Achieving Harmony

Woman meditating.How to fine-tune to attain Perfect Vibrational Harmony.
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I am in perfect harmony. That means I am content and complete with who I am and where I am. This is about me feeling happy and obviously being happy. Even in bad situations there are positive or beneficial thoughts to be found. But only when I am present and observing my reactions. I don’t fight the bad moment, I allow it to be, and look for the benefit in the situation. I practice this and it comes easy to me. I desire to create success and achieve it through intention, not ignorance. My attainment of a harmonious state of being with whatever situation I am in is necessary to create intentionally. My whole goal in life is to feel good. I feel good as often as possible, which means being in harmony. This is the secret to manifesting. I recognize quickly when I don’t feel good and remind myself that this takes me away from the life I desire. No matter what happens, I promise to feel good always. If I don’t I am heading in the wrong direction.Once I realize the logic of this it is impossible not to feel good again. I reach for the thought that feels best in any moment. I may not be in control of what is going on but I am in control of how I feel about it.
I choose to be happy now…..
I choose to feel good now… matter what is going on.

The more I practice this the less I feel stress, anxiety or worry. I am creating new habits and new neural pathways so my mind knows I am no longer allowing myself to be stressed or worried. As a result my mind has become accustomed to my desire to snap out of these states of mind. It recognizes that I no longer want to go there in the first place and so now my reticular activation system recognizes this and filters it out of my attention. I can choose any state to be in so I choose happiness because I know that this state is in harmony with creating my ideal life. Feeling good and being happy is my choice as long as I remain present. When I am in this level of harmony I can search my mind for all the things that used to make me angry or stressed, I can now surrender to them and make peace with myself. I now practice this any time life presents me with a situation that would otherwise take me out of harmony. Negative feelings are now just bonuses that help me navigate my way back to harmony. These are crystal clear way-points and help me remove even the slightest annoyance from becoming an obstacle to harmony. Positive and negative feelings are my guide. The universe responds only when harmony exists, positive or negative. It is not possible to experience worry, stress or fear and at the same time be in harmony with my desires. I can switch out of negative and feelings in an instant. If I find myself not wanting to switch off a negative thought or feeling, then I have come face to face with my ego and need to observe myself being deliberately taken away from the life I desire. Even the slightest improvement cancels out negative emotions. So the better feeling I can attain, the greater barrier I am creating against negativity in the future.

I have now reached the point where I no longer feel uncomfortable about what I don’t have right now or the decisions I have made up till now. I fully accept what is but at the same time I am eagerly reaching for more. I have arrived at the perfect, harmonious vibrational alignment which allows the complete fulfillment of every desire I wish to have in my life. This harmonious state is where the creation process starts. So I make the best of what is while eagerly anticipating my desires. This begins the creation of my desired life. The secret to obtaining harmony is to stop fighting my present reality. I just do today’s work today and tomorrow’s work tomorrow.

I desire freedom. Freedom from hard work I don’t like, long hours, freedom from money worries. I realize that freedom is created from a state of freedom in the first place. This starts when I realize that I am not the person thinking in my head. As soon as I start watching myself, my ego, then a higher level of consciousness becomes activated within me. I then realize that all things that really matter are beauty, love, joy and inner peace, all of which arise from my mind. This is when I awaken and begin my journey toward my freedom.

I have certainty about the outcome of my desires, but uncertainty about the journey, the how or the means. So I continually expand my mind to create new and better outcomes. This way life can never be boring or tedious. To create certainty I accept that I can create it. I avoid negativity as this blocks the creation of the outcomes I desire. Once I have learned to know the outcome, I can then enjoy the uncertainty of the journey. I am now on the right path and detached from the outcome since I know it is certain. I can now relax and be happy. I have increased the value of freedom in my life and reduced the value of comfort. Comfort is a devil in disguise as it makes it difficult to go and create because I am leaving a place of comfort, and going somewhere new. This is why stepping outside of my comfort zone is what leads to freedom, success and growth. My ego thinks its job is to protect me from change and so prizes comfort highly. It is in discomfort that growth happens. This is how my ego imprisons me in the illusion of comfort. It feels uncomfortable when I go to create because that is when I am breaking out of that prison and achieving freedom. So freedom and real comfort lie on the path of uncertainty and discomfort.
This is my path!
Freedom is my choice!
I am where I am because of the choices I have made, consciously or unconsciously. I accept fully and surrender to the fact that my best thinking has got me to where I am today. From this point on I can create the life I desire.

