Why Do I Believe in Luck?

Why Do I Believe in Luck?
Continuing my study of A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.


I mentioned last week that I had some uncertainty about upcoming events in my life. Well one of those was the contract I am currently working under which is coming to an end at the end of November. I was made an offer which was permanent but less money at the bottom line. I decided to take my time and check things out before making any decisions. I plan on becoming a full-time online marketer sometime during 2017. Those who know me know that previous attempts have not worked out quite as planned, so this time I am focused on getting my mind straight first. With that in mind I explored other options and lo and behold, there are a myriad of opportunities out there. So, I know things are always working out for me therefore this time I am taking my time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive which I know it will very soon. In the meantime, as usual, my study of Andy Shaw’s material is very pertinent to the current situation. Below is my summary of Chapter 4 of Using a Bug Free Mind.

Luck is chance. Fortunate people merely use chance by stacking the deck in their favor. Believing in luck is making a lack statement to the universe. It displays a lack of control and a reliance on an external force. I know chance exists and I bank on it which is why I prepare for chance to fall my way. I simply change the rules so that I can win. But this win isn’t against another person. I ensure nothing I do in life creates a loser. This is a win for myself with no loss to anyone else. To have a winner, there doesn’t always have to be a loser.
I have a luck manufacturing plant in my head which works for me 24/7. Lucky people make it happen, unlucky people ask what happened!

‘Good luck is simply preparedness meeting opportunity’ (Oprah Winfrey).

This is the perfect recipe for success. I accept uncertainty as an essential part of my experience and create ‘good luck’. In my willingness to accept uncertainty, solutions spontaneously appear. It was not luck in the way most people think, it was just preparedness meeting opportunity and in the process good luck is created.

• Luck is chance
• I prepare for chance to fall my way
• Nothing I do in life creates a loser
• I have a luck manufacturing plant in my head
• Good luck is simply preparedness meeting opportunity
• In my willingness to accept uncertainty solutions spontaneously appear
• Life is about winning

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  • Gerry says:

    Hi Nancy, apologies for the delay. The links rotate so I’m not 100% which one didn’t work. Here is a direct link to the order form for the Big Commission Blueprint. It is a 12 module in-depth training for affiliate marketing and yes, I use it and have made money with it. https://rn132.isrefer.com/go/bcborder/goldwing/

  • Nancy Selby says:

    I clicked on and listened to your ipro link but after the long intro there was no click button to sign up. Have you actually used this program and does it work for you? Or is it just another give my money away gimmick?

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