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Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Recently I’ve come across articles from a number of different sources all saying basically the same thing – you have to know what you truly desire, but when you think of what that involves in terms of what you need to do, 99% of us put on the brakes. We think it will be too hard or take too long or I’ll miss my favourite soap…… you get the picture. When I was reviewing this weeks golden book post it was blatantly obvious to me that Andy Shaw has thought this through more than most. You have to make up your mind to go after it on the understanding that you don’t always want to do what is involved. His description of ‘perseverence’ really solved a big bug in my perception of ‘having to do stuff’ I don’t want to do but I want the result. Here is my golden book summary below.

The evolved mindset says, “What can I come up with that people will buy?” instead of thinking “How can I make money?” Napoleon Hill said, “Anyone can get rich if they find enough people to help”.

I desire to create great riches and so, I need to find ways of giving people at least $100 value in exchange for $1. It’s all about creating value for others. So instead of going to get, I start to think, “How can I help all those I come into contact with?” i.e. I am going to give. I ask, “How can I help?” instead of “What’s in it for me?” I leave my ego behind, I am in touch with who I really am and who I would really like to be. How can I help and serve more people? I cannot out give the universe; the Law of reciprocation means I will get back much more.

The first step is control; to still my mind and be at peace with myself. The whole process is about getting to that state. Once there I must find my unique talents and use them to serve others. I will then have found my purpose. I will always be rewarded with what is fair and reasonable in return. I know that to be paid $1 for $100 of value is very fair.

If money was no concern at all…. and I had all the time in the world…. then what would I be doing now?

• Having fun with writing, music and film
• Taking long walks
• Travelling the world
• Contributing to the world

Success is finding a way through and leaving a trail so that others may follow.

“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone”
Jim Fiebig

Disappointment holds no value for me and therefore is worthless. It does not take me towards my design, it takes me away from it. The moment I allow my mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, I go in the wrong direction.

My desire for my life to be to my design is strong enough to overcome my mental laziness. I am far more relaxed about things as I know the certainty of knowing they will happen. all living things strive for continuous growth. The normal desire for increased riches is not an evil or shameful thing, it is simply a desire for a more abundant life. I obviously desire continuous increase for myself as to not would be to shrink or reduce.

All my desires lead me to the one thing which is happiness. There can be some excitement also but it’s just another layer.

In preparation for creating my life designs I set achievable but slightly out of reach goals. These train my mind on how to achieve the big ones. This doesn’t take very long but it must be done or I will not get the results I want. I had to learn to stand before I could walk.

Living without setting goals is like a lottery or picking results from a hat. Once I looked at the possibilities, one of them comes true. My act of observance has changed things and forever the reality is now set. However, when I choose to create my design first, before randomness happens, I have the opportunity to change the outcome, to create own luck.

By focusing on creating one specific outcome from all the limitless possibilities available then I effectively load the dice in my favour. It is my very expectation, which I created when I knew it would happen, that does this.

Every event that happens is just one of countless possibilities which only happened because I looked at it. So, my life has led me to this point where I manifested this material, which is exactly what my higher-self wanted me to find. I now spend a lot of my time thinking about the life I am designing, my ideal life. It is that simple. It is day-dreaming my ideal life into existence. This is the real meaning of goal-setting. So, I now associate goal-setting with pleasure and fun.

There is no shortage of creative ideas or opportunities. I can now create them on demand. Right time, right place, right way, I cannot miss them as nothing is being withheld. So, I ask myself:

Is this opportunity right for me?
Is it right for me now?
What do I have to give up to make this happen?
When it works/fails will I be happy I stopped what I was doing to do this instead?

These questions provide me with answers as to whether or not I should take up an opportunity. Just because I can is not a reason to. I don’t spend my life waiting for the big idea. I work on lots of small ones. Most successful people find their big idea after countless small ones, both successes and failures. I now stop waiting and start living.

I hold to the truth that there is no poverty only abundance, I create this with my mind. I have acquired the power to see only abundance despite being surrounded by the appearance of poverty.
I desire happiness so I am happy now. I desire happiness so I express gratitude for it now. I know I create what I desire. I see it as having already happened.