Gerry and Martine

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The Secret to Success

“Knowing is power, Belief is Weakness”
Andy Shaw


There is No Time Like the Present

Almost all of the authors I have read on the subject of success or personal development of any kind all talk about ‘believing’ being of utmost importance. I’m sure you heard or read if you ‘believe’ it, it will happen. Well, sorry but they are all wrong. I have been reading Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ books for almost 2 and a half years now and he is the first, to my knowledge, to say ‘believing’ is wrong. It is the equivalent of self-sabotage, it contains doubt within it – you wouldn’t say I ‘believe’ the sun will come up tomorrow – that’s because you know it will, there is no doubt. Belief has doubt built into it. there is a world of difference between believing and knowing. Knowing contains certainty, it does not exist in believing.

This is seemingly backwards to the way we are taught to think. I struggled with this concept when I came across it at first but the more I practice it the more I know it to be true. You might think this is a minor insignificant distinction but it is critical. I have found that when I succeed at something I have moved from a state of believing to a state of knowing. By the way, all those authors are not doing this mis-teaching on purpose – they know it, they just don’t know how to explain it properly. In some cases when you are reading you can substitute the word know for believe and then you will get the correct message. They need to look at the words they are using to express what they are trying to say. When you think about it, there is a lot less effort involved when you know something than when you believe it. I know I can pick up this cup of coffee, I don’t believe I can. I have been transitioning my way of thinking about this over the years to achieving things that are considered success by others such as making money, career advancement, business, getting the home I want, my health etc.

Belief is stating to the universe that I do not know this is a certainty. If I move from ‘I believe I can do that’ to ‘of course I can do that’ or ‘I know I can do that, for sure’ there is a world of difference in the vibration, the feeling. When I say ‘I know I can’ there is power, strength and certainty is that statement. If I say ‘I believe I can’ there is weakness, doubt, anxiety, worry and even fear. Belief is not only a word but a state of mind which literally creates your future. Until you know you can, you won’t.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the distinction between the 1% and the 99% of people regarding success and achievements. Well it seems the 1% know and the 99% believe. That’s a bit over simplistic I know but that is essentially the truth. The 1% may use the word believe but in practice they know. According to Andy Shaw, ‘knowing’ is one of the most powerful tools we can use to improve our lives. However we need to be careful that we are not just using the word ‘know’ or ‘knowing’ without actually knowing and instead ‘believing’ it. This is a dangerous are to go if you don’t tread carefully. Say it and see how it feels. It’s better to say, actually I don’t know…yet. That may be the truth and it won’t have any negative consequences, it puts you on the correct path. Whereas if you revert to saying I believe, along with all the doubt and anxiety, you are not likely to see success. So, it’s not what we don’t know that is the problem but it is what we think we know that is actually wrong which is causing us repeat the same mistakes.

Gerry and Martine

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Are You Allowed To Do That?

laptop_workerIt’s been a while so I’ll just get straight to it – fell off the wagon again and ignored the blog, not only the blog but the reasons I was doing it in the first place. A quick recap for anyone just here for the first time – I committed to blogging about my results from studying Andy Shaw’s two book set, A Bug Free Mind. I have read these books about 4 times now and I recently decided to finish my 5th re-read – I had started this some months ago but stopped at chapter 17. So the peculiar thing is that despite this, the law of attraction / creation has been proven to work once again. I took “early retirement” (ha ha) in March 2014. The plan was to take a break and then focus fully on my online business efforts, absolutely sure that with all the time on my hand I would be able to focus properly on it and before long be raking it in! Long story short it wasn’t delivering the results I wanted and needed – so I decided I had to go back to the day job. It never once occurred to me that I might have difficulty getting a job, it was only when I stopped to think about it – here I was at 58 years old, looking for a job in a sector which is highly competitive (I.T.). Sure I had a lot of experience, but still in retrospect I was being a bit presumptuous.

