Repetition is Good? I think so!

Continuing the exercise I set myself in the first post to re-read and blog my results from Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

So, I have read the entire two books once through without doing the recommended notes and highlighting and Golden Book exercises. Surprise, surprise! And so now I am on my 2nd read through, much slower this time, taking notes, and highlighting and, of course writing down my thoughts. And sharing them which for me is the scary part but I’m doing it anyway.

Ok so, my summary of my second read so far, which is the “Introduction” and also “How To Get The Most Out Of This Book” section goes like this:

Repetition is the first law of success. I remember this from school but also from later college courses and exams that followed. I suppose that is why re-reading is important and I guess everyone already knows this. The question is, why is it that when we happen upon something important like new information concerning how our mind works, or how success happens for some but not others, that we come across in a book, article, or whatever that we don’t as a rule make it a point to re-read it? Why is that? If it was something in school or something that we came across doing our college degree we would make a point of it with notes, re-reads, further reading, research etc. But with something like success in life, or career development, or abundance, we don’t bother – the 99% that is.

By the way, if you are reading this and saying to yourself – I actually do make a note and re-read all of this stuff, and research further etc – and if you are someone who is actually living the life of your dreams then you are likely in the 1 – 5% of people who actually succeed in life generally and are living the life you desire. And I welcome your comments and suggestions. But for most people, myself included, it is likely that we are not.

So if I am not living the life I desire then the problem lies inside my head in the assumptions I have accepted to be real. I have asked for the solution to these problems and I have found my way to this book and followed up with this blog. And even though I may not have experienced it yet, it really is the solution. A process of life change has begun; I know the majority of this is achieved in the first few weeks but is cemented in over the following months and years. I have to find the natural success mindset that we all had when we were small children but which we lost when we left childhood. And it is natural.

So, first couple of posts and I am still feeling good about this process. That’s a first for me. Let’s hope it continues.

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2 Responses to Repetition is Good? I think so!

  • Gerry says:

    Thanks Declan. There’s a lot in Andy’s books about ego and the power it has over us, especially the older we get. We need to get back to the most common question asked by 4 – 8 year old’s: Why? It’s a very powerful question, mainly because when we ask it the universe always answers.

  • Dec says:

    I found this very interesting. If you look at Freud’s id and ego it strikes me that the success mindset of childhood relates to the time when we felt that we were at the centre of the universe. The passage into the egotistical stage has us comparing ourselves to others and, to paraphrase desiderata, there are always those who seem better and those who seem worse than ourselves. I think that’s why the idea that you create your own reality is so empowering because it brings you back to the centre of your world – a position from where you can tap back into that success mindset…

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