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Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


The last couple of weeks I have been using Andy’s techniques a lot more than usual. Everything has been going pretty well on most fronts. However I was still struggling with some elements of a new online business opportunity that presented itself. I decided eventually that there was too much time, money and effort required. There was also no certainty of a return. I know there is never absolute certainty of a return but that wasn’t the main thing. It was just too much time and effort. Later I remembered my Reticular Activating System.

That day I was listening in the car to the audio of the chapter below (Chapter 6 – UABFM). I have read this chapter about maybe 6 or 7 times but found that I have forgotten some important points. So I reviewed my book and journal notes of this chapter after I got home. Immediately afterwards I edited my design regarding business opportunities. So, I adjusted the design in such a way that I only come across opportunities which are tested and likely to succeed. They are easy to implement, quick to learn, don’t take forever and will help and/or inspire people.

Needless to say, within a few days I came across something that at this stage appears to meet that criteria. Stay tuned for more on same. In the meantime here is my summary of chapter 6.


I have a Reticular Activating System (RAS) in my brain. It filters out stuff I don’t need to know because they have become routine. This means it helps me operate on autopilot, walking, driving etc. It is also like a spam filter.

The answers filter through when I know what I desire first. So, if I am not rich, it is natural, simply because I have not yet programmed my RAS filter for what I desire.

When I desire a particular type of car, I then start to see them everywhere, this is because my RAS has been programmed that this car now has value to me. The same can be applied to a business opportunity, a partner, a job or whatever.

As soon as I know what I am looking for, then the information and opportunities become apparent because I have identified to my RAS what is important to me. If I don’t know or have not yet decided, then my RAS won’t find it for me. Even if it’s very close I will not see it. I get this once I have control over my ego to fully create my designs and I feel the answers.

For example, when I planned taking a trip abroad, all the minor visualisations I had all aided me in accomplishing my goal, yet these were mostly done on autopilot without thinking about them. They took very little time or effort, yet were essential to attaining the goal, choosing an airline, booking time off work, checking my passport, printing off boarding passes, packing my bag, setting my alarm etc. This is all natural goal setting. It is what I do when I desire something and I know without doubt I will make it happen.

Why Goals Work

That is why these goals work and goals like ‘I want to be rich’ fail. I can feel the difference between them. I have created stepping stones and knew it would happen, therefore I created it. ‘Belief’ was not involved. I look inside myself and I feel my state – this is the state, the feeling I use to bring my designs into my reality. Whatever my mind can conceive and know, it can create! This is critical for me to know.

So, the main thing is, I need to know the destination and supply some visualisation of the steps I need to take to get there. The problem here can sometimes be the term ‘goal setting’. This has been misused to the point that when we hear it, most people shun away from it, yet it is what we do on autopilot all the time. It is in our nature and we use it to succeed at everything big and small, all the time. I succeeded in getting to New York, I succeeded in getting to work, to the shops, getting home again, never forgetting where I lived. I was detached from the outcome because the outcome was certain and fully expected.

So, it needs to be the same with goals like, getting rich, starting a business, recovering my health, losing weight, successful relationships. Exactness gives power.

We automatically do what is necessary to get to New York as it has been programmed and is mostly done on autopilot. But when it’s new we have to learn it. So, I need to do the same with planning my business success, when planning to become rich.


Because I desire success I must program my mind for it. It is not hard, it just requires me to slow down, use less effort, consider what my desired outcome is and then visualise attaining that outcome. It is not rocket science, I can do this stuff, I can change my thinking, and become a successful person – I know I can.

I always find the right piece of information at the right time and I get inspired as I continue to re-read and re-tune. The main thing is I must know what I desire and then become fully aware of how to get it. I cannot know all the facts so I let that go.

My ego has no experience outside of the past. Often, I cannot see the thing I am looking for until I move away from my ego. When I change my perspective, I can see more clearly.

There is an advantage to having a general knowledge of a lot of subjects rather than a lot of knowledge of one subject. My experiences are unique to me, no-one else has had the same experiences, therefore I will see things others will not. My vision is to start seeing goal setting as pleasure rather than work.

I now stop using the term goal setting and start using the term ‘my designs’. So now when I talk about my life design it is about how I design my life using this technique.

I attract nothing, I create my designs, my desires, my things, my world out of thin air… I engineer my future and I will soon prove it to myself.

Good Routines

A program can be good or bad. When it becomes a routine, I can do it on autopilot. I can imprint into my mind the routine for me to achieve the life I desire. My vision is to attain my design routinely and without effort. I like the sound of that.

The reason I take things for granted is that things have become part of my routines, and of course the object of a routine is that I don’t have to think about it. My mind takes care of billions of internal routines every day. They are properly installed programs.

However, there can be problems with routines. The program is kept out of my RAS when I have programmed a routine. I don’t need to know about it or pay too much attention to it anymore. My brain then thinks I don’t need to notice so my RAS switches the present moment off. Therefore, I need to slow down, smell the roses, use no-mind and be present as much of the time as possible.

Everything ever created, from the wheel to the internet, started out as a thought, a daydream. Without it, nothing happens. Once I have switched these natural skills back on, I may find I don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting again. When I apply these techniques, I see my designs go from powerful to extraordinary and I can protect myself from harm. And because I am unique I can use any combination to make this work.


  • I have a Reticular Activating System (RAS)
  • It creates routines and helps me operate on autopilot
  • When I program my RAS for what I desire, it allows it through its filter and it now knows it’s important to me
  • It is important to remember that I must decide and know what I desire, otherwise RAS won’t allow it
  • My feelings never lie
  • Consider planning a trip – this is natural goal setting
  • I have created stepping stones – I knew it would happen
  • Whatever I can conceive and know I can create
  • I succeeded because I was detached from the outcome because the outcome was certain and expected
  • Exactness gives power
  • I desire success; therefore, I program my mind for it
  • I don’t need to know everything
  • I see goal setting as pleasure, this now becomes my designs for my life
  • My RAS will switch off the present moment so I need to remember to remain present
  • Everything ever created began as a thought

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