Nevertheless the first job I went for I got. It was a 6 month contract which suited me as I had a lot to think about regarding the online business and didn’t want to be in a long term commitment to a company and give the final few years of my creativity and productivity to help fulfil someone else’s dream. What was I doing wrong? The 6 month contract came to an end and another one turned up immediately, with better pay. Now a lot of you will say – “what do you mean what were you doing wrong? You just manifested two six month contracts in a row – without interruption”. Did I? Does that mean I was doing something right? So then, what now? I needed to really think hard about this – I was able to manifest a job effortlessly but I was having difficulty growing the online business, despite the fact that I know almost everything there is to know about my chosen subject. I realised I was using the law of attraction/ creation by default, even though I had read about this in Andy’s books, and heard about it from Abraham-Hicks and others. So I now knew that it worked and all I had to do was get my mind working properly. If I take the same approach to getting the business growing as I did to getting a job then things should go much smoother, yes? Well the problem is that when you ignore something long enough you forget it. So, here I am back at my fifth re-read and blogging reviews and summaries of the chapters. I am back listening to the audios daily in the car and reading portions of the book every day. I have completed chapter 18, so below is my review and summary. And I promise I’ll be back!

Chapter 18

If I try and fix things I will be given more of “trying to fix things”. Sometime things shouldn’t be fixed, they show me the direction I should be going in. When I realise that then I just allow things to be. I feel good and allow my circumstances to change. Everything happens for the best possible reason. When I feel good I am allowing what’s best for me into my life. My success is guaranteed because good-feeling thoughts must find their vibrational match. The better I feel the more certain my success is. Helping others is not possible without if I don’t feel good and know some level of success first.

When I find myself judging people I allow myself to recognise that. I allow myself to stop and change the thought patterns. I offer no resistance and just allow things to be. I remain present as much as possible.

I allow myself to get it wrong but I am able to observe myself when I do. Allowing me to feel good gives me direct access to my goals. I am the best I can be in every moment and I allow others to be themselves, and accept them as they are. I give up condemnation and judgement. True power is within and available to me right now.

I allow the good and change the bad, I accept the bad as it is but resolve to change it to suit my desires. Choosing thoughts and things that feel good is allowing and accepting. By feeling good I allow my circumstances to change. When something I want to change persists I enter no-mind and ask “what do I need to know about this so that I don’t keep experiencing it again?” The answers ALWAYS come from within.

As I speak I connect with my feelings. As I speak with someone I trust, my desires are fine-tuned. I discover answers to my questions. As I listen to others properly i.e. always having some of my attention remaining present, focussed inward, I will always learn new things, even when those I am listening to are unconscious. I may be able to offer help or guidance without judgement. I see a positive outcome for all when this happens.

In deciding I am going to give (instead of get) I give someone listening to me a precious gift. As I do this I attract into my life the people I want to attract. I always see a positive outcome for them and this is returned to me a hundred fold. If I don’t do this I fall into judging them and my ego ends up pigeonholing them. This happens because my ego is threatened with looking bad in their presence. When this happens it is important I don’t get annoyed with myself, I become the observer and accept and surrender to it thereby allowing my presence, my present self, to step forward.

In my imagination I look at myself on my deathbed, and when I do, everything I would regret not having done is shown to me. I therefore now know what I need to do with the life I have left. This is the secret to life. I see what I need to do in order to fulfil my life and as a consequence, death holds no fear for me.

In summary:

  • Don’t try and fix things
  • Everything happens for the best possible treason
  • The better you feel the more successful you are
  • Don’t judge people
  • Remain present when offering help to others
  • Feeling good allows your circumstances to change
  • The answers always come from within
  • When you listen, go to give
  • Take a look at your death, before you die and learn what you need to do now.

Gerry and Martine

Until Next Time

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Another Quiet Sunday

It’s been a good week overall. I am sitting here on a very quiet Sunday morning thinking about how much better it is today than last week. Back then I faced a situation with work that pushed me right out of my equilibrium and made me feel pretty miserable. But once I got back to reading good positive stuff from Andy Shaw and listening to a couple of Abraham Hicks audios, going for a few nature walks, and most importantly, remembering that I am creating my life as I go along, then I found myself back in that wonderful place of feeling the vibration of what it is I am moving towards.

I can summarise it like this, accept everything in your current circumstances, surrender to everything, even the slightest annoyances, feel the aliveness in your body, focus on your breath in the moment and live in the Now, even for a few minutes, and above all decide to feel as happy as you can without being false. Pretty soon you realise that creating your future can be fun.

