Re-Learning to Trust My Intuition and Ignore My Mind

Re-Learning to Trust My Intuition and Ignore My Mind
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

Person thinkingI will remain present when making decisions. Rule 1. When I don’t know what to do I do nothing. Rule 2. All my decisions are instinctive. The result I get is the one I need at the time. I win or I learn. Mistakes along the way are just course corrections similar to any journey. I have clearly defined where I want to go so all decisions I reach will help me get there. When I don’t do this I get to a blurred vision of my future which will not be what I wanted. So I always remember that clarity is essential in this area.

I only move forward when my logical mind is forced to move forward. Appropriate procrastination is ok. When I come to the point where I see pain, discomfort and risk in remaining where I am rather than moving forward, then I act. This is how I make powerful and correct decisions, and eliminate doubt. My instincts have a direct connection to everything I do and are therefore in tune with every possibility. Whereas my mind is limited to what I already know. If I just use my mind to decide things, then I am repeating the same mistakes over and over again. When it comes to creating the life I desire my mind will sell me out, my intuition will not. So I trust my intuition and ignore my mind when facing decisions about moving forward in my life. So I take the time to observe my decision making process and see if my mid is making the important decisions or my intuition. If my ego is in charge, it believes I will lose out or even lose everything if I follow my intuition. If I am not living the life I desire then I’ve let my mind decide too many things and its time to start trusting my intuition again.

I can do this stuff. I’ve done it before so I just need to make sure I remain present and listen to my intuition and make decisions from there. Any mess-ups from the past don’t matter. What has happened has happened – it is what it is. If I apply any effort to it or thought to it will bring about more of the same. Now is the only moment that will ever matter, so it is only what I think and do now that can help bring about the life I desire. I am here for a purpose, if a thought can change the world, then I can contribute to the world in a far more powerful way that I would otherwise have.
If I feel stuck it is an illusion. Step 1 is to accept what is and that it is an illusion. If I have not moved on it is because I have not learned something, or not accepted and surrendered to something. Life will not progress because it needs me to figure ‘a bit’ out. So I become present, relax, and ask what it is I must learn. I keep doing this until I have my answer. The answer always comes – but not from my mind. When I stop listening to my mind and start listening to my intuition (my heart) it will never let me down. If it seems like it has, then that is because I have not learned the lesson I’ve been given, or that I have not set out my desires clearly enough. I regularly sit and listen to my intuition and by doing so I find my purpose. It is important that I remember to always love myself, treat myself well and not create any more bad stuff in my life. If I want my desired outcome, then I spend more time getting to know myself better and continue the process of looking at my decision-making process. I re-tune regularly until this becomes a habit.

I stop thinking bad stuff about myself. I observe my feelings and recognise what is going on inside. In observation and acceptance, I am growing new habits, new thought processes, I am thinking differently. Future change has just happened. Presence and observation changes my results, changes my outcome. Judgement and self-criticism is not required and not helpful.
There is nothing to fear from myself, the deeper I look at myself the more I learn, the more will be revealed to me, the more I will enjoy life, enjoy the journey. The only right way to think about anything is not at all, or to see a positive outcome to whatever the situation is.

This is a process of change and I am breaking down the barriers I have created by seemingly insignificant incorrect thought patterns, which stop the creative mechanism in its tracks. If a thought doesn’t help me then it pulls me in the opposite direction. So I cut the noise. I do not feel sorry. I can help and give money or support to a person or a cause without feeling sorry for them. Seeing a positive outcome is key. No thought stands still. I listen to my intuition in silence. I use the tools I have learned to lower the volume, cut out the noise. When I master this I can ask questions and receive answers. I can use this to feel what having my desires is like, before they arrive. This is the creation engine. My intuition is my best friend.

• When I don’t know what to do I do nothing
• I always get the result I need at the time
• This points me to where I need to go or to learn
• I get clear on my desires
• I get in touch with my intuition and wait until I am impelled to move forward
• The past doesn’t matter
• Now is all that matters
• My thoughts can help change the world
• Life will continue with a lesson until it is learned
• Presence and observation changes my outcome
• I listen to my intuition in silence and get the answers to everything

Gerry and Martine

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