What Are You Waiting For?

Continuing the exercise I have set myself to re-read and blog my results from reading Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

I accept where I am now. I am no longer waiting. I am taking steps (albeit baby steps) in the general direction of the things I “want”. I find I am using the word “want” less and less but I sometimes can’t think of an appropriate alternative when I am speaking with someone. I know this is a good thing as I am conscious of the lack that is inherent in the word “want”. So, I started doing things like doing the quotes “…” with my hands when saying it.

waitingAs soon as I realized that no-one was going to fix things for me I thought to myself that I had better get on with it – if I “want” something to happen then I need to stop waiting and go and do something about it. No-one is going to save me – I have given up “hope” that it is all going to work out in the end if I just stay in my comfort zone and stay addicted and keep watching TV and consuming.

So I am currently working to eliminate “wanting” and “waiting” and “hoping”. This keeps me in a state of lack. Instead I intend to focus on accepting what is, surrendering to what is, and doing what I can to move in the direction of my desires.

As Andy says, this is not a dress rehearsal. I am moving to a state of acceptance that I can achieve my desires. I am cultivating the feeling of “knowing” I can instead of “believing” I can, which carries an element of doubt. My ego keeps looking for ways to make me stop, give up, trying to convince me that this stuff won’t work for me – it hasn’t worked in the past (I have read countless books and tried countless techniques). However this now becoming less and less and I am becoming more and more certain of my progress as I see it every day in many ways. Interesting times ahead for me. Can’t wait!

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  • Karin Klemenz says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I use the word ‘desire’ instead of want (nothing wrong with that.)
    I also use the word ‘waiting’ if I have to, to communicate with someone but I’m not in a mental state of waiting, never are….

    If we wait for things to happen, the law states that we get more of waiting.
    But, if we are in a state of ‘knowing’ that everything happens at the right time, we won’t waste time with waiting, but prepare the arrival of the moment we are ‘waiting’ (or desiring) for instead. By doing this we eradicate waiting (does this make sense to you?)

    If I ‘wait’ for a friend to arrive, then I use the word ‘wait’ (nothing wrong with that).
    As and example, like I would tell my friend ‘I will wait here for you’ if my friend and I have to separate for a short while but we desire to meet each other again) Or telling a friend ‘I am waiting for someone’. But I won’t be in a mental state of ‘waiting’ as I will prepare for my friends arrival or the arrival of the occasion,and once this is done and the friend still hasn’t arrived then there is always plenty of other useful things to do until then. And if I ‘wait’ some other place for a person-then I’m still not in the time of waiting or thinking about it as I ‘know’ that that person will arrive at the right time. Until then there are plenty of things that can be practiced inside the mind that can fill ‘hours’ :-). And time spend inside the mind is never wasted time. Thought never stands still and by realizing that, the state of waiting becomes an illusion as the state of waiting is nothing more than a thought or a combination of thoughts.Therefore, all we got to do is to change the thought/s.

    And hope-I personally don’t use it any longer and haven’t for a long time, so it’s like Russian language when it turns up.
    It’s just practicing, but once we have shifted our awareness on these words-we become aware when we use them (as they become mental sign posts ) until we don’t use them any longer…

    A quote from a friend of mine : A Quantum Thought: Reality is wherever your awareness is.


    PS It’s possible that you don’t even use the words want and hope any longer by the time you read my lines…

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