Lightening The Load

Continuing the exercise I have set myself to re-read and blog my results from reading Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

Making peace with my current situation has never been easy for me, as my current situation always appears to be challenging in some way or other. I always appear to be looking to some future point where lies the solution. So to try and adopt the lesson “Accept What Is” was going to be….. well, a challenge!

If I can take nothing else from these books other than this message and actually apply it I believe my life would change beyond recognition. By not accepting what is and not being at peace with my situation I expend a lot of energy doing things like worrying or getting stressed. So by accepting what is, I no longer need to give away my energy and there is relief in that thought alone.

Acceptance is the key, as has been written by many – whatever you resist will persist. So if I prepare against something, fear or worry about the future, then that becomes my reality since I am creating my own future. So, I have to just accept what is if I want to live a fulfilled life. I now accept every past moment completely for the 100% fact that is has happened and I cannot change it one iota (as much as I may want to). These are magic words to me now….Accept What Is.

Learning this intellectually and talking about it is easy – applying it is another story, but then again that is my choice. And I now choose to apply it. If I don’t what then? By holding on to resentment and anger (and believe me there is still quite a bit of that) I am literally perpetuating unhappiness, poverty, sickness, limitation and a lack mentality in my own life. So I am lead to ask myself the question – will any of that stuff help me to live the life I want? Give me peace and serenity? Abundance?

At this point I have been introduced to the idea of the ego. I have always had trouble understanding what exactly this is. Andy Shaw describes it as “our little saboteur”, the little bastard in my head that makes keep repeating the same mistakes, keeps the resentment and anger alive – why? In order to keep me where I am – where ego rules and prevents me from moving forward and taking a leap into an unknown future where my ego has no idea what to do and I would be free.

Here is another of Andy’s gems – “Nothing stands still and everything takes you towards what you desire or away from it.” So if I want happiness or abundance then eventually I need to make a decision to give up all resentment and surrender and accept what is. When I surrender to what is, I become fully present, the past ceases to have any power over me and my future. This is a miracle in my life which I feel very potently as I write this. If I allow what is, then every moment is the best moment that could possibly be at that moment for me. Powerful stuff.

Once I have surrendered, then I am free to absorb everything that takes me towards where I want to go – but without living in the future or dwelling in the past. I am now enjoying the journey. I now realize that all resentment and anger has held me back and has not served me in any way. It has kept me in the past or the future and prevented me from living in the present moment which is where I am now.

Surrender doesn’t mean I can’t act to change something, it simply means it no longer has a hold on me, no longer affects me. It just means that this no longer serves me and is no longer of any benefit to me.

Andy says “Judgment is weakness, Observation is power”. Why do people judge? Why do I judge? Because I “like” conflict, I enjoy it. TV and newspapers learned this a long time ago that bad news sells. The real secret is to observe without judgment. Judgment is one of the big bugs in my mind. The question I now have to ask myself on a regular basis is “what benefit is there in this for me to judge?” The answer is something I referred to earlier – “Nothing stands still and everything takes you towards what you desire or away from it.” Clearly judgment takes me away from where I want to go.

Lots to think about.
Until next time
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