The New Skills and Magical Powers I Now Have

The New Skills and Magical Powers I Now Have
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


Success is nospiritual-patht the things that I make happen, it is the person I become. It only happens when I quieten the voice in my head and listen to my intuition.

The life I desire is already real. If it’s a possibility then it is real (proven by scientists), I just need to take the steps to bring it into my reality. My very best thinking has got me to where I am today. For where I am now to change, my thinking must change. I commit to changing my thinking in order to change my life. I continue to re-tune and re-read this material to keep my mind running smoothly. These are the pages that contain the truth for me, I don’t need nor will I go searching for another answer. I have the answer here.

When I succeed the reason is that I have unconsciously changed my default thinking to the correct way to create, and when that happens everything I do works out for me without effort. When I get the signs of that, I just make sure I continue to re-tune and re-read, stay present and focused on my desires. I am directly responsible for everything in my life and I have found the resource which gives me the answers I was looking for and which I will continue to go to for the answers to all my questions and desires.

My desire to succeed is great and the odds are stacked in my favor as a result of this material. I KNOW it works. I KNOW success in all things is the result of what I have learned here. I accept what is, I surrender to what is, I focus on positive thoughts and I meditate and arrive at no-mind regularly. To turn away from this now would be a huge waste, as I am so close. I am not in a race or a competition with anyone but myself. I remain present and live in the Now. I re-read and absorb all the knowledge here so that it becomes my dominant mind-set. This material helps to break the usual rules about success and makes it available to anyone, including me.

No bones about it, my goal is to get rich. This will inspire others to ask how, and then I can share this information with others to help them get rich also. This is good work and helps the world and pays dividends way into the future. I remain on my guard against my ego who doesn’t want any of this to happen as it’s afraid for its survival.

Judgement strengthens my ego’s position. This is why few people breakthrough – it is at this point right now where critical decisions are made. This stuff works. I KNOW it does, and I choose to move forward into my success. I can’t change the past but I can and now do change my future.

This is not work, this is my passion and it is giving me ultimate power. I have in this resource the answers to my questions, the anti-virus for the human mind. I found this and manifested it, read it, re-read it and have experienced the changes. I KNOW this to be true. I am cautious of my ego, distracting me with unnecessary stuff. But when I read I am tuned in to the ‘correct radio station’ where my answers lie.

Change or the same?

My choice is change. I submerge myself into this information continuously until change becomes automatic. I don’t move on to anything else until this happens. I need a Bug Free Mind in order to create the life I desire. Repetition is a master skill. It ensures I actually do know the stuff I think I know.

Change or the same? I choose change.

• When making decisions I do it from my intuition.
• I win or I learn, mistakes are ok.
• When I am unsure about a move, I wait until I see pain, discomfort and risk in remaining.
• My mind will sell me out, my intuition will not.
• My ego believes it will lose out, and perhaps not even survive.
• The past is over. I live in the NOW, this is all that matters.
• Life will not progress until the lesson has been learned.
• Success is about who I become as a person.
• The answer to success is in these pages. I re-read and re-tune regularly to keep my mindset correct.
• The odds are stacked in my favour because of this material.
• This becomes my dominant mindset.
• My goal is to get rich and inspire others to do the same.
• I guard against my ego, and judgement.
• I know this works and I choose to use it to move forward towards my desires.
• Change or the same? I choose change.


Gerry and Martine

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