The power to create on purpose can only be turned on in the present moment. I create with my thoughts, not with my actions. I therefore create my future with ease. When I desire something, I show others how to have it. This promotes the flow of energy and I will be rewarded. I cannot out give the universe.

I always look to create $100 of value for every $1 spent. The universe really likes this abundant giving and is very generous in return.

I created this small goal:
“On or before the 31st May 2016, a lime green teacup has appeared in my life”. I manifested the goal in 5 days. I did this by raising my awareness of what was there already. This forever changes my perception of my reality. I know now for a fact that I can bring about change on purpose. I now grow my manifestation muscles in preparation for life changing goals. This is real. I am creating my own success blueprint. I am using the Law of Least Effort to create on demand. I continue to practice manifesting smaller goals to cement the process and the knowing into my mind. When I conceive it, it happens. To conceive it is to create it. My goal is to know I can.

I now set about accurately identifying exactly what I truly desire. I do this so that it is recognized by my sub-conscious and it goes to work on bringing it about. For this to work the right way, I must for each goal be able to say the following:

I now know I can.
I can conceive I can.
I truly desire it.

If I follow what I absolutely desire then it is 100% guaranteed I will get it, it is just a matter of time. So, I am in the right place at the right time, and my full acceptance of that will provide me with strength to carry on and do what is needed to bring about what I truly desire. This is perseverance i.e. the acceptable but sometimes uncomfortable steps required similar to taking a trip such as packing, queuing, delays, cramped seats etc. but thinking about the destinations, i.e. the wonderful things I desire to create in my life, is now fun and enjoyable. Any elements that I don’t particularly like in and of themselves don’t matter as I am focused on the destination. I am grateful for any minor difficulties I encounter as this demonstrates the steps I am currently going through – airport security etc. – and is a signpost showing me what I need to do to speed my designs along the way.

In order for me to create my design I have to learn new stuff and leave my comfort zone without effort. I need to remember that if my comfort zone was truly comfortable then I would want for nothing. So, the comfort is an illusion. The reason for my desire in the first place is that I am actually uncomfortable.

What I am doing here is finding out what I truly desire and using my natural benefit-driven self to create that desire. I see the emotional benefit, and once emotion becomes involved, I create power. By working only on what I desire I get emotional and this then turns on my ability to create. This is the Law of Creation in action. My emotions are the on/off switch. So, I begin by identifying them. When I truly desire something, it will create passion within me, and once passion is created, no power in the ‘verse can stop me, no obstacle can stand in my way.

I imagine how good it feels to know how to do this, I know now I have regained my natural ability to do it. I can now do it on demand, knowing I get a result. The most valuable way I can spend my time is to go inside my mind and know that this works. It doesn’t work until I know it does. If I don’t know it yet, then more obstacles remain and I stay with this process until I have removed them all. Once I can turn this on, I am laughing for the rest of my life.

Once I get this, no barrier, no obstacle can stop me when I am pursuing my absolute desires. Once I am bug free, I am unstoppable.

• I go to give. I give $100 value for $1 in return.
• I cannot out-give the universe. The law of Reciprocation means I always get back more than I give.
• I arrive at a state of stillness of mind, and peace with myself.
• I have fun with writing, music and film, taking long walks, travelling and contributing to the world.
• I leave a trail for others to follow.
• My desire is strong enough to overcome my mental laziness.
• In relaxed certainty, I now live an abundant life.
• I practice this with smaller goals.
• Every event is just one of countless possibilities and my observation on just one, brings it into my reality.
• This is goal setting which is pleasurable and fun.
• There is no shortage of opportunities, I will not miss out. The right one will come at the right time, in the right place and in the right way.
• There is no poverty only abundance.
• When I think of my desires, I see them as having already happened. I create them with my thoughts in the present moment.
• Whatever I want, I help others to get.
• I am creating my own success blue print. I do this using the Law of Least Effort.
• To conceive it is to create it.
• I know I can conceive it so I know I can have it.
• I am grateful for the steps through perseverance, as I know this means I am on the right track.
• My comfort zone is not comfortable. My emotions are the on/off switch, so I create passion and become unstoppable.
• No power in the ‘verse can stop me.

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