The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation Does!

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation Does!
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation does

Mind PowerIn order for me to properly use the Law of Creation to create, I need to ‘know’ I ‘create’ and do not ‘attract. The Law of Attraction is actually really the Law of Creation and I can use it to create whatever I desire. I do not need faith to ‘know’ that gravity exists even though I cannot see, hear, taste, smell or touch it. Knowing is a choice. Believing is not necessary but knowing is and speeds up the journey.

I leave my comfort zone (ego) and create in my mind (where all creation happens). Then after I have created in my mind, I am grateful for having had it. After that I take whatever steps I can towards making it a reality. I am a creator, I create in my life situations and circumstances which are in harmony with my dominant thought.

This is what I use to apply the Law of Attraction/Creation; I simply decide what I desire and it is now created. It is now and was already there. I then live in the grateful way I would do after having already had my desire come into my life. I spend the majority of my time taking steps to aid bringing this into my physical reality, while all the time doing so without attachment to the end result. KNOWING is key.

I look back at previous achievements and I am able to trace them to a specific state of mind I remember having. I am able to identify the feelings and emotions that were present at the time I created it. I now create these emotional states at will and ‘know’ that I have just created my desire! I can therefore now replicate successful creation of anything I desire. What I think about literally becomes real now, in the spiritual, non-physical world. So just by thinking differently, I can make myself well. My attitude must be as if it has already happened, I have already received it, I already feel better, because it has in fact already happened, it has already been delivered in the quantum world. I affect the outcome just by thinking about it. I am now in direct control of my mind. I now create on purpose instead of by accident. Reading this helps me stay in control.

In the quantum world all possibilities happen at once. What I want, the life I desire already exists, I just need to desire it and focus on it in the correct way to bring it into my reality. To do this deliberately I act as if I already have what I desire., because of course I already do have it. If it can happen, if it can be conceived, then it has already happened and it can be a reality for me. I just need to bring it into my physical reality consciously.

I have brought my current reality into reality already – that didn’t just happen! I already know how to do it; I have been doing it by accident up till now, from now on I do it on purpose. I look at my life and see what is good, I reflect on how I created the good, then I copy that into the areas I want to change. I am fully responsible for everything in my life. I know it’s real, that I can and do create my chosen outcome. My brain is an organ of my conscious mind. It receives thoughts, and when it reasons those thoughts to be true, my sub-conscious mind accepts the conclusions of my conscious mind and sets about bringing this truth into my reality.

My sub-conscious mind accepts the conclusions of my conscious mind, without question. That is why I need to keep control of my thoughts, otherwise I create by default and not by design. It is in this way that I create wealth, health and everything else I desire in my life. For this reason, I practise control of my mind daily. If I am not in control then my ego is, and it is committed to distracting me from my purpose and ‘protecting’ me from growth and progress.

The secret is in knowing my desires and the certainty of their attainment. I create my life, and then live it as if it is created whilst doing everything I can in the direction of it in order in order to bring it into physical reality. The Law of Creation is all just about asking the right question, defining the answer, while allowing everything to take its course. I am now content with what is and have fully surrendered and am allowing what is to come.

I ask myself regularly, am I at ease with this moment? What is going on inside me right now? How is my vibration right now?
The ultimate secret is to accept what is now and to be happy now, no matter what. Since I change the way I look at things the things I look at change.
It is important to think about and define exactly what it is I desire. When I do, it is already formed the instant I desire it and it is now my job to allow it to enter my life, or to navigate my way to where it exists in physical reality.

I improve my vibration by improving my environment and my mood. Thing like listening to music help a lot. I use affirmations to improve my mind-set and thoughts regularly. I am grateful for what I already have, and also for what I have but has not yet manifested into reality. I see myself with all I desire. I know I will always get back more than I give out, so I always go to give value.

• I know that I create with my thoughts
• I decide what I desire and it is created
• I am grateful for it having already happened
• I take what steps I can towards its achievement
• I trace back previous achievements and replicate it
• I re-create the emotional states at will that create my outcomes
• It is already delivered in the quantum world by my attention, observation and focus.
• I already know how to do this by accident, now I do it on purpose
• My sub-conscious mind accepts the conclusions of my conscious mind
• I accept what is and I am happy now
• I always go to give more value

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