Until Next Time
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It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day…….

………It’s a new life, For me, And I’m feeling good………love that song! And Nina Simone.

It means something more to me now that it has done in the past. Since I discovered that “feeling good” is the basis of creativity and living the life of your dreams. Let’s face it, it’s all pointless if it doesn’t make you feel better. Feeling better is the basis of everything we do. And it can all be attributed to the vibration we are giving out. When we activate a vibration of something that pleases us we automatically feel better and attract more of the same. The trick is learning how to be self-aware enough in the moment to do it deliberately and veer away from feeling something we don’t want, which, by its very nature is attracting what we don’t want…..more feeling of the same way for starters.

It’s amazing the things that make people feel better. I heard a friend say today that picking up litter off the street and putting it in the bin made him feel better. One thing that does it every time for me and a lot of others is walking in nature. I went walking today in Dalgan Park near Navan, a few miles up the road from where I live. It’s a large retreat house and headquarters of the Columban Missionaries order. There is also a large farm on the complex. It never ceases to amaze me, the variety of trees, shrubs, wild flowers and indeed wildlife that exists there. I always get a sense of peace, tranquility and love when I walk the forest and nature walks there. I suppose I feel closer to the spiritual nature of everything.  I’ve come through a rough couple of weeks and really needed it today. It helped me with some major decisions I need to make very soon. Decisions centering around career and money. You know that feeling when something is wrong but you have to do it anyway? Or at least you think you have to. Well, walking in nature for me is a creative process that always and every time helps me come to terms with acceptance of the things I can’t change, and helps me find courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference… quote a phrase.

I am now facing into a new week with just a little trepidation, instead of the abject fear and desperation I felt not long ago. It is time to start putting all I’ve learned from Andy Shaw, Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, my wife, my kids and grand-kids and my good friends. I would like to re-state my gratitude to the universe for this wonderful life. I made this video below some time back as an exercise in gratitude. When I look at it today I feel even more grateful. Onwards and upwards.

Until Next Time
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Back with a Bang

I haven’t updated this blog since September 2014. One reason is I went through a strange period the last few months which I might write a bit more about at some point in the future. For now though I would like to say a little about the Bug Free Mind process.

I suppose I have to admit that for the last part of last year I felt that “it wasn’t working”. I got a bit disappointed about having to take up a new job to pay the bills and that my “bug free” efforts had not produced results. Or should I say the desired results.

What I’ve come to realise is that our efforts always produce results, by default, just not always the results we are looking for. I became disillusioned for a while. I’m out of it now and feeling fine, thanks for asking. I know I am not going to feel wonderful every day, I just need to remember to find the best thought PLUS the best feeling I can find at that moment, and stay with it as long as I can.

Sometimes it just is what it just is. And as Andy Shaw says, accept what just is.

Anyway, I am enjoying the new job and feel like I am adding value somewhere, and I am just beginning to see how important that is. I now try as often as I can to focus my head and my gut feeling where I want to be and enjoy the feeling of just being there.

I have now decided to redouble my efforts at making money and this time my wife Martine is helping out big time. Between the two of us we have written 2 reports on how to build a list of subscribers and we are putting the finishing touches to a sales funnel, which we plan on getting live in about 2 weeks time. If you want to know more sign up for updates over in the right.

Gerry and Martine      

Until Next Time

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When Is Now the Right Time?

In my study of Andy Shaw’s books ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’, it never ceases to amaze me how much I get from a re-read. I have found that the best way for me to do this is to re-read a specific chapter, then re-read it again, then again, making notes etc., up to 5 times at least. I then summarize it myself from my highlights and notes, what Andy calls the golden book method. I’m so glad Andy prepared me for this, as I would never normally read a self  help book more than once. It has made me realise the absolute wealth of information that I have glossed over in the past and not absorbed. But then, that is the way I am I suppose.  It is also the way the other self help teachers are, in their neglect of this fact, and their use of a few wrong words – try, want, believe, hope,  for example. I suspect I am in the majority of people who do this, read once and put away. I can honestly say that these are the only books I have ever read (and audios, listened to) that have made a real difference in my life. And it is mainly because of the instruction to re-read them.

