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Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


I am not a quantum physicist but I am fascinated by the subject and what it promises to reveal about the nature of the universe. One thing it has proven is that we have an almost infinite capacity for thought. This means we have an infinite capacity for creation. I can create whatever I desire to create. Yet there is a propensity to not use it. Other things take my mind off it, and routines take over. Also, my ego doesn’t want me thinking too much as it is scared I will discover how to grow and progress and it doesn’t want that.

This is why it is vital that I continue to practise control over my mind and my thoughts. Success has nothing to do with home study courses, education, being in the right place at the right time, and it has nothing to do with luck. It is simply a matter of understanding what I am going to create. It is about knowing that it is within my power and not accepting anything less than what I decide. I can change things just by looking at them. I can change the rules of chance simply by deciding what will happen and then knowing it to be so. I have the power, as does everyone, to engineer my life by design. It is just whether or not I am willing to stop trying to abdicate control of my thoughts to someone else. I create…. end of conversation.

My brains’ potential in terms of numbers of connections of one neuron to others is staggering and estimated at 2 x 101,000,000. The zeroes would go on for about another 10 miles in a straight line. This is the power I have at my disposal to create with, I am truly amazing. My thought power is effectively unlimited. When I look at it and consider this sort of thing, I don’t want to waste another moment. I can create with ease, my mind already creates with ease, I am now learning to create on demand to obtain all the benefits.


No amount of thinking can figure out why we have been given so much unlimited potential. I have an over-abundance of resources for what I need.

If the big bang is correct then we all came from the same particles, so on a cosmic level we are all connected. Particles that are forcibly removed and taken distances apart still react to each other, they are still joined. Therefore, if we are all connected, then we all have access to infinite intelligence. I can gain access to infinite intelligence by imagining who is in my mastermind group. The multiverse theory states that every time I decide something the universe splits in two and there are now two of me, then four, then eight and so on. This would mean that as a result of all my decisions there are an almost infinite number of other versions of me out there. If there are, then I can ask them for support. I can navigate the multiverse to the one in which all my dreams come true and my desires are manifested, since every possibility exists anyway. So, to simplify, I now know I can create the life I desire which includes making a lot of money. I now tune my receiver (mind) to the frequency of creative thoughts on demand. This is what some of the great masters did, Einstein, De Vinci, Edison, Hendrix, Lennon, Michelangelo, Tolkien etc. I raise my minds frequency to the level where it can produce the mechanical output to deliver it.

I can now do whatever I choose. I can tap into anything I desire, I can change the rules to suit me, I can change reality to suit me. I change my reality daily just by thinking about it. I am always changing my world now every day with my thoughts, except now I am noticing it.

It all comes down to making a decision. ‘It is in the moments of decision that my destiny is shaped’ – Tony Robbins.

This is how designing my life actually works. It has nothing to do with attracting stuff, this is creation is progress. It is simply, making a decision = making it happen. I have been doing this since birth. I am here today because of all the decisions I have previously made. Each time I decided, the universe changed. I decide my outcome. Creating my life by design is simply deciding what is going to happen and then relaxing and doing all I can to help it show up.

• Quantum physics reveals the nature of the universe and our capacity for thought
• Success is understanding that I am going to create
• I change things by looking at them
• I have the power to engineer my life by design
• I have unlimited thought power
• We are all connected and have access to infinite intelligence
• I navigate the multiverse to the one in which I manifest my desires, since all possibilities exist anyway
• I raise my mind to the frequency level where it can produce the mechanical output to deliver my desires
• Making a decision = making it happen. it all comes down to making a decision
• I decide my life’s design and do everything I can to make it show up

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