Seeing is Believing Right?…….Wrong!

Seeing is Believing Right?……Wrong!
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Belief is pure unnatural weakness beefed up. Believing is weak, ‘knowing’ is strong. The word ‘know’ or the state of ‘knowing’ does not need any beefing up as it is all powerful.

When I observe my use of the word belief, I uncover a false belief, or a truth if it is a truth, and then I arrive at ‘knowing’. I now notice my use of the word belief and take advantage of the power my observation gives me. I remain present as I now deliberately start using the word ‘know’ instead of the word believe. I remain truthful to myself about what I discover in my use of the word ‘know’. I am looking for the feeling of certainty!

When I ‘know’ something, I ‘know’ it, there is certainty built in. it has happened and therefore, of course it will continue to happen. This is the essence of creating the life I desire; I have to ‘know’ it. ‘knowing’ it, is about having it have already happened and therefore ‘knowing’ it to be true. There is no boundary or limit to the word ‘know’. Even in its negative form it has certainty – I don’t ‘know’. It is worlds apart from believing. Nature does not need to believe anything and neither do I.
The fact that I am using this material puts me in the minority with an advantage over the majority. I change the world with the only thing I can control, my thoughts.

Science has proved that every possibility has already happened and therefore 99% of what I need to do is already done automatically. I just need to do the last bit to bring it into my reality. Whatever I desire is already out there looking for me, that’s the way it works. If I were to say “I’ll believe it when I see it” then I am putting up a barrier to it coming into my reality. Whatever I desire, I need to see it first in my mind and ‘know’ it’s real.

I ‘know’ there are an abundance of opportunities, I ‘know’ there will always be plenty for me to pick up anytime I’m ready. I don’t need to see them to ‘know’ they are there.

I experience in life what I am deeply convinced is so. Whatever I am conscious of I will experience. I will experience in life whatever I ‘know’ is so., and if I don’t ‘know’ it before I see it, then I will never see it. When I genuinely expect it, I’ll see it.

I keep going with this material until I have a bug free mind. Only then will things work out the way I desire them to. Nothing else will work. I don’t allow my ego to distract me from this truth., otherwise I am postponing the life I desire. This is my life. I am now awake to the significance of the part of the journey of my life that I am on right now.


• Believing is weak, ‘knowing’ is strong
• I am looking for the feeling of certainty
• ‘Knowing’ is about have had it already happen
• What I desire is also looking for me
• I see it first ion my mind and ‘know’ it is real
• I will never run out of opportunities
• When I ‘know’ it is so then I will experience it.
• I am aware of the significance of this stage of my life and growth

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