The Secret to Success

“Knowing is power, Belief is Weakness”
Andy Shaw


There is No Time Like the Present

Almost all of the authors I have read on the subject of success or personal development of any kind all talk about ‘believing’ being of utmost importance. I’m sure you heard or read if you ‘believe’ it, it will happen. Well, sorry but they are all wrong. I have been reading Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ books for almost 2 and a half years now and he is the first, to my knowledge, to say ‘believing’ is wrong. It is the equivalent of self-sabotage, it contains doubt within it – you wouldn’t say I ‘believe’ the sun will come up tomorrow – that’s because you know it will, there is no doubt. Belief has doubt built into it. there is a world of difference between believing and knowing. Knowing contains certainty, it does not exist in believing.

This is seemingly backwards to the way we are taught to think. I struggled with this concept when I came across it at first but the more I practice it the more I know it to be true. You might think this is a minor insignificant distinction but it is critical. I have found that when I succeed at something I have moved from a state of believing to a state of knowing. By the way, all those authors are not doing this mis-teaching on purpose – they know it, they just don’t know how to explain it properly. In some cases when you are reading you can substitute the word know for believe and then you will get the correct message. They need to look at the words they are using to express what they are trying to say. When you think about it, there is a lot less effort involved when you know something than when you believe it. I know I can pick up this cup of coffee, I don’t believe I can. I have been transitioning my way of thinking about this over the years to achieving things that are considered success by others such as making money, career advancement, business, getting the home I want, my health etc.

Belief is stating to the universe that I do not know this is a certainty. If I move from ‘I believe I can do that’ to ‘of course I can do that’ or ‘I know I can do that, for sure’ there is a world of difference in the vibration, the feeling. When I say ‘I know I can’ there is power, strength and certainty is that statement. If I say ‘I believe I can’ there is weakness, doubt, anxiety, worry and even fear. Belief is not only a word but a state of mind which literally creates your future. Until you know you can, you won’t.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the distinction between the 1% and the 99% of people regarding success and achievements. Well it seems the 1% know and the 99% believe. That’s a bit over simplistic I know but that is essentially the truth. The 1% may use the word believe but in practice they know. According to Andy Shaw, ‘knowing’ is one of the most powerful tools we can use to improve our lives. However we need to be careful that we are not just using the word ‘know’ or ‘knowing’ without actually knowing and instead ‘believing’ it. This is a dangerous are to go if you don’t tread carefully. Say it and see how it feels. It’s better to say, actually I don’t know…yet. That may be the truth and it won’t have any negative consequences, it puts you on the correct path. Whereas if you revert to saying I believe, along with all the doubt and anxiety, you are not likely to see success. So, it’s not what we don’t know that is the problem but it is what we think we know that is actually wrong which is causing us repeat the same mistakes.

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