As a direct result of reading these books, myself and my wife have taken “early retirement” from our jobs and are now doing what we love to do. I am running a number of internet businesses, some in partnership with Martine, and she is beginning a new era of writing and painting among other things. Some other things have happened in my family life which I also put down to my changed mindset as a direct result of reading these books. A long standing family issue is resolved with my brother, a situation has seen vast improvement in my sisters life in the last year. I have seen huge differences in my reactions to things that are happening in the world, my driving habits, my lightened mood and level of happiness in general. If you are reading this I highly recommend reading these books, click the link over on the right and get the first 5 chapters for free and get a flavour of what it’s all about.

I made a commitment to blog the results of my study and to publish my summaries as I complete a 5th re-read of each chapter. Below is my summary of chapter 17.


There is No Time Like the Present

My most valuable resource is now and how I choose to use now. Now is all there is. By allowing life to just be, including planning the future,  is having a life. I am not living in the past or the future (being here and wanting to be there) I am living in the now.

My ego tries to keep me in the past or the future because it doesn’t know what to do in the now. The past and the future are illusions and if I allow myself to focus on them, I miss the present, the now. This is where I access ‘being’, this is where life happens, where creation happens. This is where I need to be to create the life I desire. This is a spiritual process and a most rewarding experience.

I have learned this at exactly the right time for myself and I now act on it and refuse to miss any more of now. It is all I have, I cannot improve a future moment. Now is the only place where I can experience joy and satisfaction, I cannot create that in the future by planning future circumstances. The only way for me to create the life I desire is to experience the feelings of it now, to think about it as if it has already happened, to be grateful for it and for the feelings of joy, ease and lightness. What I am doing, being, feeling right now is, at this moment, is creating my future and my happiness.

My job is to remain present and to shine a light on my ego, and be aware as much of the time as possible, to live consciously in the now. The past and the future have borrowed their realities from the now.

I remain aware that I am not trying to get anywhere other than where I am right now. If I feel unhappy it is because I have denied the present, it has nothing to do with my life situation or circumstances. Ultimately there is actually only one problem in life, which is not living in the now. When I am present and aware and my attention is in the now, it is impossible to have a problem, I am happy, in the present moment. In the present moment I can access my higher intelligence, my higher self, and my creativity.

I now understand that in every moment I am sending out vibrational energy through my thoughts. My ego constantly tries to cover up the present moment with the past or worry about the future. To combat this I constantly practice no-mind, in any environment. I am always looking for the ‘off’ switch. I do this daily and learn to control my mind.

My life situation and circumstances exist in time, my life exists outside of time. To turn on my creativity all I have to do is slow my mind down to a standstill, bring in no-mind, feel gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, relax, and I now have access to my creativity, to my higher self, the universe, this is where I create on purpose, express my desires and my designs for my life, and feel the joy in the manifestation of them. In this state I step out of time and leave the past and the future behind. In this state I know my life situation is not my life. In this state, all worries, fears and anxieties disappear. I now create a new habit of drifting towards the present moment instead of away from it, as when I do I remain present more of the time, this means less stress, worry, fear and all such problems because no problems exist in the present moment.

There is no time pressure, my ego creates this to escape the now. I cherish the silence, when I experience the silence I know I am in the presence of source, the present moment. When this happens I speak my desires and my designs in present tense language in order to create the life I desire. I see the pictures and feel the emotions – as if it has already happened. I keep doing this until I feel happy and joyful. That is when I know my future is being created according to my designs. My circumstances don’t create my happiness, my happiness creates my circumstances. In time’s absence no pain remains. I am like the grass and the trees, I flex and be, I don’t force anything. The way it is, is the way it is. I honour the moment.

If I am unhappy I then I am unconscious. As soon as I notice and realize it I am conscious again and my unhappiness has dissolved.

I am currently finding myself and realizing that there are no problems in my life, only situations to be dealt with. I am no longer looking to some future gain for satisfaction, I have found it where I am right now. This is the point of creation, where I can speak in the present moment to my subconscious, my source, and create the life of my dreams, and have fun and ease and joy doing so, and am grateful for the feelings. At this moment, my future is determined.

Until next time
All Things Considered

Absolute Power

Mind Power

Surrender is the key. It is the piece that I have kept missing before coming across A Bug Free Mind. I always sensed that I was very close to the important bit, the key, the one thing that makes it all happen. Surrender is it, it gives me maximum power in all areas of my life.

