Intention and Certainty

Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


“Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life”
Ayn Rand

I let go of the attainment of any goal I have, and I just focus on the steps in the direction of it. After writing it, I never consider the timescale because it’s already a done deal. I provide my mind with hundreds of different ways to attain the goal. There are no ifs buts or when’s and I am totally relaxed about when they show up. I know it will happen and I am open to something greater.

This works because I know exactly what I want. I am prepared to do exactly what it takes to get it, and while eagerly anticipating getting it, I do everything I can to bring it into my reality. I know I will get it, I have total confidence I will and I just keep going and never give up. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, of course its going to work! My goal is out there looking for me also. I know we will find each other. I clearly see the goal, I know what I want, I know I will get it and I take the appropriate steps to get it. I have no attachment to the outcome as it is a done deal, it is certain. I decide this is going to happen and I am going to win. There is no other option, I have to, therefore I will. There is not a doubt in my body, it is just a matter of going through the motions. I had won already in my mind, I had already attained the goal. I understand how this works in a universe where all possibilities are possible.

1. I made a decision – I knew exactly what I desired.
2. I knew it would happen.
3. I was not attached to the outcome as it was certain.
4. I provided multiple ways for it come into my reality.
5. I did all I could to make it happen.
6. I did not give up and stuck with it until I achieved it.

“Ain’t no power in the ‘verse can stop me” (Firefly)

All options are possible in this universe, so it is obvious that we know we can achieve our goals. Knowing is like a passport. If I have it I can get on a flight, if I don’t I can’t.

It is the feelings that I attach to words that really educates and informs my subconscious mind and I need to remain aware of this.

Confidence is like a boarding pass, if I have it I can get on the plane, if I don’t I can’t. confidence is a must-have. I either get it, or I stay in mediocrity. Confidence is not an option. Wheels on my car are not an option, they are a must-have!

Confidence is something I always had but may have forgotten if it’s been smothered with doubts over the years. This is the work of my ego. It says it’s a result of my mistakes, so I observe without judgement – mistakes were simply lessons in how to do it better the next time. My ego labels these as failures and this rattles my confidence if I accept that. I now know that this does not help me and I make a decision – to be confident. It’s there already, so I can experience it again simply by choosing to. I now have total self-confidence and there is nothing more I need. Confidence is a choice. I choose to access my total self-confidence again. I just observe my though without judgement and choose to be confident. I just need to remember it.

girl-571808_1280Perseverance is like accepting the uncomfortable aspects of travelling. I know they are going to be there and I know I can cope with them. This is a state of mind which is required before starting the journey. It is instantly created when I know what I desire. It is an automatic acquisition that I obtain while going through this process. If I am struggling then I am admitting I don’t know what I desire. If I am clear on my desires then perseverance is a given. If I look at times in my past where I struggled it was because my reason was not strong enough, I was not inspired to succeed at those times. Perseverance is only required when I don’t know what I want.

Because my natural ability deserts me from time to time, I need a process to continually re-tune. Otherwise my ego will get me off this info as fast as it can, as it knows that if I don’t continually re-tune my mind, I will go back to my old ways of thinking.

So, I am grateful for the following:

1. I know I succeed. I know everything always works out for me at the right time and in the right way. This makes me indestructible.
2. My confidence – I am so grateful that I am always confident of success, it is my ally and allows me to constantly step forward.
3. My abundant persistence is there when I know what I desire and I am confident I will achieve it.

Knowing, confidence and persistence are my natural states. I have them in abundance in so much I do already. In everything I have achieved so far I have demonstrated these qualities in abundance. Now I am acquiring them in areas where I still have things I desire. As I remove obstacles by following this process I have studied, I will acquire these qualities easily in the correct areas.

Self-knowing, confidence and perseverance don’t require any effort, they just require me to make a decision to just have them.

Proof is only required when I don’t know something. My ego requires proof of success because it doesn’t know. It has had no experience. It also doesn’t like hard work. Work is only hard if I don’t love what I’m doing. There is only a perceived lack of time if I am unsure I am on the right path. I accept that I can have these three qualities in all areas as much as I want. As I re-read these sections I now know I needed to re-read it so that I fully know it.


• I let go of attachment to my goals
• I am relaxed and certain of their achievement
• While eagerly anticipating my goals, I do everything I can to bring them into my reality
• I have seen them already happen in my mind
• The universe contains all possibilities
• I never give up on my goals and dreams
• Knowing is like a passport
• Confidence is like a ticket
• Perseverance is like a boarding pass
• Mistakes are lessons in how to do it better
• Confidence is a choice
• Perseverance is like accepting the uncomfortable aspects of traveling. I know they are there and I just get on with it.
• Perseverance is instantly created when I know precisely what I desire
• I follow this process to continually re-tune
• I already have these qualities in what I already do

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