I believe that I am like the millions of other people who read self help/personal development books and find it hard to get something concrete and long lasting from them. Is there something wrong with me? And with the other 99% of people who have the same experience? I don’t think so. This might be a bit controversial but the fact is that the problem is not me (or you) it is that “they” can’t teach it properly. And I am not the first person to think this.

I have recently embarked on reading Andy Shaw’s double book set; ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’. This is no easy feat if you take it seriously. Andy recommends that you read and re-read his books at least five times to fully absorb the material and get the benefits you want. He also recommends that you make notes, highlight important bits and the process that I am doing here called “The Golden Book” which is basically writing down what you are learning as you go. The perfect way to do this is of course is – A Blog, and so, voila, here we are. I will be updating this blog to reflect what I am learning as I go. Anyone who wants to join me on the way is welcome. Be warned though, it’s going to take a few months at least. In between i will write about other things I am interested in.

The basic premise is that when a person’s mind is right then you can learn anything and everything you want to and succeed at it. The problem you have been attempting to solve is invisible… which makes it very hard to fix… So if you are wondering why you don’t have the success – the life you desire, it is simple. Your mind has a virus… It is full of bugs.

It would appear that the 99% of people who don’t make the rich lists fall into this category of people with virus ridden minds. The viruses Andy Shaw speaks of are likened to the computer type of virus – i.e. a program will not work properly if there is a virus written to specifically target it. And it would appear that this is the case with a lot of people. This is particularly evident in people who actually want to escape the poverty trap and try and start their own business or do their own thing time after time and find that something keeps stopping them. They keep sabotaging themselves and most of them know this at a deep level.

So the main idea from Andy Shaw’s books is that you need to gain control of your mind completely – to the point where you can “re-boot” your mind – a bit like a computer. He calls it “no mind”. It is when you think about nothing and don’t allow any distracting thoughts into your mind. You may only be able to hold on to this for a few seconds at a time initially.
Over the next few weeks, months, maybe years I intend to blog my progress as I have committed to following this process in the two books to the end. I have decided to do this because I have read many books in the same vein over the last 5 – 10 years and in most cases the results have been like this: “Jeez, that book was great, it really meant a lot to me and I am going to try and make it part of my life”. There follows a really good-feeling few…..days….weeks….in some cases months. But seriously, when I look back at any of them a year or more afterwards, nothing substantial has changed.

So, here’s the risk I am taking this time. I am putting myself out there and will document the results, good or bad. As I read and learn, so I will write this blog and keep an account of my progress. I welcome comments or constructive suggestions. If anyone decides they would like to travel this road with me for the next “while” then I welcome you on board.

“Engines at one quarter impulse Mr. Sulu, take her out. First star to the left and then straight on till morning”.
Captain Kirk. Star Trek TOS.

Until Next Time
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