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Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


The last couple of months I’ve been on a health journey to lose weight and improve my blood sugar and fitness levels. A number of different things have helped me in this regard and it is an on-going project. One symptom of late has been exhaustion, particularly in the evenings. As a result I have largely abandoned the blog but more importantly ceased reading my designs on a daily basis. This has resulted in a slow drift back into the waking sleep as Andy calls it. The morning times are when I am at my most energetic so the I have attempted to get back into the swing of things on weekend mornings. Below is my summary of Chapter 13 of UABFM. I trust it will be of some value to some. It had some key reminders for me regarding the need for consistency over time, creating new habits and living them.

I am learning to play the long game. My ego knows that if I keep a low profile for a while it allows me to think that I am succeeding, then it will be able to quietly sneak back into my life. It knows it can side step my gatekeeper and outwit me easily.

My ego needs me to feel confident right now so that it can re-take control. It tries to keep me disconnected from my true self, and will wait until I fall into the waking sleep again and take control when I am unaware and not present.

When I worry about time this gives my ego an advantage as it always plays the long game. Just being present occasionally is playing the short game. To defeat my ego, I must become predominantly present, learn to play the long game (don’t get upset about today no matter what) and love doing it, love knowing that I am master of the game. It is a very high stakes game.
My ego uses erosive language and knows how to defeat me even when I know exactly what to do. Beating my ego is the hardest thing I come up against. When I master it, I am master of my life and then I live my life on my own terms. I am on my guard against thinking I know everything, I only know it when I am conscious and present. As soon as I put a label of knowing on it, my ego has regained control. When I think I know something I go into the waking sleep. So, I aim to be permanently present. The good news is that the more I have a bug free mind, the easier the correct choices will be.

I have an amazing ability to set goals and create my designs. I do it every day with everyday things, getting up for work in the morning, getting breakfast, making lunch, driving to work, driving home, going to the shops, making appointments, cooking dinner. If my sub-conscious could not set and achieve goals, none of this would be possible.

Knowing this works means I can now use this power on purpose to create a better life, a business, wealth etc. some applied thinking, a little effort and some time costs now pays off big time for the rest of my life. I don’t get to do this by following the herd. I don’t get it by abdicating control of my thinking. I get it by following the step-by-step guide of how to change my life. If I don’t use this now while I have it and am fully present and conscious, then my ego will erode my resolve over time and I will end up back where I started. I am holding the key to creating the life I desire. I play with my designs, doing what I love, playing my own game.

When I need inspiration, I stop everything and simply ask for it. It always comes eventually. I just keep going, keep doing this until it works. This is my future, I have the tools, I have access to others who are studying the same system. I have certainty that this works. If I let my ego back in control I lose it and start from scratch again, so remaining present and keeping my vibration up, regardless of appearances, is key to success.

If I let my ego back in control, then I will be accepting that my chances of success are almost zero. I will wrongly believe that this system doesn’t work and my ego will eventually convince me that I’m not cut out for success. If that happens then my ego wins the war! The only way I can ensure that this doesn’t happen is to make changes that encourage new habits, live these new habits and routines, remain present and aware all the time. This happens with practise. I also make sure I follow the right herd! – BFM community, Abraham-Hicks community etc. I am grateful to live in an age where technology allows me to connect with like-minded people anywhere, anytime.

I learn to recognise destructive patterns by asking the question – is this helping me or hurting me? Observation without judgement. I check when I‘m watching TV, how much do I remember, or am I really being hypnotised? This is my ego at work. TV is the first thing I should change. All my desires come to light through my observation and presence. TV relaxes my mind and lets down my guard. It’s a decades old habit that is hard to break if I can’t observe and see that it’s not helping me but hurting me. My ego will use any means it can to pull me back into the waking sleep. TV, food and alcohol are its most effective weapons in keeping me from success. It convinces me that I like and enjoy them. With enough observation, the law of least effort kicks in and makes it simple to make changes and create new habits and patterns.