If someone attacks someone they are using the law of attraction against themselves. Whatever you put out always comes back magnified.

A conscious person never does this. I no longer concern myself with anyone who has wronged me. I wish them well and move on. A person who attacks is insecure. I let go of all resentments towards them. I do not resist them or their attack. I surrender and become transparent to it. It holds no value for me. If I resist I am moving away from my goals. Acceptance and surrender to what is, reinforces my abilities and my power. The appearance of weakness is actually my greatest strength.

All my relationships are transformed by surrender. I accept everyone the way they are. My job is to be the change, not try and change others. I feel light, clear and deeply at peace when I surrender. Resistance dissolves. Once I surrender I no longer need to hide my true self or engage in any role-play. I no longer need any ego-defenses.

Surrender is complete inner acceptance of what is, without reservation. If there is anything in my life that makes me unhappy, then I have not fully surrendered to it. When this happens I simply observe my reactions and emotions until any unhappiness dissolves and is replaced with peace, joy and love. If I feel unhappy then it means my ego is in charge and there is a lesson to be learned. If I become and remain present and conscious, unhappiness cannot survive.

No amount of stuff, money, cars etc., will ever make me happy. It’s an inside-out thing – I need to be happy first, with how things are, with what I have already, and surrender fully to my present situation, and allow the future to come without fear, worry or anxiety.

When this happens and I fully surrender, this is when the magic happens. This is when “unseen forces come to my aid”, this is when I achieve mystical powers, the power to create deliberately. The power to choose! I choose my outcome in my mind and the universe goes about its business of making it happen. This is quantum science, real magic, not an illusion. I focus on being happy in the present moment and then use visualizations to “create” my future. It only works when I am happy Now. There is ultimately only one problem in life, not living in the Now, the present moment with acceptance, surrender, happiness, joy and love. Unhappiness cannot survive in the present moment, it can only survive in its absence. I can do anything in the Now. If I find myself in unhappiness or non-peace, then all I have to do is accept my unhappiness or non-peace completely. The moment I accept it, then it is transmuted into happiness or peace. This is the magical power of surrender. All the answers are within. this is because acceptance and surrender takes me into the present moment, Now. Full acceptance of myself and others exactly as they are takes me beyond the reach of my ego. In acceptance and surrender the past ceases to have any power over me.

I observe and surrender to even the smallest irritation as it means that there is some lesson that is incomplete, that I have not fully learned yet. In acceptance, surrender  and forgiveness my future is created filled with harmony. After full acceptance and surrender, I simply decide on my desired outcome and do all I can to make it happen confident that the universe is working with me. I keep looking inside to make sure there is no resistance left. If I find any I surrender to it. I accept the world as it is, difficult though that can be at times. I must also remember to be happy with my self and delight in my being. I think the truth regardless of appearances. Every upsetting situation becomes an opportunity to learn a new lesson and create something new. Every tormentor becomes my teacher. I drop the burdens of resentment and defensiveness. I accept that there is resistance even if I haven’t found it yet.

This process results in absolute power to create my desired outcome. This is the spark, the key to happiness, health, wealth and a life of peace and joy.

Until next time
All Things Considered

No More Pain

Just finished 5th re-read of chapter 11. It never ceases to amaze me how much more I get from re-reading this book. To summarise in my own words:

I will create no more pain for myself and no more problems for myself. My ego creates these to preserve itself.

Resistance is futile!

I have found my mountain of gold, acceptance and surrender to NOW.

I observe and face my pain without judgement and thus dissolve it.

I end the soap opera and the drama.

Acceptance and surrender is strength, resistance is weakness.

The universe loves me, thus I am still breathing.

The Universe still finds it worthwhile to remain in existence through me. I therefore have a purpose.

The purpose is joy which equals being in a state of delight in my own existence.

Until next time
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Running the Antivirus

I just finished my 5th re-read of chapter 10, absolutely awesome stuff. As a result:

I know I will be in full acceptance of my life, my current situation,

I know I will find that feeling of total surrender and acceptance of now,

I know I will make that vital connection to my higher self/consciousness and access inspiration at will,

From that point on I will want for nothing,

I will need nothing,

I will create on demand,

I will go to give and it will be returned to me 100 times over.

Until next time,

All things considered,