possible.
• I never rush, I am never busy. I have an abundance of time.
• I know this works.

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