Whatever I focus on expands. I now have more time to play with my designs and do the things I really want to do. Eventually I create what I desire. Now I can conceive myself having achieved my design, my end goal, and understand how playing with my design achieved this.

Being able to conceive it makes me feel very grateful. When this feeling of gratitude wells up inside me, this is creation actually taking place in the present moment. It is the most important thing for me to remember and be able to recall at will. When I can do that then nothing is impossible. This is what we are all meant to do, how we are all meant to live our lives. When we feel anything else, we are offering resistance and are disconnected from source. We are pushing away our designs.

Play more, live longer. It is fun spending time playing with my designs, while at the same time creating my future. I don’t allow the wrong herd to drag me back into the bucket. I avoid arguments. By opting out of arguments I remove another of my egos control systems over my life.

I now add intention to my desires. By adding intention my desires / designs are now turbo-charged. I do this all the time with smaller simpler things. If I want to go out for a meal with friends it starts out as a simple desire. As I think about it more I add intention, then it happens. I call around, arrange dates / times, book a restaurant etc. intention provided the power. I obtained the raw power of my intention to fulfil my desire. I look carefully at the change in state of mind between desire and intention – that’s the sweet spot, the flip switch that contains the magical power that makes things happen. To do this I slow down, clear my mind, stay between thoughts. I know I am in control of my mind when I can do this in an instant. I let go of my desires and intentions knowing that they will come about when I am ready for them. I completely give up my attachment to them, knowing that if I keep trying to make them happen they will elude me. I give up attachment to the outcome but keep the intention to have it happen. I allow my subconscious and the universe handle the details. I get out of the way. I think about combining my talents with service to others and thereby living my purpose. This is living to my true potential. For this to happen I need to be absolutely crystal clear on my desires. So, I regularly read them, think about them, to make sure they still resonate and give me that “hell yeah” feeling. I tweak and adjust as necessary to remain clear about my goals. Living my true purpose and full potential is a goal that is never complete. It is a journey that evolves as life goes on. I desire to help as many people as I can to connect to their higher selves and free themselves to live their lives to their true purpose and potential. Creating my designs helps me find and clarify my purpose. To have the life I desire I create clarity so that I have it before I have it. Vagueness will cause it to melt away. I must be clear, certain and specific.

Advertisers spend billions getting people to buy. I can do the same thing for myself to become free. I have a great vision….and money flows in to help me fulfil it. Creating my designs costs me time now but pays dividends forever. Once the core concepts of the system of thinking gets past my gatekeeper everything else changes because of it. This is when I realise I can do this, it is possible and real! Change really does take place. Learning to program my mind on purpose gives me the keys to life.

I never use deadlines on designs. Deadlines only begin to come about way after the design has matured and begun to manifest…when it is time for a project plan. At the design stage, creation is an adventure and all about fun. I don’t really know how it’s going to end up.

• I am playing the long game
• I remain present and aware always
• I don’t get upset about today, no matter what
• I remain awake to the erosive language my ego uses against me
• I am on my guard against thinking I know everything
• I set and achieve goals all the time
• I now use this power on purpose
• I use it to create a better life
• When I need inspiration, I stop and ask for it
• I have all the tools I need to remain in control
• I remain in charge of my ego but aware of its subtlety and need to keep me safe
• I follow the right herd
• I practise observation without judgement especially when I suspect I am slipping into the waking sleep, watching TV, drinking etc.
• I use the law of least effort to make changes and create new habits
• Whatever I focus on expands
• I conceive my designs and feel grateful for their achievement
• Gratitude is creation taking place
• Nothing is impossible
• I opt out of arguments
• I add intention to my desires which brings about certainty
• I recall the state of mind between desire and intention and remember this is the state of power
• I give up attachment to my desires but keep the intention of making them happen
• The universe handles the details of how
• I combine my talents with service to others and thereby live my purpose
• For it to work I am absolutely crystal clear, specific and certain about my desires
• I have a great vision….and money flows in to help me fulfil it
• Change happens when these concepts get past my ego and I come to a realisation of their absolute truth
• I only apply deadlines to designs after they begin to manifest and become projects

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